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The Magnificent
Mega Maiden
Praetoria's Daughter
Mega Maiden in new costume 5.jpg
Legacy of a Legend
· Science Brute ·
Player: User:CeeGee
Super Group
The Axiom Guard
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Real Name
Nova Praetoria
Citizen of the Praetorian Empire
Atlas Park, Paragon City
Axiom Guard HQ, Paragon City
Fulltime Hero
Legal Status
Resident Alien
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Mega Woman (Genetic Progenitor)
Physical Traits
Human (clone)
Apparent Age
5 (Apparent age 25)
123 lbs
Body Type
Athletic, buxom
Black (dyed Blond)
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, flight
· Other Abilities ·
Hand-to-hand combatant, Tactician




Praetorian scientists, under the authorization of Emperor Marcus Cole, used DNA obtained from the deceased heroine Mega Woman, one of Praetorian Earth's last heroes who gave her live in battle against the Hamidon. A beloved heroine during her life, Cole had hoped that bringing her back as a loyal member of his burgeoning Empire would increase public favor towards him. Although it would take years of research and experimentation, the scientists were successful in growing a perfect duplicate of Mega Woman; initially dubbing the clone Mega-01.

While her body was rapidly aged to adulthood, Mega-01 also received implanted knowledge to enable her to function as a human being; as well as conditioning to ensure her loyalty to Cole and the Empire. Once she was physically an adult, Mega-01 was then trained in the use of her powers and how to adapt to them without causing others harm; unless necessary. Once her training was completed she was given a new name, Raina, and given the code name Mega Maiden, and was introduced to the public by Emperor Cole, proclaiming her to be the heir of Mega Woman's legacy.

Heroine of the Empire

Mega Maiden in her original look as a member of Powers Division

Mega Maiden carried out her appointed task to defend Praetoria and her citizens flawlessly as a member of Praetoria's Power's Division; following her orders without question and becoming beloved by the people of Praetoria; much like her progenitor was. The adulation however began to effect Raina in a way that wasn't anticipated by the geneticist who created her. She soon began to experience memories that she didn't recognize as her own; memories possessed by Mega Woman, which had somehow been passed along to Raina through her DNA.

These memories started to have a profound effect on her perception of the world around her. Mega Woman had lived before Praetoria and had a different world view than what there was now. Raina started to look past the paradise Cole had created and began to see the oppression she had been conditioned to ignore. She started to realize that the real criminals in Praetoria were in fact the one's in charge! By the time she discovered that her closest friend in Praetoria's government, Cleopatra, was in fact a member of the Resistance, and that she had been ordered to kill her, she knew at that point she couldn't carry out the order; and instead turned on her superior, killing him instead.

Member of the Resistance

After her awakening, Mega Maiden formally joined the Resistance by contacting Calvin Scott, one of their leaders and offering her help as a mole in Powers Division. But she immediately found that the Crusader faction of the Resistance was too violent and their methods extreme. Instead, she choose to assist the members of the Warden faction, as their goal to remove Cole from office from within more closely fit her beliefs. As a member of the Resistance, Mega Maiden prevented the destruction of a hospital by the Destroyers, assisted a scientist in preventing the Loyalists from using ghouls as a weapon, and even freed a Seer named Katey Douglas from the Seer Network.

It was while assisting Aaron Walker, a human experimented on by Praetor Barry, that she uncovered Emperor Cole's plan to invade Primal Earth; seeing it as a potential threat to his rule in Praetoia. She also encountered a mysterious stranger known as the Dark Watcher, who was with an organization called Vanguard, who was working to disrupt Cole's rule in Praetoria. From him, she was offered a chance to relocate to Primal Earth, to show the people there that not all Praetorians were evil. With no true ties to Praetoria, Raina decided to take the Dark Watcher up on his offer and traveled across dimensions to Primal Earth to help the heroes there to prepare for the coming war; and to start a new life for herself there.

A New Beginning

Once she had arrived on Primal Earth, Raina felt a need to distance herself from her old life on Praetorian Earth. The first step in this was to remake her image; abandoning her uniform-style costume for a new look created for her by Icon fashion consultant Serge. She also decided to dye her normally black hair to blond to give her a new appearance. She hit the scene and was soon the talk of the city, thanks to her good looks and friendly personality. With her determination to help others and to make the city safe, Mega Maiden is quickly becoming a much beloved heroine in Paragon City; much like the woman whom she was cloned from. For Mega Maiden, she sees this as a way of honoring Mega Woman's memory, as well as proving to herself that she is much more than just a clone of her. Mega has also recently joined wth a team of heroes known as The Axiom Guard, a group of champions whom she relates to best.

Mega Maiden in her current look and costume.


Mega Maiden is friendly and personable; possessing enough charm to make friends with almost anyone she meets. Most people are drawn to her initially by her physical appearance, but then stay on when they encounter the intelligent and charming woman underneath her good looks. Mega Maiden is also compassionate and firmly believes in justice and truth. Since her arrival on Primal Earth, Raina has been overwhelmed by the diversity of Paragon City and is sometimes seen as naive by those first meeting her.


Mega Maiden is a former member of the Praetorian Police Department, Powers Division. She still has ties to the Praetorian Resistance movement and many of it's members. She is currently a member of The Axiom Guard


Mega Maiden possesses a high degree of superhuman strength, enough to consistently lift over 100 tons. She's also nigh-invulnerable and resistant to most forms of injury.

Mega Maiden also possesses the ability to fly under her own power; and is able to achieve sub-sonic speeds for short bursts, and can maintain a normal top speed of 500 mph.

Other Abilities

During her time on Praetorian Earth, Mega received combat training and is a superb hand-to-hand combatant. She's also a gifted tactician and a charismatic leader.


Mega Maiden is vulnerable to psychic attacks, possessing no natural resistance to attacks to her mind, or to mental influence.


Mega Maiden is friends with her fellow teammates in the Axiom Guard as well as their allies. She is also friends with the heroine known as Dynamistress.


From her time in Praetoria, Mega Maiden has a particularly deep-seated hatred of the Devouring Earth, which has carried over due to their presence on Primal Earth as well. And although she once served them, she now considers Emperor Cole and his Praetors her enemies, and has sworn to stand against them in their plans to invade Primal Earth.
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