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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Player:  @Neurotix
Basic Data
Origin:  Magic
Archetype:  Mastermind/Blaster/Brute/Scrapper
Mercenary Level:  50/50/50/27
Occupation:  Doctor, Club Owner
Personal Data
Real Name:  Qhrelex Xrell
Known Aliases:  Xrell
Identity:  Public
Species:  Devil
Age:  5,033
Height:  5'11"
Weight:  198 Pounds
Eye Color:  Crimson
Hair Color:  Dark Grey
Blood Type:  Unknown
Biographical Data
Birthplace:  Dis
Birthdate:  Unknown
Citizenship:  TBD
Current Residence:  Talos Island, Paragon City
Religion/Faith:  Christian/Satanist
Sexual Orientation:  Lesbian
Marital Status:  NOT YOURS.
Known Languages
 English, Demonic
Known Relatives
 Agenla (wife), Pyralis (daughter), Otherwise: Unknown
Known Powers
 Fire Manipulation & Magic
Training / Abilities
 Natural Claws, Prehensile Tail
 Whip, Hellfire Longsword (occasionally), Twin Revolvers (occasionally)
  None (Yet)

The Novel

The Devil

     Xrell, as a devil among humans, has never been one to blend into a crowd. There is no question that he had little choice in the matter, for one look at him gives away his inhuman nature immediately. Whether it is the grey skin, the shark-like grin, the horns, or any number of other visible traits, very few could truthfully say that he is not one of a kind.

     Standing at just short of six feet and weighing in at barely under two hundred pounds, this fiend is made up entirely of muscle. Not a shred of fat could be found on him, due to damned good breeding and a rigorous work ethic. Even grey skin the color of the sky just before a roaring tempest shifts and stretches taut over whipcords of muscle, hiding a bestial strength under soft flesh. Raised scar tissue wraps itself tightly around most of his body in lightly colored stripes, but for his face. His back contains the majority of the scars, a veritable canvas of pain long passed but never forgotten. Very few of the reminders left on his skin appear to be from any sort of weapon other than a whip, though there are the occasional exceptions.

     His broad, weathered hands are an easy indication that most of his work is done with them. Especially when one takes note of the gaping hole through the center of his right hand, as wide around as a dime. Wickedly curved claws, their black tips seemingly hewn from obsidian, extend from the end of each finger.

     A similarly barbed point extends from the long, fleshy tail at his back, studded with blackened spears of bone where it meets the base of his spine. It flicks idly from side-to-side, hanging at a length of four feet and easily within reach of the ground, but he holds it carefully aloft. This prehensile limb seems to have a mind of its own on most occasions, but there is no doubt that he can override this and take full control of it, should the need arise.

     A strong jawline and often serious gaze would likely mark him as pleasing to the eye of any mortal, were it not for the literal maw of a mouth he possesses. What may have started as a pleasant smile widens quickly beyond the width of normal human lips until they pause, quirked all the way up to rest before his ears. Rows upon rows upon rows of thin, razor sharp teeth glitter dangerously and between their endless tiers a forked tongue can be made out. Brilliantly scarlet eyes cast about in a predatory gaze, their hue lacking limitation and spread across pupil, iris, and sclera evenly. A shock of hair a shade or three darker than his skin rests in careful disarray atop his head with twin bony spikes of horns jutting up out of it just behind his hairline.

The Silver Tongue

     [WIP; this section reserved for analysis of Xrell's personality.]

Tricks Up His Sleeves

  • Bone Whip - A literal whip that is as white as bleached bone and seems to follow the orders of whoever holds it. Such orders need only be thought of, for the weapon itself seems able to sense mental commands. There is apparently more than one of the whip in existence, for Xrell has been known to give it away to those very close to him. Unholy flames course through the object and can spring to the surface in an instant, but these abilities seem to work only in the hands of its intended wielder or others such demons. He usually keeps it coiled around his waist and through the belt-loops of whatever pants he is wearing. Xrell is rarely seen without this weapon on his person.

  • Hellfire Longsword - Unholy flames roar, greedily licking at the air and down over the surprisingly plain steel hilt, as the "blade" is drawn from its scabbard. Swords of fire have been seen throughout history, referenced in the Bible as used by a Cherub to keep humans out of Eden and again in Norse mythology when said to be wielded by Surtur. It is little surprise that such things can truly exist, especially in the age of Heroes and Villains. Sheathed, it appears to be a dull, uninteresting long sword, similar to those one would find in Cimerora or England during the Dark Ages, with no sign of the fire hiding within. In use it seems to defy the laws of physics, keeping the majority of the incandescence in a rigidly straight line perpendicular to the guard. It acts for all intents and purposes exactly like a normal sword, slicing and cutting as though it were made of metal. The difference lies in the effect, as any wound made by the weapon would be cauterized nearly instantly. Xrell is rarely seen with this on his person, usually only when in work clothes.

  • H3L Conflagration Revolvers - Though ever frustrated by "Mortals and their damned technology," Xrell has never been one to allow himself a handicap if he has a choice in the matter. He is commonly seen toting a pair of revolvers made of a curious black metal, with idly whirling carmine sigils carved into its barrel and frame. They appear to be reminiscent of the Colt M1861 Navy, but one would be hard pressed to find him loading cap and ball shells into it. The ammunition used appears to be hotly glowing embers that seem to be able to tear through most materials, but burn out seconds after impact, do not splinter or break apart, and leave no traceable remains in the wound. Xrell is rarely seen with these on his person, but is usually able to retrieve them quickly.

  • Magic - While a creature of magical (though some would say religious) origin, he is surprisingly limited in his use of magic. He retains rudimentary knowledge of most schools of magic, but is only truly proficient in two. Where his skill in conjuring and evocation is mediocre at best, he is unmatched in his knowledge of healing and summoning. To put it in layman's terms, he can heal others for days on end, but is quickly tired out by doing too many spells or spells that are too complicated, in disciplines that he is unpracticed in. The main focus that he uses to channel his spells tend to be crimson runes and symbols that he carves into the very air with his claws. To counteract his lack of training in unfamiliar trees of magic, he has taken to channeling bits of will into tiny motes of light that swirl idly around him. Usually kept behind carefully placed wards, if such defenses are taken down they could be manipulated by anyone with the proficiency to use them.

  • Heightened Senses - Short, pointed ears and a startlingly sensitive nose give Xrell the ability to not only track down his prey like some infernal bloodhound, but also hear when the tides have turned and the hunter has become the hunted. His sight, while unhampered by any sort of lack of light, is no better or worse than that of a normal human. The senses of taste and touch are similarly unremarkable, but it should be noted that he has lost most of the feeling in the skin of his back.

  • Natural Abilities - When all else fails, the devil always has his most primal skills to fall back on. Short, wickedly curved black claws, a similarly frighteningly sharp barb at the end of his tail, and the strength and endurance of ten men serve as excellent natural weapons, should the need arise. With a healing ability to rival most metahumans, most injuries are healed over the course of minutes and hours, rather than weeks and months. He is certainly no unstoppable regenerator, but few things have the potential put him down for too long. As though this were not enough, he has the ability to call up a seemingly endless amount of searing flames straight from the bowels of the underworld. Needless to say, these abilities alone certainly make him a force to be reckoned with.

Chinks in his Armor

  • Holy Crap - As a member of the unholy armies of Hell and such depraved Legions, Xrell has a rather obvious and clear weakness in the weapons blessed by the Lord and His followers. Any sort of holy weaponry turns all of his carefully placed wards and his perfectly manicured invulnerability to little more than rice paper before a butcher's knife. Though holy bullets and similarly imbued items are enough to turn him into a quietly bleeding corpse, these things will not truly kill him. Only trailing him down to his home and finishing him off there, or direct interference from a celestial being could put a final end to him. Seeing little way to remedy such a situation, he is forced to simply live with the fact that his bane is common knowledge. Well, one of them is, in any case.

  • Freezer Burn - It is no secret that, as a devil having lived in temperatures that ranged from eggs-burning-on-the-sidewalk to near volcanic, Xrell despises the cold and anything to do with it. Winter breeze? Hates it. Teeth-chatteringly chilled liquid? Hates it. Cold pizza? Hates it. Snow and ice? Vehemently abhors it. Especially when it is dumped onto his head and thrown at him in ball form. While he has developed methods to deal with this, it is still an easy way to ward him off or simply gain his ire.

  • Those Near and Dear - As they are to everyone who has them, his friends and loved ones can be exploited as a weakness to goad Xrell into nearly any sort of action. Whether this is advisable or not though, is certainly up for debate. The devil seems to make a point to spend time around those who know how to take care of themselves, and it would be no easy feat to take most of them by force. That said, his most glaring and potentially fatal flaw in such a category would be Agenla; however, he certainly would not be the one to call his feelings for her a flaw.

  • Pride Goeth... - Ever one to be goaded quickly into most reactions, Xrell has never been one to think particularly long and hard over his actions. Whether in battle or in "polite" conversation, he sees little purpose in fitting himself with a proverbial filter between his brain and mouth. Whether it is pride that coerces him to act this way, his need to always act as large as he can, or simply who he is, this fiend is very much the harp whose strings lay bare for anyone to play at.

  • Happy Thoughts - Xrell has no mental defenses to speak of; his mind lays as an open book whose pages are worn with use but just as lively as ever. That said, he has developed a rather curious form of resistance to intrusion. Having been mentally dominated before, he is able to sense the little tickle in his cerebellum when a thought is not his own, but that is where the line is drawn. Casual observers might as well find his head an open house, advertised in gaudy neon lights. Once he detects an intruder though, he quickly sets to flooding his consciousness with feelings of lust and the sensations of sex to the point that it begins to spill over into the mind touching his own. Given enough time, for it does not take particularly long, those sticking their proverbial nose into his business would find it difficult to differentiate between reality and the feelings that he pushes onto him or her, thereby making it terribly difficult to concentrate on such a task for long. Given the nature of the beast though, those without emotions or without a sex drive would be rather immune to his "counteroffensive."

The Lieutenant

     [WIP; this section reserved for summary of Xrell's past before coming to the Isles/Paragon City.]

The Socialite

Know Xrell? Add your name here, and his player will add a little bit of what he thinks of your character! Maybe. Eventually...

Agenla -- (Because she better be the first person here.) -- Xrell has always had a fondness for immortals that went beyond anything he could feel for any mortal. It was no different, when he met Agenla. However, in a whirlwind of unexpected romance and more than a little action, he found himself swept up into the clutches of something that he had never expected to find on the surface. He loves Agenla very much and would do just about anything for her, but somewhere in the back of his mind he cannot help but think. Not only has he found his other half, he has also gained a glaring weakness.

Naomi -- Naomi has always held high regard in Xrell's eyes, and he makes little effort to hide it from anyone. He will be the first to tell anyone who asks that she has literally saved his relationship on at least one, if not more, occasion. In addition, he has been heard saying that despite having more money than any Mortal should have access to, she is one of the most fundamentally good people he has ever met. And that, coming from a dweller of the darkest Abyss, is not small feat. He has already given his life to protect hers and would willingly do it again.

Nessa -- A longtime friend and his favorite goth, Xrell is rather fond of Nessa. Though she was once at the top of his list of potential bed company, things change. Now he considers her one of his oldest friends since coming to the surface and a welcome addition to the staff of his night club.

Reppu -- (I'm his favorite! Deal with it >:E!) -- Though he once plotted counting her among his many lovers, such feelings have since died out. He sees her as a good friend and (more recently) a member of his kin by way of planned-adoption. Xrell has grown rather fond of her, and only time will tell where this relationship goes.

Sylvia -- Sylvia; too many words that cannot properly describe her, Xrell would say. The tiny woman whose bitchiness surpasses her diminutive frame by yards, if not miles. He is at once frustrated and amused by her antics and her stubborn ability to do only what she thinks is necessary, but she has certainly garnered his respect. If only because she makes certain to have something on hand to kill anyone at any time.

Web -- (Agenla got PUNK'D. / Web, I will punch you. >:|) -- Web is certainly a kindred spirit to Xrell. Very much the same in personality and action, he cannot help but wonder in which direction their friendship will lead. After all, similar magnetic poles tend to force one another apart.

Fen -- Should be here too. >:C ] -- A curious individual to be certain, Xrell has never had much of an issue with being around the sound bending cyborg, even when Agenla started to take a rather curious interest in him. Fen has shown himself to be a good, if sadly unfortunate, friend and if nothing else, Xrell respects him. He does often wonder just what is swirling around in the man's head however, and it seems that the only way to know for certain would be to get to know him better.

Brian -- While both his employer and friend, Xrell often finds that he does not know Brian as well as he might like to. He does however, have a great deal of respect for the robot-ghost and cannot help but wonder if there is something more to him than the obvious. Especially since the blatantly obvious is still utterly mystifying for the devil.

Christine --

The Synopsis

     With a grin that can literally stretch from ear-to-ear and the teeth to make a shark jealous, Xrell certainly strikes a remarkable character. His tongue, though silver only in use, is forked and greatly resembles that of a snake.

     Oddly, when he finds himself talking to women, he seems to be very careful about keeping his gaze away from their eyes. His own seem to be constantly roaming, though the casual observer would be utterly mystified if attempting to determine what exactly he is looking at. With flat crimson eyes and very little discernable difference between the center of his vision and his peripherals, one never can tell where he is looking.

     For such a handsome devil, he seems surprisingly half-rate in the soul-brokering department. Do not let that fool you, however, for he is quite the asshole and just as evil as any one of his cousins.

     [ Disclaimer: This is merely a copy of the character's in-game description and purely for the sake of those who wish to read about Xrell but not deal with the player's blatant TL;DR. ]

The Epilogue


  • Xrell's blood is actually of a silver hue, much like the appearance of liquid mercury. This, as well as the curious black hue to his bones, horns, and fingernails, seems to account for the grey coloring of his skin. This would not be common knowledge however, as he does not often purposefully spill blood.
  • He can rarely be found reading a book of any kind. When he is, it is rarely anything other than an instruction manual or a spellbook (which would technically just be an instruction manual for magic).
  • Despite claiming not to be very imaginative, creative, or artistic, Xrell knows how to and is surprisingly proficient at playing the lyra.
  • His tail is very sensitive, enough to elicit arousal if played with for too long. This has not always been the case, and he has considered taking steps to remove feeling from it once more.
  • His tail also seems to have a mind of its own, to the point of having googly eyes placed on it at one point! They have since fallen off or been disposed of, but the tail retains its autonomy.
  • Xrell's pockets happen to have an enchantment somewhere between allowing him access to his own personal "pocket dimension" (c wut i did dere?), and simply being bottomless holes. This rarely stops him from retrieving precisely what he is looking for whenever he needs it, though.
  • The devil is terrified of cats. And not big cats, either. House cats! He is usually not very forthcoming with the information, for obvious reasons, but most of his good friends seem to know.
  • Having proclaimed many a time that "Mortals focus too much on the taste of sugar and ignore the scores of other delightful tastes out there," Xrell is not particularly fond of chocolate or sweets. He enjoys them as much as any other food of course, but he would rarely choose a chocolate bar over something with hot sauce on or in it.
  • Xrell is a carnivore and therefore consumes large quantities of meat, both raw and cooked. Human just happens to be his favorite dish, though he prefers them served still warm and twitching.
  • Despite being a carnivore, he will eat just about any sort of food and has a soft spot for fruits of just about any kind. Especially pomegranates.
  • Within the past few months, he has taken to wearing a modest obsidian ring with a small ruby set into it on his left ring finger.

Other Nonsense
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