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Miss Thirteen
· Natural Brute ·
Super Group
Currently unaffiliated, but has worked on a semi-regular basis with the All-Star Sentinels of America
Real Name
Eve Matthews
Miss Thirteen
Atlanta, GA
Perez Park
Mainly in Paragon City, but she will go wherever she is needed, or paid to go
Previously public relations associate. Currently hero for hire
Legal Status
Unregistered by either the Rogue Islands or Paragon City
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
The suit appears to tap into an unknown energy source providing such powers as enhanced strength, reflexes, and speed, as well as a resistance to injury. The suit also generates a localized field of "bad luck" for anyone that Eve considers an opponent.

· Equipment ·
Eve carries a standard issue two way communicator and has been known to employ the use of a jump-jet backpack. She sometimes employs a staff that she came across during her costumed career that is capable of launching a devastating bolt of the same "darkforce" energy her suit utilizes.

· Other Abilities ·
While Eve has become proficient at street fighting, she has no formal training. She relies heavily on the enhancements the suit provides and the "bad luck" it generates for those that she is combating.



Eve Matthews always considered herself unlucky.

Down on her luck and working a dead end public relations job, she barely scraped by a meager existence in the Rogue Isle.

Nothing ever seemed to go right for Eve, no matter how hard she tried, so she wasn't terribly surprised that when walking home after staying late at work on night she heard a gruff voice from the shadows of an alley demanding her purse and valuables. Eve didn't know it, but her luck was about to change.

Eve had heard many times of the unfortunate women who were in her situation that were not only robbed, but worse. She did the only thing she could think of doing... she ran.

With her pursuer a short distance behind her, Eve darted through the open gates of a run-down industrial complex and into the shadows of an alley. By the pale moonlight she squeezed through a broken window in one of the warehouses to hide and that's where she stumbled across the suit.

It hung there on stand in the darkness, among tables of electronics and equipment that she did not recognize, and if she had not been so terrified about being discovered it would have surely caused her to cry out when she about bumped into it. She didn't know what it was at first, and thought maybe her attacker had found her, but after looking around a little she quickly came to realize that she had stumbled on the hideout of either a costumed hero or villain, and what she was now holding was some sort of "super suit".


The suit is constructed of an indeterminate mesh material which appears to tap into an unknown energy source that Eve refers to as the "darkforce" to provide the wearer such powers as notably enhanced strength, reflexes, and speed, as well as a resistance to injury.

The suit also generates a localized field of "bad luck" for anyone that Eve considers an opponent. This "bad luck" filed causes her adversaries to trip, stumble, miss their mark when trying to hit her, get double vision, etc. This field somehow only effects people Eve perceives as a threat, whether consciously or subconsciously.

It should be noted that the cape of this suit appears to be of a heavier version of the same mesh the suit is made of, and allows for added protection as well as the ability to slow a fall by "gliding" a short distance.

It was theorized by Dr. Jacob Marco, a scientist that Eve did some work for in the Isle, that the suit was somehow constructed to amplify either the pre-existing powers, or untapped abilities of the wearer; suggesting that the suit may not be the source of Eve's abilities or the mysterious "darkforce" after all. Unfortunately before tests could be run on the suit Dr. Marco vanished under suspicious circumstances.


While Eve has become somewhat proficient at street fighting, she has no formal training and often falls reliant to the enhancements that the suit provides and the "bad luck" it generates for those that she is combating.

While Eve has no combat training and is no strategist, she is a gifted problem solver and has notable organizational skills. Her high level motivation and perseverance even in the face of severe adversity makes Eve an adversary that won't quit and a valued member of a team.


Recognizing that with the powers at her disposal she possessed the ability to turn her life around, Eve began offering recovery services for people who had things stolen from them. She also started taking small time protection jobs for those that wanted to be safe from the dangers of the Rogue Isle. Without realizing it however, Eve came to the attention of the criminal element of the city, and she unknowingly took several jobs that she thought amounted to her providing legitimate protection or recovery services, but she was wrong.

Realizing that she now had the police on her trail as well as waring factions of criminal organizations either looking to hire or kill her, she decided that she had only one option. Collecting what money she had put back from her operations, she quickly procured passage to Paragon City where her intent was to clear her name and offer her services to legitimate clients only.

Since her short time in the city, Eve has managed to clear her name. Putting her public relations background to good use, she has also managed to alter public opinion of her costumed-self by taking several high profile jobs (some even foregoing payment) and making anonymous tip-offs to the media herself, thereby generating some much-needed good press. Eve has also has garnered favor with the Paragon PD by helping them out on numerous occasions.

Now that she has made a good name for herself, Eve has decided that she can use her powers to help people, and if someone wants to hire her for a job she always does a background check first to make certain that she doesn't end up on the wrong side of the law again.


Miss Thirteen is currently not associated with any super group. Since she left the Rogue Isles she has worked with several heroes on an individual basis and has regularly teamed with some of the members of The All Stars.


The suit has the outward appearance of a non-reflective woven mesh of indeterminate material with a white skull emblazoned on the face of the cowl, white chest straps, and two small skull cape clasps. There is black cape that, while it is not as non-reflective as the rest of the suit, appears to be constructed a heavier weave of mesh.

While costumed Miss Thirteen is somewhere around 5'4" and appears to weigh at around 125lbs, but considering the aura of dark energy that surrounds her while she is wearing the suit, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint her exact size.


Eve takes nothing for granted and is appreciative of the things she now has. She is a relatively easy person to get along with, and communicates well with others. Because of her lack of formal training, and her relative "newness" to being a hero and to Paragon City in general, she has been known to get in over her head on occasion.


At several points in the past Eve had crossed paths with the law, due to her operations in the Rogue Isle, and thusly she had a criminal record.

Since moving to Paragon City she has managed to clear her name by developing a working relationship with certain contacts within the Paragon PD. She has worked off her debt to society by trading time served for helping out the local law enforcement.

Eve has not registered with the Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs, as she prefers to work directly with her contacts within the local PD, who in turn pull strings for Eve allowing her to continue her operations.

Most public information about Miss Thirteen is provided to the media through anonymous tips and details which Eve "leaks" to in an effort to raise public opinion of her alter ego. As such, Miss Thirteen has not only become a public figure, but is subject to all the good and bad press that comes along with that position.

Putting her previous career to good use Eve has succeeded in raising Miss Thirteen to urban legend status in the public eye as an effort to deter anyone from gathering too much accurate information about her. Very few people are actually certain what is and is not the truth behind Miss Thirteen, her abilities, and her motives, and any publicized account of Miss Thirteen's activities should be suspect.

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