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Jason Sarantos

Portrayed By: Trevor Donovan
Player: @DerekStorm
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
172 lbs.
Body Type
Slightly Tan
Powers & Abilities
Broad Sword
Super Reflexes
Epic Pool
Body Mastery
Power Pools
· Known Powers ·
Enhanced Strength, Enahnced Reflexes
· Equipment ·
Gladius Hispaniensis



Jason was born to Adrian Sarantos and at the time an unnamed mother (he would later find out that he was the son of the Goddess Aphrodite). Life for the young Jason was about as normal as you could get in Southern California. He surfed; he played sports and did everything that a normal kid would do.

In school he was no where near average, barely scraping by in most of his classes. Blessed by his mother’s good looks, he was easily the type that every girl and some of the boys wanted to end up in bed with. Of course, he did partake in some of the more attractive of the suitors, but at the same time he was never considered a “whore”.

The social aspect came easily for him, although he was constantly called an idiot or slow, his charisma won out and he was able to make friends with even the most academically heightened.


Jason is a dumb jock, at least on the outside. When it comes to matters that can be considered academic or from a book, know not to expect much from him. On the other hand, when it comes to the more emotional realm, he seems to be highly in-tune with feelings, especially of the romantic nature (more than likely a gift from his mother).

Jason can be fiercely loyal and would gladly stand up for a friend in need. However, it is not wise to get on his bad side, as he also picked up his mother's vengeful streak.

Ancient History

His mother had always been a mystery to him. Every time he brought up her identity to his father, he got a quick answer to "leave it alone." It was on his eighteenth birthday that he discovered who his mother really was.

Current Story

Currently Jason is joining what he likes to call a cult. In reality, Charon (Yes, that Charon) found him and offered to train him "as he should be trained". Jason only agreed when he was promised beer and a hot tub. Though, even he is smart enough to know that the two should not be mixed, he saw that once on a 1000 Ways to Die.


  • "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" - Fall Out Boy
  • "Paris (Ooh La La)" - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  • "Down" (featuring Lil Wayne) - Jay Sean
  • "In My Head" - Jason Derulo

Random Facts

  • He simply isn't the sharpest crayon in the box.
  • Fiercely Loyal
  • Would be played by Trevor Donovan.


  • Ravelin - I like him. He doesn't seem to like himself, he seriously needs to get laid or something.
  • Demetra Agrios - She needs to go to rehab. Seriously, chica be an alcoholic.
  • Solar Oracle - The son of Apple! He's a cool guy, a little quiet for my tastes. Plus, he's jailbait.
  • Lunar Sniper - He's always shooting me with damn suction cupped arrows and talking about tending the wolves. I think that's code for something else though.

Opinions on Him

Media (Social and What Not)

OOC Information

Jason is the product of a long shelved idea that came to mind after Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief had come out on DVD. At the time, I wanted to wait for a good opportunity to actually play a character along the lines of the populous of the movie. Said time had just come up recently, so the character was created.
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