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The Mirror Kingdom is an RP-group created as part of the back story of the heroes Mirror Guardian Naoko and MirrorKnight Hiroshi. What's a magical girl with out an ancient sealed evil attempting to take over the world, right?



Mumble thousand years ago a sorcerer sold his soul, his humanity and the lives of countless people to gain what he considered ultimate power and force the world to bow before him.

The sorcerer, now known as the King of Three Shadows, was defeated by a pair of magical warriors, a brother and sister. However they were not able to destroy the King and he and his forces were trapped within a realm of exile accessed through a cursed mirror.

Now, the guardians of the mirror have grown lax, and the King's power seeps into the world from his prison and his servants once more walk the world. Seeking to defeat the Mirror Guardians once and for all and free their master's full power.


The five ranks of the Mirror Kingdom are:


There is only one King, of course, and only three shadows. Beyond that there is no set distribution of among the ranks. A minion with the rank of Mirror Scourge will generally be more powerful, dangerous and successful than one with the rank of Mirror Demon or Goblin, but that is all.


Each shadow promotes their minions according to their own desires and whims. Success in assignments handed out by the Shadows is a likely route to promotion but not the only one. And demotion is usually the least of a failure's worries.



Upon learning that the Mirror Guardians had allies in the form of the Legendary the King of 3 Shadows sought out the Infamous to help tip the balance of the war in his favour.

Membership Roster

As of March 7th 2007:

King of Three Shadows

Shadows of the King

Mirror Scourge

Mirror Demon

Mirror Goblin


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