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Sara Nova
Player: @Sara Nova



Tanker, Controller, Defender

Threat Level:


Personal Data


Date of Birth:

2007 (age 17)




None (Physical Shell can weigh anywhere from 10 Lbs to 12,000 Lbs)

Eye Color:

inconsistent (due to the energies that surround her)

Hair Color:


Biographical Data




Place of Birth:

The Nexus of Sin'kor (No longer a Nexus)

Base of Operations:


Marital Status:


Known Relatives:

Any other Sin'korians of the Birthing event

Additional Data
Known Powers:

Sara has the same powers as all Sin'korians, though on a greater scale.

  • Personal energy control and projection
  • Vast super strength and durability
  • Shapeshifting
  • Energy manipulation and absorbtion
  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  • Multi-spectrum sight
  • Able to see and store all technological and magical information
  • Interstellar and interdimensional travel
  • Density control
  • Force field generation
  • Immortality.
Known Abilities:

Currently Sara doesn't have any outstanding abilities. She has not been properly trained in any form of combat. Sara can tap into various sources of digital information, but lacks the understanding to truly benefit from doing so.

Known Equipment:


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Sara Nova is a fictional hero created in City of Heroes


Character History

In the vastness of space there was a nexus of various energies, from the electromagnetic spectrum, Ionic, Thermonuclear, as well as Cosmic energies. Not too long ago, a gravity well forced these energies together causing them to explode. Many beings, good and evil, emerged from this "Birthing Event." One such being wandered aimlessly until catching communications from other life. Following the waves of the transmissions it found earth and began to probe all digital frequencies in order to properly make contact. Learning that it could forge it's own personal mass it created a body. This was the birth of Sara Nova.

The Star Emperium

Not long after Sara's entrance to earths atmosphere, she was confronted by Space-Girl of the Star Emperium. It didn't take long for Sara to get attached as "Spacey" was the first form of life she had ever encountered. It was obvious Sara lacked companionship so Space-Girl brought Sara to Sovereign Starlette to be considered for membership. Since her integration into the Emperium, Sara has taken to Space-Girl as a big sister of sorts, but has also taken on Sovereign Starlette's aggressive nature. Quick to prove her worth, Sara went on to fight Atta of the Trolls, Jurassik, Babbage, The Clockwork King, and many others.

Life on her own

Sara eventually developed the ability to sense other Sin'korians and felt the need to find her "siblings." She took to space and helped planets in distress on her travels but soon found herself face to face with one of her brethren. Though he had primarily become a being of "Dark Energy," Sara knew he obviously had been forged from the Birthing Event. In what she had hoped to be a family reunion quickly turned into a fight for survival. Though he refused to take on a name, the witnesses of their battle began to call him "Worldbreaker" due to his likeness to one of their gods. It was revealed to her that her need to "reunite" was part of all Sin'korians impulse to merge and become whole and that some of them possess parts of the original Sin'kors "mind" and that Sara inherited Sin'kors compassion. Sara soon took the fight into space and in a display of power, Worldbreaker expanded his energies and enveloped over a White Dwarf Star and compressed it, creating a body. Sara knowing she could not win, transported Worldbreaker to Praetorian Earth, knowing he didn't have the mastery of the right energies to follow her back.

Believing it would be too risky to try to find her other siblings, she returned to earth. Feeling somewhat distant from her friends in the Emperium, though still maintaining communication with Space-Girl, Sara left the Star Emperium.

Gods of the Golden Age

Not long after her departure from the Emperium, Sara ran into long time ally Praetorean. Noticing her change in personality and obvious need of formal training, he was not surprised when she had inquired about the Gods of the Golden Age. She has since joined their ranks and looks to Preatorean as her mentor. More to come......



Sara has been considered by some to be "too affectionate." She is also very naive and has a difficult time understanding fact and fiction. At her core, Sara is practically a newborn who has just found others to interact with. Sara also seems a bit distracted when confronted by others, though most people just consider her to be a little "off." The true reason behind this is that Sara has to deal with a constant barrage of new information from various technological and magical sources. Recently though, Infinity-Girl helped develop a pocket dimension as a home of sorts that Sara can rest and clear her mind. As a result Sara has been able to process the knowledge gained in the outside worlds and has started to mature quite a bit.


As an energy being, Sara does not need to eat, drink or breath, she can also survive unaided in the vacuum of space, and is fundamentally immortal. Sara is considered to be a minor cosmic deity, making her at least the equivalent of most worldly gods in terms of power. She is capable of creating her own physical mass, allowing her to create her own body to contain the energies that make up her being. She is capable changing her form at any moment but prefers her look as "Sara," because that's how she perceives herself to look as a physical being. It is possible that with training Sara will one day be able to create matter on a far larger scale. Sara subtly absorbs ambient energy from various sources, such as solar energy from the sun, body heat, electricity, magical and cosmic energies etc.

In an environment with little to no energy to maintain herself, Sara is considered to have Class 100 Strength, meaning she can lift at most 100 tons. However in her current reality there are vast stores of energy around her at all times, so her strength is incalculable. Sara is also obscenely resistant to Physical and energy attacks, able to take the blunt of an all out assault from Ruladak the Strong, sustaining very little damage.

She can use her energies to sustain the life force of other beings and toughen their bodies to protect them from harm, making them potentially immortal. This leaves her in a disoriented state and she cannot heal wounds or permanently change the biology of a being herself. An example being her rescue of an interstellar space ship attacked by Rikti, she was able to keep the victims from dying, and prevented the damage of being subjected to the vacuum of space, but this left the crew in a state of constantly reaching the brink of death, freezing, and unable to breath. Once returned to their planet they said it felt like the worst form of torture. This has left Sara concerned about her effect on others.

Sara does not see things in the same way as other beings, she sees all things in their most basic form, energy. This is how she can gauge the relative power of others as well as see all digital communications in "mid-stream." Due to her nature, she is also capable of flight, though she maintains an average speed of 400-500 MPH while in earths atmosphere, Sara is capable of Light-speed velocities in space. Through vigorous training with Sovereign Starlette and Space-Girl, Sara has learned to project her energy as beams from her eyes as well as bursts of energy from her hands. Recently Sara has discovered the ability to sense where all other Sin'korians are in relation to herself, even across other dimensions.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Though Sara has a wide array of energies that make up her very being, Psionic energy is not one of them, and as such, it is the one thing she is most vulnerable to. Her strength and endurance can be humbled by most psychic attacks. However this is a double edged sword for psychics since Sara's mind is only vulnerable at close distances, clearly within range of her attacks. It is believed that her energies, and of course the fact that she is not an organic being, mask her presence when she is not in close proximity to psychics.

Sara also has little willpower compared to others due to her lack of life experience, she is fairly easy to fool. Aside from these facts, it has also been revealed that, for all of her power, Sara is literally incapable of killing other beings even if fully enraged and unleashing the full extent of her power. This is believed to be a specific limitation to her Sin'korian energies. Though it has been revealed that other Sin'korians do not suffer this limitation.

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