Lucas Brewer

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"And you are en fuego!"
Lucas Brewer
Player: @TheMindfulFool
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Lucas Brewer
Known Aliases: Matchstick Man
Species: Human
Age: 15
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoilian
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: St Martial
Base of Operations: Port Oakes
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Lucy Brewer (mother, deceased), Hank Brewer (father, deceased), Kyle Brewer (grandfather, deceased)
Known Powers
Fire creation and manipulation.
Known Abilities
Hand-to-hand combat training
No additional information available.



Not to brag... but Lucas is sort of a big deal. Well, according to him, at least. While not being in the vein of handsome, Lucas peacocks around as if he was the belle of the ball. He's always quick with a joke and seems to take his life not very seriously. He's always boasting around one successful conquest, be it about girls or missions, and he's never without that goofy grin.

In short, Lucas is the lovable rogue with out the looks. However, give him enough time and you'll hear some of the worse pick up lines that have ever been thought of.

Physical Description

Lucas is what many would call a 'ginger'. He's pale, has red hair, and sports several freckles. The boy does hold some muscle but it seems his frame wasn't built to display such attributes instead looking scrawny and small for his age. If this gets him down, the boy has yet to admit it. As he tells everyone, he makes up for his lack of soul (ginger humor) with striking good looks!

He typically is seen wearing an old army jacket and headband -- both seeming to have some importance to them. While not the cleanest, he's not close to filthy and has began bragging that with his looks, the rest of the males of the Orphanage should just 'give up, go home, and cry to mommy -- oh, wait. Too soon?'

Powers and Abilities

Lucas has the ability (thus far) to transform his arms into fire. While some have described them to look like blades at certain times, Lucas feels more like they are just two large continues flames shooting out from where his forearms left off. His mutation also allows Lucas to withstand fire though intense heat can still hurt him as can smoke inhalation.

Lucas has also developed the ability to form fire balls and throw them, though his primary focus is melee. As most can attest, the boys aim leaves much to be improved upon.

Thanks to his training with the Order, Lucas is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and sneaking.

Unknown to Lucas, a psionic wall keeps others from mind reading anything involving the secret of Father Gerard Henri's Home for Wayward Youth from him.

Weaknesses and Limitations

While Lucas has the ability to withstand fire, there does come a point where his skin will begin to blister and burn. Not only that, but Lucas mutation doesn't protect him from smoke inhalation. These two limitations keeps Lucas from lazily strolling through any burning warehouse. Not only that, but he has yet to figure out how to use his abilities without singing and destroying his clothing.


Lucas' grandfather was the original 'Matchstick Man' of Etoile. Prior to the fall to Recluse, Matchstick Man protected Etoile. While crime still prevailed throughout the Isles, Matchstick Man tried his best to keep the tides at bay. Sadly when Recluse finally usurped the Isle, Matchstick Man was found and executed as a traitor to Etoile.

Lucas' father never followed in his dad's footsteps. Not because he wasn't a good man, but just because he didn't develop his father's ability. However, being someone who had learned a few things about putting out fires, his father became one of the firefighters on the Isle. An unfortunate accident, however, claimed his life years later.

Lucas has been on his own for the past few years and has built up this idea that he was destined to save the Isles. He's donned the name 'Matchstick Man' and has shown the Isle what true heroism is all about .... Okay, that's not true. But he did beat down that mugger who tried to steal that purse.

After an accident while helping a Father Henri's ward during a mission, he was injured and then brought back to the Home. While O'Connely is skeptical of the boy, he's been given a chance to prove that he's deserves the title of 'Matchstick Man'.

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