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And so the story unfolds….

Occult Magician's Guild
Founder: Jayden Michaels
Webpage: Under Construction
Side: Hero
Motto: Thou hast obeyed the Law. But mark well, when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold.
Colors: Black and Purple
Archmage: Jayden Michaels -Leader
Archmage: Bolt Pulse -Second in Command
Levels: 1-50
Play style: Casual to Heavy
Roleplay: Yes
Timezone(s): PST, but all welcome.
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @New Jack Swing

Magic sometimes has no rhyme or reason; it’s in a constant flux. It flows with the wind and the sands of time. Always changing, always evolving. Yet, not everyone has an affinity with or to magic. Heroes of all natures go toe to toe with the likes of the Tsoo, Cabal and the Circle of Thorns.

M.A.G.I is around to help on occasion, but there are times when M.A.G.I is too enveloped by their own struggles to help out the common hero. That is where the Occult Magician’s Guild comes into play. The guild was created in the 1960’s by Eleanor Michaels and had a different name (one that has been lost in time). The guild was a prominent feature of the Croatoan landscape for thirty years before the members of the guild started to move on. It was speculated that the members were taken by some dark power; however there were no facts to support the speculation.

It would be another thirty years before the guild surfaced again, however this time it was under the leadership of Jayden Michaels (it was one of the last gifts his Grandmother gave to him before passing away). This would be the point that the guild received a new name and a change in the charter. It became more than just a group of mages watching over the Croatoan landscape (dipping into realms that M.A.G.I was afraid to touch). It became a place for mages both old and new to gather and lend a hand to both people within the guild and outside of it.

The location of the guild seems normal enough. On the outside it looks like a simple Victorian House (much like many of the homes in Croatoa). However, below the mansion lies a large underground compound of sorts. It is there that the true magical practices take place.




O.M.G is currently recruiting members of the magic community be it a mage who is new to the art or someone who has experience. Simply send a message to Jayden Michaels for a meeting.


For more information please contact @New Jack Swing, or @Red Ice.

OOC Information

OMG is a roleplay Supergroup. We're currently on the smaller side with a base with the standard crafting table and storage setup, including three teleporters. Of course, this is all subject to change as the group's size increases. We'd like to think we're a friendly bunch, with an easy going style. We don't have any demands of this being your only group or any expectations that you sink all of your time and money into prestige (though, as with any group.... if you want nicer things in the base, you have to join the grind). Individual story lines are highly encouraged, and of course there will be group story lines as well.

Currently the group is in a coalition with Rolling Hills Apartments and The Arcadium
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