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Hologram, mercenary, fake accent, indestructible.... i'll get to it.

Temp Flashing Steel.png Origin
The Living Hologram is a bit of a puzzle.

On the one hand he is a simple brute. Muscle for hire, he normally serves as a henchman for the schemes of others. On the other hand almost nothing is really known about him. He takes the form of a modified Crey tank suit, filled with a blue shimmering hologram of a bald vague male face. He speaks with a semi-Eastern European accent and slightly odd grammar, but anyone with even a passing knowledge of linguistics can spot that the accent is fake. Every time he is defeated he returns, and no one is any closer to knowing who he really is. Sometimes he has been known to ship several suits in crates or storage containers to a location, and then "posess" them one after another during a fight, as heroes destroy the succession of host suits. Whether he is really a being composed of pure energy, or a criminal capable of projecting the fields by an as-yet unknown means remains a mystery. Even "his" gender is in doubt, since the Hologram is not recognisable as any known vilain.

In essence he is a perfect disposable henchman. The Living Hologram seems to care for very little except getting the job done, and maintaing his image (pardon the pun) as a villain for hire. Recently Vanguard have taken to paying him for his services on select missions, proving that he is happy to take on any sort of work if the price is right. While not a coldblooded killer, he does take pride in being able to deliver a severe beating to any heroes or police who get in his way. Although he always keeps his eyes on the mission goal, he has shown that he holds a grudge against heroes or other villains who have foiled him in the past, and isn't above a bit of revenge if the opportunity presents itself.

Temp Flashing Steel.png Powers

He is able, somehow, to project a solid force field with no apparent mechanism, into the suits he uses. The Hologram is strong enough that he can punch through walls and throw heroes down the street, while the force field provides impressive protection for the host-suit. When he takes an excessive amount of damage which destorys the suit, the Hologram fades out of existance, only to return in a new suit. Extensive examination of the suits reveals nothing. Scanning the Living Hologram reveals that he is just a walking force field in the shape of a man. A few heroes have used powers of energy absorbtion to disrupt his form - a tactic that works, but only temporarily. Telepaths report there is nothing there but an energy field.

Temp Flashing Steel.png Abilities
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The Living Hologram
No one am defeat the Living Hologram!
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Super Strength
Electric Armor
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220 lbs.
Powers & Abilities
Super Strength
Electric Armor
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