Leah Caine

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Leah Caine
Player: @JusticeZero
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: 19
Personal Data
Real Name: Leah Cat ("Damn it, Mom, 'Cat' is not a @#$%& last name!")
Known Aliases: Leah, 'Kitty' (only allowed to Penny Tuesday)
Species: Catgirl
Age: 18
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130 pounds
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Yellow, striped
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Black Mage
Place of Birth: Eastgate, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, father
Known Powers
Binding and Summoning magic, Nictus powers
Known Abilities
Magic theory, demonology, necromancy, alienism
Jewelry boxes with binding spells
No additional information available.

"Eyes forward, loser. Just because I have fur and pointy ears doesn't mean you're getting lucky any time soon. I've got a brain, I can talk without sounding like a cutesy Troll, and I do -not- put out. Give me any @#$% about it and i'll put you in a little tiny box and mail you to the Zig." "Kheldian? What, the Nictus? Turnabout and irony are fun."



Leah is presently working with The Artful Dodgers. She annoys the hell out of Azuria.


Leah has grown defensive and tough over time.


On account of a long and bothersome childhood being dogged by numerous stereotypes and the resultant ill behavior, Leah's tendency is to insult and intimidate first, intimidate and insult later, and at some point maybe think about asking a few questions.

"Educated" Catgirl

Leah hates water, expresses herself with her tail and ears, and other catgirl mannerisms. However, she finds herself easily annoyed by stereotypical feral catgirls. The fact that one has fur does not cancel the need to wear actual clothing to be presentable, the English language should not be warped for cuteness sake, and excessive promiscuity is distasteful at best. "Have some damn pride and sit on the damn chair like a reasonable biped!"


Leah has studied sorcery partly in order to associate with people and things more troubling than her. It worked. She tends to act in a pretty intimidating manner.


Leah is a sorceror specializing in binding magic, who has bound an imprisoned and weakened Nictus into herself as a source of powers.

Nictus powers

Leah has access to Nictus energy to power spells, and can blast, teleport, and other feats commonly associated with human-form Warshades.


Leah is adept with spells of summoning and binding. She can transport people to her, teleport, restrict the movement of her enemies, and bind defeated enemies into jewelry boxes, sealing them away for later release into custody. She is adept at working with or hacking any sort of summoning circle or warding, and has more than a passing knowledge of necromancy, able to summon and bind spirits, people, and magical beings with ritual magics.


Leah has inherited the heightened senses and physique of her catgirl heritage, having excellent low light vision, and a keen sense of smell. She has retractable finger-claws of mundane nature which, while insufficient for fighting armored villains, are more than enough to draw blood or open envelopes.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Leah, by reason of having a bound and enslaved unrepentant Nictus inside her, has the normal weaknesses of a Kheldian.

Character History

Leah was born in a corner of Eastgate (one of those which would survive the Hollowing regularly intact), kitten to a stereotypical catgirl. She was raised in a house of catgirls, not knowing her father.

When she got old enough, she went off to grade school like normal girls her age, and experienced a rather horrid case of culture shock. Over the years to follow, she would come to loathe many of the things she was raised to do and think, viewing them as limiting and the source of bad stereotypes.

Certain cliques in her school likes to stir up all of the 'usual' bad stereotypes of catgirls, and Leah was horribly teased through her childhood, then through adolescence, had to fend off less innocent attacks on her dignity by these same people.

At some point, she discovered something about her father - that he was a heroic mage - and began to delve into arcane knowledge in hopes of gaining enough power to protect herself from the unreasonable treatment. In her search, she had dealings with the Hellions, and the Banished Pantheon.but managed not to become ensnared in them through innate caginess.

She discovered that she was particularly gifted with binding and warding magic, and had considered a career as a demonologist, though the price seemed a bit high. Her forte was in binding spells, and she had already gained a minor reputation for leaving two particularly aggressive harassers trapped in a large ritual circle which she had constructed previously and tricked them into.

One night while prowling for magical ingredients and such, she came upon a battle between a Peacebringer hero and their Council enemies. By chance, she stumbled upon a Nictus who was taking aim on the hero as they fought, from behind, and realized that she was carrying all of the materials needed for several demon binding spells with her, and a ritual knife.

The hero never knew about the aid they were given, and Leah magically bound and dominated the Nictus with all the roughness and violation it had forced on others in the past, leaving its former shell empty and bleeding in the dirt.

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