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Current Status

Can't quit this stupid game. :(

About the player


Name Level Origin Archetype A Few Words Supergroup
Rey Makaiau Originicon science.png H archetypeicon blaster.png He quit his job and kinda misses it.
Jayden Michaels Originicon magic.png H archetypeicon defender.png He's a witch, a gay witch. Deal with it.
Marcello Giudice Originicon science.png H archetypeicon tanker.png A genetically engineered man from New Jersey.
Kai Shishigami Originicon natural.png H archetypeicon scrapper.png A manga artist with a fiery temper
Fuego Fist Originicon mutation.png H archetypeicon tanker.png A hotshot southern boy from Alabama
Quartz Avenger Originicon science.png H archetypeicon controller.png An ex Korean Pop-Star who now hides from his scandals in Paragon
Negative Rave Originicon mutation.png V archetypeicon dominator.png A Praetorian just trying to get his groove on.
Kinetic Spark Originicon mutation.png H archetypeicon defender.png
Divested Originicon mutation.png V archetypeicon brute.png A grad student from Texas... who happens to moonlight as a dancer...
Electrostatics Originicon magic.png H archetypeicon scrapper.png A man from Japan in Paragon searching for his missing friend
Xi Fang Bai Hu Originicon magic.png V archetypeicon brute.png A man with amazing combat abilities, but not so much with the brains.
Shugendo Originicon natural.png V archetypeicon stalker.png A ninja from Praetorian wishing to return to nature
Overhook Originicon natural.png H archetypeicon tanker.png A Mixed Martial Artist from Germany
Hydrologic Originicon mutation.png V archetypeicon corruptor.png
Jason Sarantos Originicon magic.png H archetypeicon scrapper.png One of many sons of Aphrodite. Seems the golden apple doesn't far fall from the tree.

RP guidelines

This is pretendy fun times. Please don't take anything too seriously. I'm still getting into the swing of things, so if I'm a little bit slow, my apologies.

Relationship wise? Characters are open to both sexes usually, there are a few exceptions, and I try to throw them all into the proper categories. Outside of that, just ask... I don't bite.

Just in general, I'm looking for good storylines with people who know how to use punctuation and capital letters. I also like build up in regards to relationships and storylines. Though, I'll admit that some characters may be easier to get ahold of then others.

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