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Level 7 Controller
Player: Classified
Activity Level: Medium
Real Name: Juniper
a/k/a: June,Purr,That Green Lady
Physical Identifiers
Species: Altered Human
Sub-Type: Plant
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 16
Height: 7'9"
Weight: 190 lb
Build: Athletic
Complexion: Yellow Skin With Spots
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Green with Yellow Highlights
Distinguishing Features
Black and Yellow Cat Ears, Cat Eyes, Green and Yellow Furred Cat Tail, Digitgrade Feet, Claws, Green Fur, Cleft Lip, Custom Leather Pants with Side Holes, Leather Chest Guard, Fingerless, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Very Tall
Known Powers
Healing Aura
Skills & Abilities
Nemesis Staff, Tranq Darts, Jump Pack
Biographical Data
Birthdate: Classified
Birthplace: San Francisco
Nationality: United States
Residence: Paragon City
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Civilian
Relatives & Associates

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(Hero Level 1)


Junipurr's parents are botanists and also skilled geneticists. One day while playing in the lab where her parents worked she accidently broke and smashed several experiments causing the contents to spill on her. The experiments involved combining plant and animal cells and was also using technology used from captured Rikti equipment. The combined solutions altered her cellular genetic structure making her part human and part plant. It is not known why she also gained feline features but it is suspect that a few of the cat hairs from her pet kitten at home had been on her clothes and also reacted to the solution in some way. Growing up has been awkward not only because she is a different from normal humans but also because she seems to keep growing and growing. Junipurr has not yet finished High School and she has already reached a height of 7ft and 9in tall. Fortunately, the endless growth seems to have stopped or at least slowed.


Junipurr is somewhat shy and although she often helps people she rarely speaks while doing so. Her nature tends to change when she is injured or when she sees innocents being harmed. Such actions bring to the surface a predatory rage that seems to consume and take over her. In such a state, Junipurr can be quite unmerciful and cruel. She has been known to toy with enemies that have angered her with cat and mouse games. Junipurr is very vulnerable to comments made about her appearance since she considers herself somewhat of a monster. Due to her shyness, she is unlikely to join any supergroup although she will team with other heroes on occasion to benefit the greater good.


Junipurr has relatively no history as she is at an age where she is still struggling to complete high school. In her off time she wanders the alleys tending to the health of the homeless and also the parks. She has run into some trouble with the prevailing gangs at times but in general the skulls and the hellions that walk the streets tend to give a little space when they see an 8ft green girl coming their way. In the parks Junipurr tends to the flora and fauna by healing damage caused by pollution and carelessness. She has been badly injured by the Rikti during thier assaults and although she has completely recovered, she has not forgotten. Junipurr also has a grudge against the undead she has seen creep from the sewers at nightfall. These abominations she makes sure to put down once and for all so thier corpses can feed the earth as intended.


Junipurr has no current allies although she has gained some knowledge to assist in her training from iconic heroes such as Ms. Liberty in Atlas Park.


Junipurr has very little fame and is unknown to most criminal elements. She is unsure how she will relate to villains that are also part plant since some are trying to heal the Earth. However, her mixed feelings are put aside when innocents are threatened whether they be Plant, Animal, or People. She has a personal grudge against the undead which she considers an abomination of life.



Famous Quotes

Awww.... You decided to take a dirt nap. Sweet dreams.

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