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The Infamous is a roleplay-neutral group that exists to provide mission support and a social environment for its members. It was created as a counterpart to the hero group The Legendary.



Founded by the Villains TechHead, Lord Omega and the now deceased Don Carnage after they had individually been thwarted by members of the supergroup The Legendary. The Infamous was created so that they could pool their resources and stand a better chance against other Hero groups. Their repeated bouts with The Legendary have attracted a number of villains who have their own grudges against Evangelia and her allies to their side. However, this is not a requirement for membership.


The five ranks of the Infamous are, from highest to lowest:


There seems to be no set distribution of the ranks. While the majority of members of the Infamous are Rumours, the ranks were noticably unbalanced for a while. TechHead has been slowly rectifying this as various promotions have worked their way through the net of favors and feuds among the Infamous' top members.



It is unknown what criteria TechHead uses to determine promotions. For instance, Lord Omega can rarely bring himself to associate with his more organic teamates for any length of time and is thus rarely involved with the group. However, he still holds the rank of Wanted and has what seems to be a permenent position among the Infamous' officers.

Alternatively the fox spirit Lady Nogitsune is not a founding member, but also holds the rank of Wanted. In Nogitsune's case it seems likely that it is her immense power, connections and temperment that have lead to her rank. She would hardly consent to anything less.

Outside observers have, wisely, conlcuded that promotions among the Infamous are a delecate balance of competence, politics and practicality.



The Infamous are allied with The King of Three Shadows and his Mirror Kingdom.

Membership Roster

As of April 29th 2007:

Most Wanted



Urban Legend



Created as a villainous conterpart to The Legendary many of the members of the Infamous are alts of Legendary members. The two groups share a private chat channel called "The Legendary" and is used for a mix of roleplay and non-RP communications. The standard Supergroup channel is generally reserved for RP messages.

Like The Legendary, the Infamous also has sister groups on other servers, notably East Coast Infamous on Infinity, and Great Lakes Infamous on Freedom.

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