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General Information

Company Name = LYLE Corporation

Company Type = Public Company

Foundation = 1949

Location = 1949 – 2005, California; 2006 – Current, Rogue Isle, Grandville.

Key People = Richard Fallenstar, Lucious Fallenstar, Daniel Neff

Industry = Advanced Technology, Agriculture, Military equipment, Realty

Number of Employees = 666,000

Products = Militray weapons and Technology, Large land deals, Agricultural technology

Revenue = 2006, $4.7 Billion

Net Income = 2005 $3.1 Billion

The LYLE Corporation is a major contributor to Military contracts, and has publicly supported various governments and government officials around the world. It also has ties to both global realty, and agriculture.

Making the global news in 2005 when it produced the only know rice plant that grows in sand and needs little water, and other previously unimagined agricultural miracles. Instead of selling these advances to various governments or factions, instead posted the data on its public website, and even flew many employees to known countries that had food shortages to teach the people how to grow the food.

While this venture has not cured world hunger, it is on the decline. (down 24% according to the Global News Network).

Company History

The Company now know as LYLE Corporation was first know as Fallenstar Technologies, and was the brain child of the wealthy industrialist Richard Fallenstar. Richard started the company in California in 1949 and they produced several radio and communication equipment at the time mostly for the home consumer.

The company later branched out to include many forms of electronics including early computers, Fax machines and copy machines. When in June of 1966 they where approached by the Government who wanted Fallenstar Tech to produce military communication units.

Controversy first hit the company when Robert Fallenstar, older brother to Richard won election to the senate. Many groups suspected that Fallenstar Technologies was receiving contracts from the government only because of the brotherhood of the owner and the senator. During this time to lessen the controversy Fallenstar tech reduced it number of Government contracts and started working more with large corporations and their needs for Communication and advanced technology.

The corporation began to expand its holdings into chemistry, higher advanced technology, computers, as well as a more advanced communication equipment. When Richard’s wife was pregnant and there where problems with the pregnancy, Richard took a leave of absence as head of the board of directors and left his friend and colleague Bill Atherton. In his absence Fallenstar Technologies expanded into various military contracts both for the US and abroad.

When it was announced by the GNN (Global News Network) that several freedom fighters in Ulguaia where found to have weapons and advanced technologies from Hellstorm Technologies, as well as several stating that they where agents who worked for the corporation, the board of directors removed Mr. Atherton from the position and requested that Richard return.

Family expands

Richard and his wife Ann had given birth to their son Mark, and Richard was ready to return to the company. Robert Fallenstar who was now an ambassador had also celebrated the birth of his son Lucious, and the brothers each vowed to raise the others as if it where their own if something should happen to either.

For the next few years Fallenstar Technologies flourished, with its connections to the government and all the data it had retrieved in working with the so called Supers, they started to produce technologies that had never been created before. Soon they where the lead in several branches including medical technologies, Atomic power technologies, and even enhancement technologies for the Supers of the world.

Mysterious Deaths

While the company was doing well, the Fallenstar family was not. While there was much celebration when Robert Fallenstar was appointed the US ambassador to the Rogue Isles, there was much heart break around the deaths of Kathy Fallenstart, Robert’s wife, when she jumped from the 20th story of the Grandville Hospitial. Shortly after her death Robert was shot by the Rogue Island Police Ambassador squad, when he was found with stolen daggers from the Grandville museum trying to kill Lucious in what appeared an occult sacrifice.

Shortly after the incident Richard took Lucious in. Lucious and Mark both attended a prestigious military academy. In the year of Lucious’s and Mark’s 16th birthday tragedy again struck the Fallenstar family. Richard’s son Mark died of an aneurysm while walking in the forest near their vacationing home in Colorado. The Fallenstar chemical plant in Denver malfunctioned and killed several visiting school children from Lucious’s school. And while Lucious was recuperating in the hospital Richard and Ann died in a boiler room explosion in their vacation home. That same month Grandville Museum reported the theft of the same daggers that had been stolen by Robert Fallenstar years earlier.

Fallenstar Technologies was left to Lucious as with the death of his family and uncle was the soul heir to the controlling interests in the company. After Lucious was found to be operating in the Rogue Isles with possible connections to Lord Recluse, the company was bought and the name changed to its current name. Lyle Corporation.

While the paperwork indicated the buyer to be a Mr Benjamin Lyle, the company is currently ran by Daniel Neff. This has had many people questioning if the company has changed at all, as there have been many ties made between Lucious Fallenstar and Daniel Neff. Even more questions where raised after the company headquarters where moved to Grandville, in the Rogue Isles. But shareholders soon silenced any questions after a record year, when the stock price went from $2 a share, to over $150 a share, even after splitting shares 4 times that year.

Current Business

Still based in Grandville, LYLE Corporation is still doing very well, with known contracts with the US and other Governments and militaries, as well as a partnership with Portal corporation. As well as several prototypes in testing for the military, and even Paragon Police, there are even rumors of deals with Vanguard.

The company has been producing Armor, Weapons, Food gathering equipment, Science and Technology advances, Biology advances, as well as speculation that the Black Ops teams that are rented to corporations, or governments. The LYLE Corporation is not expected to close anytime soon.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

LYLE Corporation is lead by a circle of cult like leaders, all of whom believe that Lucious Fallstar is the Antichrist. While they try to promote as much of the good work they do, do not be decieved they are all evil to the core and most would (or have) killed to protect themselves, the corporation, or Lucious.

Spoilers end here.

Known Affiliations

Lucious Fallenstar


Mistress Twinge

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