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The Golden Age Heroes are three linked supergroups (Gods of the Golden Age, Young Gods of the Golden Age, New Gods of the Golden Age) that are dedicated to fighting for the ideals of the heroes of days gone by. Raher than treating each group as a seperate entity, all three are considered a single "mega-supergroup", with officers for each supergroup regarded as equal to each other.

Gods of the Golden Age
Action Lass Air Siren Arcana Magistrix Ariel Avenger Astral Jack Autumn Gale
Avenging Crow Black-Aegis Blitzkrieg Capt. Phalanx Cavalire VIII Charm Frost
Colossal Girl Combusta Bill Commander Astounding Commander Crimson Commander Warhead Cryofox
Doc Janus Doctor Andross Doctor Futura Dr Presto Dr. Gravitos Dr. Shadowstar
Dusk Ebon Archer Emerald Justicar Fighting-Canadian Foxman Fr. Midnight
Gold Falcon Green Manta Guidestar Hauntress Herculette High Judge
Higher Honor Humanimal Hyperion Shield Lady Bee Lady Spectrum Liberty Bow
Liberty Champion Lindsey Liberty Lion of England Lunar Mirage Lyrical Miracle Madam Canada
Mesmerelda Midnight Mage Mister Astonishing Mr. Kenya Mr. Virtuous National Star
Nightowl Omnistar Outback Saviour PinUp Girl Point-Source Primadonna
Proud Citizen Quarantined Man Queen of Swords Quickfoot Range Rider Rhonda the Riveter
Sable Dragoon Sapphire Mystery Sara Nova Scooterman Sentry-Man Shadow Hunter
Star Flair Talos the Bronze Man Twilight-Phoenix Union-Jill War Mystic Weedsman
Wild Guardian Yeoman Guard

Young Gods of the Golden Age
All-American Girl Belle Majeure Blue-Blazes Crow Call Cyanostar Elysian Ray
Emerald Scarab Fantastigal Freedom Darling Goliath Girl Gravity Breaker Guardiano Marte
Hott-Watt Jade Dynamo Kid Bushido Kid Eagle Kid Glimpse Kid Quarry
Kip Komet Knight of Swords Lady Lightingale Libertygirl Lunar Lad Lux Aeternum
Micro Lad Mooncreeper Moonstreak Nurse Midnight Oban Warrior Peerless Girl
Plip Power Princess Ragnarockette Red Owl Rooftop Sentinel Scarlet Thrush
Scooterboy Seasoness Sentinel of Twilight Shadowsprite Sheliak Silk Dove
Silver Osprey Spectralette Spitfire Jane Stellarific Super Spring Swift Kid
Telum Terratonic Twilight Huntress

New Gods of the Golden Age
Canadian Standard Madame Insight Miss Medusa Sebastian the AI Timeless Sage

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