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Lunar Lad
Player: @Spooky Tanuki




Threat Level:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Oscar White

Known Aliases:



Presumably Human

Date of Birth:

Unknown (Physically appears 12, real age unknown)




Usually weightless

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data

American Citizen / Lunar Royalty


Formerly: Paperboy, Currently: Super Hero and Adventurer

Place of Birth:


Base of Operations:

the Moon

Marital Status:


Known Relatives:


Additional Data
Known Powers:

Control of darkness and shadow, moonbeam eye lasers, ability to induce nightmares, enhanced physical strength, speed, stamina, and durability, above average rate of healing, high resistance to Earth's gravitational pull resulting in huge leaps and even flight, able to manipulate darkness and light in order to become invisible and make others invisible, no need to breathe or eat, unaffected by extreme temperatures, atmospheric pressures, or the vacuum of space, enhanced visual perception including telescopic vision and the ability to see in the dark, able to fly impossibly fast to the moon as long as he can see it

Known Abilities:

Boundless imagination, Nearly encyclopedic knowledge of comic books, video games, and toys

Known Equipment:

Magical super hero costume, Toys

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***Click here to see a mini Lunar Lad cartoon!***


Character Description

Lunar Lad, as a character, is sort of like Little Nemo, Peter Pan, the Little Prince, and Robin the Boy Wonder rolled into one.

He'll probably be twelve years old forever, he doesn't have to go to school, he lives alone on the moon where he can do whatever he wants, and as payment for his heroics he gets pretty much all the toys, comics, and video games he wants.

He's a happy kid with god-like power, but he really just wants to play and have fun more than anything else. He truly enjoys being a super hero. To him, being a hero is just playing. He isn't motivated by any tragedy or injustice, he just has loads of fun flying around in his super hero costume and saving the day. That's not to say that he isn't a real hero. On the contrary. He's a good natured boy, and wants to make the world a happier place for everyone.

Lunar Lad doesn't really have a secret identity. No one really knows he was once the sickly orphan Oscar White -- adopted by the moon itself after making a wish on a falling star which happened to be a lunar meteor -- but he hardly remembers that life anymore himself. He always wears his super hero costume, or at least some variation of it, no matter where he goes. The mask isn't really for hiding his face -- it's only a little domino mask after all -- he just wears it for fun and cause it looks cool.

Hawley Griffin the 3rd 08-12-2008.jpg

Theme Song

Lunar Lad's theme song is "Little Shadow" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Lunar Lad's Secret Origin

Oscar as Lunar Lad
One clear evening in 19**, twelve-year-old Oscar White stood atop the roof of the Whispering Hills Home for Young Wanderers. The miserable Chicago orphanage was the closest he’d ever had to a home. Oscar squinted at the full moon, staring hard at its glowing surface. He longed to float up through the stars and away from the dreary life he knew.

Lying on his back, staring into the vastness of the cosmos with an imagination nearly as boundless, Oscar spotted a shooting star. Its luminescent trail faded into the dark as quickly as it had appeared. It seemed to exist for such a brief moment that Oscar was not entirely sure he hadn’t imagined it. Regardless, Oscar made a wish. “I’d very much like to leave this ugly orphanage. I want nothing more than to float off into space. To play among the stars! I'd rather live up there on the moon, all by my self!” It was quite late, and Oscar had worked a long day selling and delivering newspapers. Staring off into space, Oscar’s eyelids became increasingly heavier, and before he knew it, he drifted off to sleep.

To his surprise, Oscar awoke the next morning not on the damp orphanage roof, but on the barren surface of the moon. Am I really awake? Oscar thought. Or am I dreaming? As he sat up to take in his unbelievable surroundings, he noticed that his pajamas were gone. The dingy fabric had been replaced by a material unlike any Oscar had ever seen or felt. It felt as if he was wearing nothing and yet he was not a bit cold at all. His new clothes were made of the night sky itself.

Once Oscar got himself up from the ground, he began to experiment with the relaxed gravity of the moon. Bounding to and fro with great ease, Oscar soon found that he was not restricted by gravity at all. He could float as high as he pleased, and land gently back on the ground. Many days passed, or so he figured, as he had no real way to keep track of time, yet Oscar did not miss his gloomy life on Earth. Although alone, he had no one on Earth to miss, nor would anyone miss him. He could do anything on the moon. He could call forth giant playgrounds formed of the same ethereal material that made up his new clothing. Anything he dreamt became real. On the moon, Oscar was a king, or rather, a god.

Unbeknownst to Oscar, years were passing quickly by while he frolicked about the stars and called the moon his home. No longer affected by the passing of time, Oscar was oblivious to the changes happening on Earth. That was until one day, when a rocket ship landed on Oscar’s previously private world. It wasn't until then that Oscar thought about returning to Earth. How long have I been gone? he wondered.

Being so used to solitude, Oscar hid from the strangely dressed men who came out of the rocket. Those men put up a flag, and claimed Oscar’s home as theirs. Oscar endeavored to protect his home, and just by thinking it, it was done. Oscar was able to manipulate the darkness of the sky, assaulting the invaders with disorienting shadows. Just as he was able to make his own dream a reality, he conjured the nightmares of the astronauts out from their imaginations to torment them. His bond with the nighttime, he was beginning to realize, could be used for more than just play.

Spooked, the astronauts prepared to return to earth. Oscar became a shadow himself, and quietly crept aboard their rocket. “Who knows what fun I could have with these abilities back on Earth?” thought Oscar to himself.

Special Abilities & Super Powers

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None of Lunar Lad's powers, or even his physiology, make scientific sense. Lunar Lad has submitted to medical examinations before, in exchange for treats such as toys and comic books, but nothing of value was discovered.

Lunar Lad's link with the moon puts the magical properties of the night sky at his disposal. Most of Lunar Lad's powers are manifestations of his control over magical darkness. In much the same way that a Green Lantern's powers are fueled by willpower, Lunar Lad's are fueled by imagination. Although Lunar Lad retains full use of his power during the day, they are at their strongest after nightfall, and especially when the moon is clearly visible and glowing brightly.

Although Lunar Lad's physical strength is barely above that of a particularly strong human, he is able to cloak himself, or sometimes just his fists, in shadow during a fight. This disorienting technique puts Lunar Lad's foes at a disadvantage, as his blows come unexpectedly and are very difficult to block or dodge. This cloaking ability also allows Lunar Lad to become invisible, and to make other people or objects invisible as well.

Most of Lunar Lad's powers come from manipulation of darkness. One of his most powerful abilities, however, comes from the Moon's light. Lunar Lad is able to shoot concentrated moonlight from his eyes as laser beams. These hard light beams cause damage through both concussive force and heat.

Lunar Lad possesses psychic powers that allow him to induce sleep in other people, and also control their dreams. In a fight, this ability can be used to quickly take opponents down by putting them to sleep. Even while awake, Lunar Lad can force his foes to experience waking nightmares and terrifying visions. Alternately, Lunar Lad can put this ability to positive use by treating the suffering with peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Lunar Lad is capable of flight, seemingly without limitations. Because he so enjoys flying, he is rarely ever seen with his feet on the floor. He prefers to hover about, with his feet dangling just above the ground. Although Lunar Lad's top flight speed is somewhere around 50 miles per hour, he is able to fly quickly to the moon and back in minutes. This can only be achieved if he is able to see the moon clearly and fly toward it while concentrating on its surface. While flying, Lunar Lad is followed by a trail of glowing moonlight.

Lunar Lad has been twelve years old since 19**. He will most likely go on forever being twelve, and is thus immortal. He has no actual need for nourishment such as food and drink -- instead he is nourished by darkness and moonlight. Lunar Lad is perfectly adapted to space travel, as he requires no oxygen, and is impervious to extreme temperatures. Although he has amassed a great deal of knowledge over the years, and is very bright, he still has the mindset of a young boy.


A swatch of the cloth from which Lunar Lad's costume is made
The costume worn by Lunar Lad is woven from a magical substance sharing many qualities with the ethereal dark matter of space. Upon close inspection, the shadowy cloth, rather than appearing solid black, looks like open space complete with glittering stars. The white portions of the costume give off a faint glow, much like the moon itself.

The mysterious costume can change its appearance to resemble nearly any outfit Lunar Lad imagines. His entire wardrobe consists of his single costume, which self-repairs and takes on various forms. Although he rarely ever appears in anything other than his standard black and white costume, Lunar Lad has on occasion appeared in a Tuxedo, a Golden Age Heroes uniform, and a regal-looking purple, black, and gold alternative super hero costume.


Young Gods of the Golden Age

Golden Age Heroes
Lunar Lad is a member of the Young Gods of the Golden Age, part of the collection of super groups called the Golden Age Heroes. Lunar Lad, having lived alone for so long on the moon, is a very solitary boy, so he tends to be a bit stand-offish around his teammates. That said, he holds his group leaders in high esteem, is loyal to the group, and takes pride in being among its ranks.


Hyperspark Showing Off
Lunar Lad's best friend in Paragon City is a young speedster called Hyperspark. Although Hyperspark is member of the Teen League and not the Young Gods like Lunar Lad, the two can be seen together very often.


- Oscar White bought and read super hero comics before becoming Lunar Lad.
- Lunar Lad enjoys milk, cheese, and cookies even though he doesn't require sustenance.
- Lunar Lad's possessions (mostly toys) are kept on the moon and magically protected from the effects of outer space.
- Lunar Lad does not use money at all, and doesn't really know how to count it.
- Lunar Lad's MySpace page is

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