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Player Statistics

♥ Global name: @Makolatte
♥ AIM: sheisofthesky
♥ Out-of-Game Email: totallygaybritishman[at]gmail[dot]com
♥ CoH Faces: Esoteric Requiem
♥ Twitter: Esoteric Requiem

Character Statistics


Agenla's 'heroing' alter ego, Rosaline Grace, the Cerulean Venus. The nice British business boy who always finishes last. An empathic android created from spare Rikti salvage. A daughter of Eris, the Greek goddess of discord. A girl so heavily against text message breaking up that she's defined it a felony. A painter from Japan with an avid fascination for America and its culture. An unfortunate victim of genetic and biological warfare. A man who lost his body and found himself punished by eternal muteness. Agenla's older sister. One of fifty-five. A Laotian boy who's the main singer of a pop music group. A man-hating dyke. Er. A very jaded mutant from France. A seriously serious WORK IN PROGRESS.


A Grecian nymph who's more than what she seems. A jaded model with a heart of pure, untainted ice. A young girl with a fondness for Lord Recluse, death, and cannibalism.


A member of the Resistance with an adoration for alchemy. A demon more in love with loyalty than dedicated to her minions.


A messenger from Suzaku, the Vermilion Bird of the South. A bio chemist from an alternate earth in the future who's come to right the wrongs of history.

Birthday Statistics

♥ I took this from Denji who took it from Mac. Please share the love. ♥

January February March


Eliwood - February 08 / (20 Years)


April May June
Agenla - April 23 / ('21' Years)
Alexandra - May 11 / (24 Years)


July August September




October November December


Melantha - November 20 / (25 Years)


Origin Statistics

Originicon magic.png 08 Originicon natural.png 04 Originicon science.png 04 Originicon mutation.png 02 Originicon technology.png 01

Archetype Statistics

H archetypeicon defender.png 05 H archetypeicon controller.png 02 H archetypeicon scrapper.png 02 H archetypeicon tanker.png 02 H archetypeicon warshade.png 01

V archetypeicon corruptor.png 02 V archetypeicon arachnos widow.png 01 V archetypeicon brute.png 01 V archetypeicon dominator.png 01 V archetypeicon mastermind.png 01 V archetypeicon stalker.png 01

SG/VG Statistics

♥ The following is just a list of SG's and VG's that I have characters, which are currently a part of. ♥

RP Statistics

♥ This section is subject to updates, but it's just some brief overview about how I view things in RP and things that catch my attention. ♥

Formspring Network

♥ I have bitches that are a part of this social networking thing. You should join it; it's pretty cool. ♥

Art Commissions

♥ I'm the artist currently known as 'starving'. ♥


♥ I'm not much of an original template person, but I borrowed some base codes from Eisregen and Denji and sort of tweaked them to fit my standards. ♥

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