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Rey Makaiau
Player: @DerekStorm
Basic Data
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Occupation: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Rey Makaiau
Known Aliases: Rey Makaiau
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type: O
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Kahului, HI
Birthdate: April 1st 1986
Citizenship: USA
Current Residence: Steel Canyon
Religion/Faith: Catholic (technically)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Complicated
Known Languages
English, Spanish, Hawaiian
Known Relatives
Known Powers
ability to manipulate calories transferring the energy from the calories into outward blasts
Training / Abilities
Extremely high metabolism


Blue Hawaii

Rey was born in Kahului, HI on April 1st 1988 to a Hawaiian father and a Latino mother. As a child, Rey grew up on the beaches of Hawaii, going through a normal island life. Surfing and hanging out with his friend, Rey enjoyed the normal things a child of the island would. However, he didn't have dreams of becoming a surfer, he wanted to play professional soccer.

His mother was completely supportive, having grown up in Mexico herself, his father on the hand didn’t agree with the idea, putting down Rey whenever he could. The put downs and the responses to them drove a wedge between his parents, leading into more fights about the proper way to raise their child. Eventually, his mother filed for divorce, leaving the big island with Rey for her parents in San Diego. Rey was fourteen at the time.

California Dreaming

Rey’s life in San Diego was generally normal; he did everything that a teen was supposed to do. Played various sports, dated some girls the normal high school jock sort of life. He was on the soccer team in high school, but he was no where near the level he needed to be to become a professional player. No matter what he tried, he was lacking in the key elements a soccer player needed to push it to the next level. He felt hopeless, at least, until he happened upon a flier.


The flier was from a company named aXXis. They claimed that they would be able to enhance any and all athletic potential in a volunteer through both training and medical means. At the age of eighteen Rey joined the program hoping to finally make headway on his goal.

In the beginning it was everything that Rey had hoped it would be. The training was intense, but he had finally started to gain the muscle and speed that he always wanted. In the span of six months, thirty pounds of almost nothing but muscle had been added to his frame. His speed had increased beyond anything that he had expected and his leaping ability had gone through the roof. It was time for him to leave and start his new life, or so he thought.

It was the night of what he thought would be his last day at the compound. He had just slipped away into a deep sleep when he felt people grabbing him and pulling from his bed. He struggled groggily as he was thrown onto an examination table, his eyes widening as he was strapped down. The words “you still have six months on your contract” were the last thing he heard before being put into a deep sleep. At first, he thought it was all just a sick dream.

That was the beginning of six months of pure hell for Rey. The sports compound that he thought would change his life became a prison, as they continued to assist that he stayed. Every day he was pumped full of drugs that were highly experimental and not approved by any governing body. The truth behind the company known as aXXis was simple; they were a group of rogue scientists looking to create a batch of super strengthen soldiers of fortune. Men and women they could use, control and sell to the highest bidder.

The one friend he had in the program: Edgar Sanchez took him to the side and told him what he had seen and heard about the compound. Rey brought up the weird dreams he had been having, realizing that maybe they weren’t dreams.
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It's Time to Move On


Et Cetera


Power Grid
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  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill
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