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"My Eyes are up here!"
Lorelei Mortis (PB: Lorelei Tetsui)
Player: @Lorelei
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Controller/Peacebringer
Security Level: 50/40
Personal Data
Real Name: Lorelei Mortis
Known Aliases: Lore, Formally Known as the villain Nerveia (Mind/Psi Dominator)
Species: Human
Age: 42
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Emerald Green/Cloudy Sea Green
Hair Color: Black with green Highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Mother/Caregiver
Place of Birth: Ithica, New York
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Relatives: Children: Celest, Braxxus, Tsukiyomi, Ashandra, and Lillian
Known Powers
(Illusion/Storm) Her innate ability to manipulate others minds is legendary to any that hear her villainess name, Nerviea, though not to overshadow her ability to control weather which is equally dangerous. Due to the way she received her powers, she has also joined with the Peacebringer Kheldian called Tetsui. She travels throughout Paragon training these new powers. And due to the concentration it takes to tap into the Kheldians energy, she only has access to one set of abilities at a time. ( How I explain the two seperate characters :P )
Known Abilities
Manipulating the winds to carry her body, flight is one of her trademark moves. She also has minor mind reading and sense powers due to her experiance at manipulating minds.
Theme Song: Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin Better Note: It's taken me years to find a song that I could use as hers so...*cheers!*



Lore is kind and warm, always. She'll be one of the first to lend a helping hand to those in need, villain or hero. She also seems to radiate a calm aura to those around her, as if she herself was the eye in the storm that ravages through lives.

She is very patient, quite possibly overly so, and will wait for someone she cares for in the freezing rain if they needed her. You could not ask for a better friend then Lore. She will sacrifice anything and everything for a dear friend.

Her past seems to not sneak up on her very often, but when it does, it reveals a part of Lore that not many have seen. A side that can be explosive and dangerous, usually accompanied by random gusts of wind and lightning strikes. Typically, her greyed philosophies often make her a great judge or mediator.

Recently, she has found she has a deep love of fashion. She tries to be trendy and fashion forward with all her costumes and gives advice to any seeking help.

Typical Hangouts

Lorelei As the Peacebringer meditating at the wisp pool.
Croatoa, near the wisp pool; Pocket D; Any Icon; Peregrine Island; Talos Island, on one of the Islands; Ouroboros; And just about anywhere else that she is needed.


As I'm sure you've gathered, Lorelei is technically two separate characters in City of Heroes; Lorelei Mortis the level 50 controller and Lorelei Tetsui the level 40 Peacebringer. This is explained more in the history, but due to the defective Nano bots running around in her blood stream, her DNA was degraded and mutated creating her abilities and physical change. Even after she learned how to use her Controller powers, her body was continuing to degrade. Tetsui, the Kheldian, approached Lore while she was in Fire Base Zulu and told her this. When they merged, it halted the degrading of her body and saved her life. She can only use one set of powers at a time due to the concentration it takes for Lore to channel the Kheldian's energy.

  • Mind Reading - Due to the experiance and natural talent Lore has for manipulating brain waves and neurons, if she so desired, she could penetrate just about anyone's mind. She usually doesn't unless she feels she has no choice other wise. If you have any kind of telepathy, she'd be able to hear it, but she hasn't quite learned how to reply.
  • Observant - She is a little more in tune to the facial features and actions to those around her, and can determine their mood. There is little that escapes her eye, couple that with excellent reasoning skills and you have one smart cookie! Besides, she is the mother of teenagers!
  • Flight - While she is a Peacebringer, she uses the pure energy of the kheldian to power her flight, but as a Controller, it's the winds. If you are close to her while she is hovering or flying as a controller, it would be easy to say that you would feel little breezes blowing passed you.

Character History

OOC Note: This character has been around for a long long time, 4 years, and has an extensive history, so I've broken it up so that you can read only what you are interested if you don't wanna read it all! Starting from 'Beginning Life Anew' is where I started in City of Heroes and the beginning of my Roleplay on Virtue. I'm also more then willing to let people roleplay as family members or compatriots, such as a lost brother or sister or parents or even a Villain that knew her as she was working her way up the ranks in the Rogue Isles. Just speak to me!


Born - Born as Lorelei Faye Coraho

Birth to 10 - Practically normal life

Age 10 - Injected with the Nanos

Age 14 - The nanos begin to obivously react to her body, and slowly her looks begin to change.

Age 16 - Lore's 'elfish' ears grow in fully, hair offically black from the blonde it was, skin now and ashy grey color and cool to the touch. She's outcasted from her group of friends and sinks in her social status. When confronting one of her former friend, her powers manifest themselves by her tossing out spectral damage then tossing her friend across the hall and embedding her in the glass doors at the end. Lore runs away and goes to the Rogue Isles, and begins her work with some of Ghost Widows minions.

Age 18 - Lore shows great promise as Nerveia, the seductress and mental leech, She terrorizes the Isles and rises to high ranks.

Age 20 - Lore is finally captured after working her way to right underneath Ghost Widow, and is thrown into the Ziggurat.

Age 20 almost 21 - Lore is approached by a young detective and is persuaded to turn in some of her compatriots for freedom. While working with the PPD, she decided she enjoyed the work of Law and Order and becomes a Hero.

Age 22 - Meets Mr. Grimlok and Infini Dragon at a Hami Raid she was Leading. Later, she gets engaged to Grimlok and they are married not long after Croatoa was Opened to Heroes. She takes the last name Mortis to represent her marriage.
Lorelei in Combat as a Controller

Age 23 - Lorelei Gives birth to her first set of Twin, Celest and Braxxus. Their father is Infini Dragon, though unknown to any until much later.

Age 25 - Birth of the second set of Twins, Tsukiyomi and Ashandra, again, Infini's children.

Age 26 - The treatment by Grimlok grew to where she could no longer deal with it, she divorces him.

Age 27 - Birth of Lillian.

Age 28 - 38 - Lore raises the Children pretty much on her own. She home schools them and then sends them to a day care. When the older Kids come of age, she let them stay home while she did hero work to support the family.

Age 38 - News comes out that Infini was the father of all the children, Most accept it, but Braxxus lashes out at his mother and leaves.

Age 40 - Lorelei meets Tetsui in Fire Base Zulu or the Shadow Shard, and learns of her condition. She agreed to merge with the Kheldian to prolong her life with her children and safe her from the continuing degrading of her body via the Nanos. Upon the merge, her skin changed from ashen grey to a normal skin tone.

Age 41 - She meets Feral Rath in Pocket D, after a night of intimatcy, they begin to see eachother. Close to her 42nd birthday, he proposed.

Age 42 (current) - Lore finds out she's pregnant with Rath's Child.

In the Beginning...

Little Lorelei had little cares growing up. Her father was a Technological Research Scientist at Ithica College, trying to improve upon the prototype nano bots that had been created previously, though not widely released. The Crey heard of his advancements and paid to move him and his family to Paragon City and fund his work. But the Crey had an ultimatum for him that was unknown to him until too late.

The Crey had taken an interest in Lorelei and wanted to test the new Nano's on the unsuspecting child. At the ripe age of 10, they brought her into the office, under the guise of Daddy-Daughter work day. The Crey took her Dad aside and told him, if he wanted to continue to get funding, he would have to inject his daughter with the Nanos to ensure they worked before they were allowed to be released within their organization. Finally realizing the hold they had over him and his family, he decided to do it to keep them from losing their way of life. He led the young trusting Lorelei into his Lab and injected the latest batch of Nanos into her blood. The following years, she was constantly in and out of the labs to keep a close eye on them.

Over the years, there seemed to be little change, and whatever change there was, it was subtle. It seemed almost over night when her ears grew to their full length and hair changed from blonde to black. At the age of 16, she was well loved, adored and even Head Cheerleader. She had wonderful grades and was dating the cutest guy in school, practically the perfect High School life.

New Found Powers and Villainy

Chronicle Theme: Ra - Fallen Angels

When her body changed so suddenly, the people of her school didn't know how to react. Almost overnight she went from Queen Bee to social outcast. Her friends turned on her, she left cheerleading, her boyfriend. Things jsut overall so drastically changed for her that her bitterness towards them grew. When she found out her former best friend was now dating Lore's ex boyfriend and the new head cheerleader, she confronted her.

That looks Painful...
As they Argued in the hall, people came and huddled around them watching intently. Lore had no idea she had any powers as she lashed out with her mind at Cosette, her friend. Cosette stumbles and falls over and sits there a moment as she gathered herself and tried to discern what had happened. At this point the crowd began to panic and hide. As most of the damage seemed to fade, she stood and dived at Lorelei. Lore, again unsure how she did it, called winds to her aid and blew her down the hallway. Cosette's body rag dolled as it embedded inside the glass doors. Completely scared of retribution and punishment, Lore runs off and stows away on a Ferry going to the Rogue Isles.

From here, Lore's life was spent in the torturing of others minds and learning how to harness her powers. Lore as a villain was known as Nerveia, and she became one of the most feared villainess' as she grew in infamy. Many of the details of Lore's Villainy can be condensed to her being truly evil and manipulative.

When she was captured and thrown into the Zigg, she became to have a slight turn around. As a young PPD Detective spoke to her and offered her a deal to turn in some of her fellow Villains for her Freedom, she had every intention to go back to her evil ways. But working with the PPD gave her a look at life she never had before, and she enjoyed it. Turning from the Darkness, she forsake her Villain name and took her real name to begin a life anew. The reasoning for her using her real name is that she was tired of hiding behind a fake name and wanted to show she was truly repentant and honest to the PPD.

Note: To anyone wanting to meet her that knew her when she was a villain, she has signature green sunglasses and has always had black and green hair. That alone would be recognizable.

Beginning Life Anew

It took about a year for the City to fully trust her and for her infamy to fade from memories. Once this took place, she found herself roaming through the streets freely, trying to undo the harm she had done. She met many Heroes on her journey, many of which she has not heard from in some time. Her soul continued to search for those in need of her and to continue training to perfect her abilities. She joined with a group called the 'Guardians or Paragon' near the creation of the Super Group. As it grew, her Rank increased and she became a Leader within it's ranks.

  • Video Gallery Most of them made during this time frame (Looking back at these you can really see the progression of my character's look and my Video making ability, but lets not get into that!)

Once she reached Security level 50, she began to join the many heroes in 'The Hive' to aid in the fight against Dr. Hamidon, or really, what was left of him. It didn't take long for her to adjust to things and begin to work in the ISS, The Illusionary Suicide Squad. She became friends with many during these times; Cannukk, Dragonberry, Infini Dragon, and Mr. Grimlok to name a few. One day, when she arrived as she usually did to help eliminate Hamidon, the usual leader of the ISS called in and Cannukk approached Her about leading the ISS and the Raid on Hamidon, she accepted and began to do so more often.

When she wasn't in the Hive, she usually spent her time with her Super Group and Coalition members, where she grew close to Mr. Grimlok, the leader and founder of the Vikings. Their time together began to lengthen and their feelings grew. It wasn't long after that, Mr. Grimlok proposed to her.

Marriage and Children

Chronicle Theme: Daughtry - Over You

Lorelei And her Illusionary Pets
Upon the marriage of Lorelei and Grimlok, things started well. However over time, the treatment she recieved from Mr. Grimlok turned for the worst. During a Hamidon Raid she was leading Mr. Grimlok and her had a huge fight which left her bruised and crying alone. Infini approached her and consoled her, while confessing his love for her. Her told her he could not stand by and watch her life get torn apart by someone who seemed to care so little for it. And they made love, upon the rocks in the Hive, still covered in the Goo from Hamidon. It was here that Braxxus and Celest (aka Velocita) were conceived.

Lorelei let Grim believe they were his children, as to not provoke any extra attention from him. And for the first few years of thier lives, Celest and Braxxus grew up in a home with fighting parents. About a year after, Infini and Lore's second children, Tsukiyomi and Ashandra were born, Lore finally grew fed up with His treatment and left Grim, taking the children with her. She somewhat moved in with Infini for a time, but as was his nature, he disappeared not long after Lorelei became pregnant with Lillian, the youngest, thus far.

With a now one year old Lillian, the funds they had surmounted over time had dwindled and Lorelei had to find some way to get money for the family. Taking the children to a daycare center, she used her Heroine abilities to fight crime. She collected Bounties and Ransoms and things of those nature for the reward and used the money to pay for her family. When she wasn't on duty with her heroine duties, she was with her children, homeschooling them for thier 'special needs' keep them out of regular schools.

Much much later, when Celest and Braxxus were around 14 years old almost 15, the news finally came out that Infini was the father of all of Lorelei's children. Most of them loved Infini deeply, so they accepted this with open arms. But Braxxus, who was rather close to Mr. Grimlok, was furious with this news. Feeling that she betrayed his 'father,' he left her sight and ran off on his own after saying a slue of colorful words to her.

List of Children

1. Celest (aka Velocita) and Braxxus - Age 19

2. Tsukiyomi and Ashandra - Age 17

3. Lillian (aka Lilly Vine) - Age 15

4. Misha (aka Mighty Misha) - Yet to be born

Merge of Soul and Alien

Chronicle Theme: Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Lorelei in Combat as a Peacebringer
While she traveled in Fire Base Zulu, doing some of her Hero duties she was approached by a Kheldian by the name of Tetsui. Tetsui had some grave news for Lorelei and took passion on her plight. She told Lorelei that her body had not stopped degrading as was becoming more unstable as the years continued. At the current rate, she would most certinaly die. With her Youngest, Lillian, being only 13 years old, she asked Tetsui if there was anything that could be done. Her reply, they must join and become one, and once inside Tetsui could halt and even reverse some of the damage and prolong her life by at least 40 years. Without a moments hesitation, Lorelei agreed.

Now as she travels through Paragon City, she can been seen using two different sets of abilities. The concentration needed to keep the Kheldian's energy stable so she can use her abilities is so intense that she cannot use any of her Illusionary capabilities while she's training these new talents. It takes a matter of hours to revert from the Kheldian energy back to her usual skills.

A New Found Love (Current)

Chronicle Theme: Colbie Caillat - Realize

Lorelei, up until recently, never really had time to go and relax and converse with others. When she finally broke away from her duties she snuck off to Pocket D, where she bumped into a kindly Feline by the name of Feral Rath. They seemed to hit it off right from the start and spent some lengthy time together that first night. As a matter of fact, they went back to Lorelei Guardian's of Paragon Super Base and had a rather fun time. Determined to make it more then a one night stand, Lorelei keeps in contact with him and their relationship grows to new heights. She instantly fell in love with his adopted Daughter Saroki, due to the protective attitude she had towards Rath.

After several dates and lengthy 'discussions', Rath got on one knee and proposed to Lorelei. Excited to finally have someone return her love fully she accepts. They currently await to be wed. Not long after the proposal, Lorelei found out that she was pregnant with her 6th child, but Rath's first -real- child. He tends to be rather protective for Lorelei in her condition and will try and be with her as she does her duties around Paragon.

Friends and Allies

Most of My friends as Lorelei are actually non role players, but those that I are of note and are still around are:

Non-RP SG - Guardians of Paragon - Just about any and everyone that is in that SG is a good friend of mine some OOC, some IC.

Her Love interest is: Feral Rath of whom she will marry probably sometime in December. He has an adopted Daughter, Saroki, whom she cares for deeply.. Lorelei hopes for nothing more then to become her friend and see her progress in life.

Guardian XI - Someone she has met by pure chance in her short time in the Six. Her and Axel continue a close contact (Both ooc and ic).

History of the Character Through the Player

This Character was actually created with then intention of just playing the game, so the Origin I had to work around and she seems to be bordering on other origins, but no matter, it works! The name Lorelei Mortis stems from a level 100 Elf Ranger from a MUD, Multi User Domain or a text based RPG. She was the leader of a large Order called the Souls of Insanity, which just so happened to be the largest Chaotic Guild on that MUD, the Edge of Creation. In it's Prime there were over 2000 members of the guild. Lorelei was rather Evil in her ways and caused a lot of trouble for the people of Portal City. I tried to play this past of the characters name into her story, thus the reformed Villain. There also was no City of Villains at the time so a lot of her original story has been twisted to work along with the City of Villain lore.

I came to City of Heroes with no real intention of Role playing, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Dolph, the leader of Guardians of Paragon, was at the time On the Edge of Creation with me and leader of the Largest Lawful Guild, the League of Enlightenment. We were close friend OOC but enemies IC, as I had killed a few of his members. When City of Heroes started, we both had a huge RP war between our Guilds, in which it was reveled that our characters loved each other. With his character pinned down and her holding a knife to his throat, she just dropped it and walked away, never to be seen again. Then we came here and started the Guardians of Paragon for our friends, before Prestige and bases. I gave Lorelei Mortis her name after that Elf in the MUD so they would know who I was. When Bases opened, we opened the SG and it has since grown.

The Marriage to Mr. Grimlok ended OOCly before IC, but due to the nature of the OOC issues that caused the break off I brought it to IC. I usually do not do this, but in this case, I did. I will not go into detail, but lets just say he took things a bit too seriously. TO this day, Lorelei does not speak highly of Grimlok and will be one of the only people that she actually distains.

Note From the Player:

Again, I didn't intend to RP at first, but about a year after playing I found the role play and immersed myself a bit at first but had a rough time finding people to RP with. Now after almost 4 years, I've come a long way in terms of friends in the Role play community but yet I still have many to meet. Most of my friends I have met while doing RP teams. So, If you'd like to meet me IC or OOC, or any of my other various characters that I'll get up here eventually, just let me know through my Global, @Lorelei. I love chatting and helping out as I can!

I've been role playing online for about 8 years now and I also do table top role play, which I have been doing for as along as I can remember. I try to bring interesting tid bits and change things up. I also try to bring my creativity into what I do. I do ERP within reason, I won't go and sleep with every guy around and with Lorelei being my main, I tend to give Feral Rath first dibs on my time.

Credits: Only one for now. Big thanks to Maestoso Tuono for sorting out my page look!

And a Friend of mine sent me this song, it's semi her a bit, but I"m only posting it here cause it has her name in it; Blackmores Night - Loreley

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