Liz Drakon

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Liz Drakon
Player: @Pinny
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Liz
Known Aliases: Lizzy, Shamaness
Species: Nyth
Age: 52 human years
Height: ~ 4'3"
Weight: ~ 100 lbs
Eye Color: Milky White
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Royalty ("Drakon")
Place of Birth: Planet Skelath
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Drraeki Serpens (not known to her)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Netherworld Attunment, natural flight.
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The Character

Description and Personality

Liz's jetblack armor increases her speed and stealth capabilities. Like her guardian, her visor gives her an accurate scan of her enviroment, and her enemies, this allows her to strike at a foe's weakpoint. Her armor can also heal a great ammount of damage done to it in a short burst, but requires a great ammount of energy.

When unarmored, Obsidian skin with light green scales cover Liz from head to claw. She can usually be seen wearing a black shirt with a light green trim several sizes too small for her, and black pants with light green straps, along with various buckles and pockets.

Liz is best described as a very overconfident Nyth. Being a potential Shaman on Skelath means that Liz can do practically anything, but on Earth, it's a completely different story, and Liz has yet to understand this fact.

The Nyth Race

The Nyth are a superstitious, spirit-drawn people lead by shamans. While they have progressed far into the technological tree with incredible gadgets and such, their actions are still dictated by the spirits of those long past. The shamans communicate with these spirits in order to lead their people, and none disobey the decisions. It is not that the Nyth as a whole are forced to obey and follow, it just simply has never come up, as no Nyth has ever thought to disobey in the first place. The Nyth follow a caste-like system, where hatchlings are placed into a specific occupation depending on their "aura", as well as their body build, which is apparent immediately at birth. Unlike the caste system used in medieval times on Earth however, hatchlings are not tied to their parents' caste. The hatchling of a lowly farmer can potentially be taken as a shaman, the highest ranking in their culture.

Shamans in particular have an interesting training. While the others are either sent to work early in life, or train for many years if they are destined to be soldiers, Shamans do little in the way of actual training. In fact, Shamans go on a sort of "spirit journey", letting the spirits of those long past guide them and teach them. As such they can potentially end up anywhere at even a young age. This being the case, shamans are assigned highly trained guardians to protect them on their journies, a soldier so loyal to them that nothing will come between the two in nearly any situation. Guardians are completely and utterly devoted to their particular shaman, and even after the journey is completed they will rarely, if ever, leave their shaman's side.

Character History



A natural ability to fly leaves very little in the world that she can't travel to. She also abuses this ability in battle to allow more acrobatic motions than otherwise possible, and to get a more Birdseye view of the battlefield. It is not uncommon to see Liz flying practically everywhere, she just tries to see the most she can of Earth.

Netherworld Attunment

Liz constantly uses her shamaness powers to call forth the netherworld to help fuel her attacks. The most common appearance would be seeing her fists surrounded by a thick, dark mist.



Recent Events




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