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"In this place I am minded to build a glorious temple to be an oracle for men, and here they will always bring perfect hecatombs, both they who dwell in Peloponnesus and the men of Europe and from all the wave-washed isles, coming to question me. And I will deliver to them all counsel that cannot fail, answering them in my rich temple." (Hymn to Pythian Apollo, 285-295)

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Solar Oracle
· Magic Defender ·
Dark Blast
Player: @QuantumG
Super Group
The Komturei
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Real Name
Jace Bastion
Solar Legacy; Sol; Jace
July 27, 1993
Delphi, Greece
US Citizen
The Komturei
King's Row, Paragon City
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
156 lbs
Body Type
Dirty Blonde
Black Sclera
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Restorative Healing and Solar Energy Manip.
· Other Abilities ·


Jace Bastion... Demigod! The Scion of Apollo [1]

The 'dalliances' of the gods are well known and well documented, dating back to the earliest written histories of antiquity. The resultant offspring of these 'encounters' are both divine and mortal - not quite gods, but not quite men. Demigods have been painted by DaVinci, sculpted by Michaelangelo, and immortalized by Shakespeare. Throughout all of human history the Greek Pantheon have sewn their divine lineage through the veins of mortal beings...

Eighteen year old Jace Bastion is only one of the most recent born into this Olympic Legacy. The son of Apollo and one of the apostate Oracles of Delphi, Jace is an atypical, typical young man looking for his place in the mortal world...[2]


Jace is not immortal. He is not omniscient, omnipresent, nor omnipotent. The youth does not have a direct line to the gods, nor has he spoken to Apollo or been to Olympus. The entire story of his lineage he views with dubious frustration, and he finds it difficult to talk about.[3] In point of fact, Jace is mostly unaware of how his powers work, where they come from or whether the rumors of his lineage are actually true. He's only come to realize that if he thinks something, he can affect reality. His focus determines the manifestation of his abilities. Unfortunately, he can be wildly unfocussed at times. In spite of his uncertaintly, his Olympic heritage manifests in the following ways:


Divine Healing

"Apollo does not always keep his bow strung." Horace (Ancient Roman Poet. 65 BC-8 BC)

Through sheer force of will, Jace can mend the wounds of the fallen, lacing flesh and bone back together. He does not have the ability to raise anyone from the dead, although he has tried.

Calling on the nine muses of Mount Helicon, Jace can also inspire heroes and allies to fight harder and longer, buoying up their spirits.

Solar Energy Manipulation

"I combat those only who, knowing nothing of the future, prophesy an eternity of pain- those who sow the seeds of fear in the hearts of men- those only who poison all the springs of life, and seat a skeleton at every feast." -Robert Green Ingersoll

Jace has the ability to absorb, store and finally project Solar energy. This 'potential dynamism' is not fire or heat per se. It is divine in origin and draws from the spiritual essence of the Sun, rather than the specific particulate radiation.

'Portal' Generation

"Release the Kraken" - Poseidon

Another power Jace possesses, though quite limited, is to open small gates into the underworld. He can use this at times, for fast travel. But more often he opens restrained portals and allows the legendary Ketus (Cetus, Kraken) free from his prison. This creature reaches through the gates to hamper and confine. The gates must be sealed quickly, however, so as not to release the creature from his confinement.

Solar Blade Projection


Although closely related to 'Solar Energy Manipulation', Solar Blade Projection is slightly different in that the manifest energy exhibits as consistent expressions of Jace's will. [4]

These blades, although apparently aflame, are not hot nor do they emanate heat. But they are 'sharp' down to a molecular level and can slice through almost anything. They are divine weapons and as such can be resisted by divine defenses. They are also relatively resistant to magical defenses as well. Another limitation is that these blades require a great deal of focus to maintain and can fail if Jace becomes too distracted emotionally.

In order to effectively use the 'Solar Blades', Jace is learning martial arts and training in physical defense. Having never had to rely on his physical prowess, the young man is pushing his limits and his humanity to the brink until he can master the training. At the Komturei, he met Key, a monk and martial artist who is helping Jace develop these skills. Jace at one point was 'totally crushing out' on Key, however he has since gotten over the whole thing in favor of another.




"“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Jace appears to be a normal teenage young man apart from one glaring anomaly. His eyes are pitch black from sclera to pupil. They've been this way from birth and are often off-putting. For a time, he wore sunglasses because of his own insecurity, but over time he became callous to the stares of others. When pointed out or referred to, Jace will deflect the conversation or 'clam up'.

When he manifests his abilities, his Olympic heritage often causes him to 'shine' with the brilliance of the sun. His standard attire when 'heroing', he believes, was a supernatural gift from his father. Grecian Armor with full helmet and regalia adorn his lean form. He also has a set of simple armor for quick changes (and to show off the abs) as well as a costume which is a tribute to Robin, The Boy Wonder, who happens to be his comic book crush.

To psychics, Jace would read like an open book. He's completely vulnerable to magic, which he doesn't understand in the least and unless he is specifically focussing on defending himself, he's not the greatest in a brawl (although he is training to rectify that weakness).


"You may fetter my leg, but Zeus himself cannot get the better of my free will" - Epictetus

Despite a troubled childhood, Jace is remarkably positive and friendly. With a maturity that expands beyond his years, the onyx-eyed youth can wax philosophical with the best of them. He's intelligent and well spoken, though he does at times revert to the vernacular of his generation. He rarely goes out of his way to meet new people, and is relatively shy at the outset of any relationship. However, once he befriends someone he is quick to open up. Jace smiles a lot and is very good natured, which is a tribute to his philosophy about life. He fully believes that all beings have a purpose and it is each man's own destiny to discover and live out a noble life based in reason and compassion. Having accepted the darker days of his past, the young man presses on toward a brighter future.

This view of the world, however, tends to lead Jace down a moderately judgmental track at times. He has little patience for what he calls 'mortal failings' and is somewhat naive when it comes to 'shades of gray.' Although mature, he is not overly experienced and has not lived a full life. He comes across as being more confident than he is, and at some point the lessons of this world will be hard learned by the idealistic youth.

There are times when Jace is alone or particularly contemplative that he feels like he is a stranger in his own life. Although generally surrounded by many acquaintances, he doesn't truly feel connected to the people around him. This is evidenced by the distance he keeps emotionally from most people he meets. This is a subconscious behavior and not rooted in a desire to 'play hard to get.' In a nutshell, Jace is social, but unconnected. This fact weighs on him as he gets older.

A surprising thing to Jace (and his driver) is that the young man is a wretched mix of cynical and naive. Although he chooses not to trust or open up, he finds himself doing it when an opportunity arises. Often, he'll walk away from a conversation wishing he'd just kept his mouth shut.

When he is nervous or uncomfortable, the teenage demigod stares at the floor. When he is feeling particularly confident or flirtatious, he futzes with his hair.


"I have maintained 'single status' with the strictest of discipline, and a discipline I secretly wish would be compromised by a charming beauty." -Jace Bastion

Jace was outwardly cynical about romance. He's never been in love. He's never felt like anyone has been in love with him. He doesn't believe in drama or trauma when it comes to dealing with romance and will sooner flee a situation than let things get awkward. The whole notion of dating and relationships was borderline distasteful to him due to his own aversion to getting too intimate. The bottom line is he is horrified by the thought of getting rejected (again) and feeling abandoned (again) so he avoids that reality when and if possible. If things get messy, he bolts.

That said, he has recently crossed a threshold and allowed a romance to begin with a certain Warlock he's been getting closer to. He still questions the wisdom of being in a relationship, but can't seem to help himself in this situation.


"The words of Mercury are harsh after the songs of Apollo." William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Jace is a musician. Taking after his father, the young man learned early on to play the guitar (which he calls a present-day lyre), and he is a talented vocalist. Although he's never acted upon it, he secretly desires to have a career in the arts as a singer/songwriter. He writes music to deal with his feelings although he almost never shares them with anyone, aside from his mentor Key.[5]


The Flight of Apollo - Angels and Airwaves


“Not here, O Apollo! / Are haunts meet for thee. / But, where Helicon breaks down / In cliff to the sea.” - Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Questioning his reason for existing and seeking a true purpose in life, Jace made his way to Paragon City. Isolated and completely alone, the youth attempted a 'prayer' to his father. Though raised early on in the strange orthodoxy of the Delphic Oracles, Jace had long since abandoned any semblance of faith. Feeling lost, however, pushed him to a crisis point and he cried out to the god Apollo for the first time.

His simple heartfelt prayer drew the compassion of the Sun god. The following morning, after sleeping yet another night on the streets, Jace happened to meet a young man living in King's Row who said their was room in The Komturei. In the room he was given was an ornate package addressed to Jace that no one could account for. Inside was a suit of Grecian Armor polished and gleaming like the sun itself. The first authentic smile he'd felt for along time crept across his face as he realized that perhaps he was not alone and that there was someone out there watching over him.


Jace also has 1969 Martin D-28 guitar which was given to him by his father through Key, his trainer at the Komturei.[6]


Jace carries a golden lyre keychain (with a few keys on it of course) in his pocket at all times. It was a gift out of the blue from Cid. It means a lot to Jace and he holds on to it, hoping that the friendship can eventually be mended.


Jace has (but does not yet wear because of bad karma) a Vanguard Recruit pin, given to him by Alex. This gift was particularly heart-warming to Jace because it signified how much the man had actually listened to him. Sometimes Jace doesn't feel heard or understood.


The Komturei

The Komturei, is not so much a home to Jace as just a place to lay his head. The organization took him in when he arrived in Paragon City and he's lived in the facility ever since. The amenities are top notch and he enjoys the spacious living arrangement, but he does long for a place to call home. The people who dwell in the extravagant base are disconnected and treat each other as ships passing in the night. One day he hopes to join a real family in Paragon City. Until that time, he endures his flat screen TV and king size bed in isolation.

Bailey's Academy

Although Jace did register for high school and complete his finals with relative success once he arrived in Paragon, his heroeing skills were largely left undeveloped. Jace enrolled at Bailey's Academy [7] for a short time to learn more about what it means to be a hero. Jace withdrew from the Academy on July 28th, 2011.

Jace is previously enrolled in:

Hero Ethics 101

Written Assignments

Assignment 1: To the best of your ability, define what it means to be a hero.

Assignment 2: Personal sacrifice in relationship are chief among my philosphies regarding an effective hero. Luxuries like a happy home, romantic involvement, and personal gain have little or no place in the life of a true hero. Do these philosophies apply to you? Why or why not?

Small Team Tactics

This class amounted to field training under the guidance of school faculty and staff.

Occult Magician's Guild

The Occult Magician's Guild, run by Jayden Michaels and Mario Salvatorre is Jace's latest formal/informal association. Jace's questions regarding his own origin and power limitations have often lead him down arcane paths. His involvement in this organization is sparked by his desire to understand not only his own magical ability, but also his fervent wish to be a part of an organization that is doing something positive for Paragon City. Thus far he finds the members friendly and pleasant and he hopes to become a more regular name on their roster.

Jayden Michaels

Jace met Jayden by random encounter in the Pocket D along with Casey, another Mage from the guild before he even knew there was a guild. At the outset, the young Demigod had no eyes for the Warlock and in fact, was intent on not getting involved with anyone. He considered Jayden a flirt and a playboy and thought him untrustworthy. This perception however did not last. The truth is, Jace couldn't tell you how or when his opinion changed. With each encounter, the teenager became more enamored with the witch until his attraction was full blown. A few late night talks solidified Jace's feelings and after a walk around the wisp lake in Croatoa, the two young men made their budding romance more official. Although he has feelings for Jayden that overwhelm him in both good and bad ways, he is currently intent on seeing where the relationship will go. Suffice to say, that being his first love interest, Jace is warily infatuated.



"Open your mouth and shut your eyes and see what Zeus will send you." Aristophanes


Ode to Flying

Ode to Alone

Eyes of a Warlock

Ode to Wonder

Portions of a Pattern

Change My Fate

Sea Change

Running the Gauntlet


Jayden - Jace's boyfriend. He likes him. Way too much, even. Lately, Jace is feeling like he has become more of a burden for Jayden than a good thing. This troubles him.

Cid - Jace's friend. At one point, Jace couldn't think of anyone else he was more comfortable talking to. But things changed and are in a state of constant flux. Sometimes they talk and hug. Sometimes there isn't even eye-contact. Currently, Jace is waiting for things to just play out though an awkward thing happened which has the young demigod reeling a little.

Marshall - Jace met this guy, got his number and thought maybe they'd 'talk.' Then the guy vanished and Jayden happened. He returned recently and Jace finds him really easy to talk to. Jace feels for him, as he's got some personal drama, and hopes the two can get closer.

Vicktor - Jace's buddy. But Jace never knows what is going on with this guy. Lately, he has either time traveled or wrinkled in time... It's unclear and Jace can't find Vicktor to get answers.

Plum - No one else makes Jace (and his driver) laugh like her. Her commentary and personality is always a pleasure and a she's a warm presence in a room. But Jace has also seen her stand up for herself and has great respect for her. They also both seem not to get the same 'deep stuff' and that makes Jace feel better.

Adam - Things are a little better. When Jace didn't return Adam's affections the man seemed to get more hostile and withdrawn from the teenager. But they've been able to be in the same room at the same time. Jace thinks he has a great heart, and thinks the worst is behind them.

Rav - Jace really likes Rav and has a very secret feeling that he could trust Rav and connect with him about his own mysterious lineage. But sometimes he pushes too hard and Jace can't deal. The more they talk, the more Jace thinks they could be friends.

Hawk - Jace thinks the winged anomaly can be hard to talk to. Sometimes they hit it off and sometimes Jace just feels awkward.

Casey - Jace is convinced the guy hates him. He wishes they could have some kind of peace and make nice, but so far...nope.

Key - Jace's trainer. The celibate monk lives at the Komturei with Jace. He's training the young Demigod how to use his Solar Blades in martial arts and also works as a sounding board for both Jace's songwriting and for his own personal introspection.

Eric - He's not around a lot and doesn't talk a lot, but when he does it's usually dirty. Despite their wide divergence in personality, Jace can't help but feel entertained by the Beach Boi's no apologies no regrets attitude.

Austin - Jace feels threatened and he can't help it. The moody Praetorian puts the young Demigod on the defensive, though he works hard not to show it.

Chris - Cid's brother. As of late, Chris is the only connection that Jace has to Cid. He's always well spoken and calm and offers encouragement that things will work out. Jace likes that.

Albert - Jace only knew of this man by reputation for a long time. Everyone Jace met seemed to know and trust him. Jayden trusted him. So when Jace was feeling particularly lost he reached out to the man in hopes he could provide some direction and clarity. The man's reputation was well-deserved and he didn't disappoint. Jace hopes to build a deeper connection to the man. He desparately wants someone to look up to.

Eli - Some may say he's a square, but Jace finds him completely charming and pleasant to be around. He's smart, polite, and unassuming! What's not to like?!? Although he's not around much, Jace does follow him on Formspring and they talk about tea - even though they don't necessarily see eye to eye on the subject.

Alex - This dark hunter of the night immediately commanded Jace's respect and he found him opening up about his own problems and aspirations rather quickly. Alex gave Jace an antique Vanguard recruit pin as an early birthday present and has completely won Jace's admiration with the gesture.

Sebastian - This guy is either totally creepy or charming depending on his outfit. At first, Jace didn't like him too much because he couldn't leave well enough alone, but then he seemed...easier to talk to. The jury is out, but Jace is willing to give him a chance. A certain banter has already emerged between the two.

Charon the Ferryman - Yes...that one... This being mostly puts Jace into a clammed up state. He's constantly worried that Charon will let slip something that Jace either doesn't know or doesn't want to talk about. He's generally surrounded by 'godlings' or demigods which makes Jace even more on edge. But he's like a trainwreck for Jace. He wants to just bolt, but he can't. Somehow he feels like he needs to stick around...


If you've encountered Jace in your adventures or socially, feel free to leave your impressions of him here!

"He's my guy, mine I tell you. He's really important to me, and even with the world moving around me and pushing against everything, I'm glad that we're at the point that we are." -Jayden

Ask and ye shall receive



  1. Solar Oracle is the original toon of what would become a series of toons portraying Jace Bastion. Jace's driver likes playing other archtypes and roleplay, but would rather not generate new characters with each and every new build. This allows the player to relate to the same ingame toons he already knows while keeping the gameplay fresh.
  2. In game names of all Jace Bastion characters are: Solar Oracle, Solar-Scion, & Jace Bastion
  3. If for some reason your character would know any information on this page (demigod, divine or phychic characters welcome), I'm open to it as the driver. Jace, however, will not be.
  4. Relates to the toon 'Jace Bastion'- Scrapper
  5. The songs are portrayed as written by Jace although they are simple fun creations by the driver and his roommates. They are intended as fun additions to the story and not to be taken too seriously.
  6. The complete story may be found here. Ode to Flying
  7. Joined this SG as toon Solar Legacy - Corruptor
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