The All Stars

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The All Stars
Type: Heroic Supergroup
Debut: March, 2011,
founded by The Sentinels
Colors: Gold & Black
Website: The All Stars
Nova Fire Sentinel Prime
Levels: Any
Play style: Casual to Frequent
Roleplay: Expected and Required
Timezone(s): US Eastern to Pacific -

see website for details

Recruiting: Always
Contact: Any current member



As the world evolved, the crime fighting organization founded in the early years of WW II and known as the All-Star Sentinels of America, stayed its course as one of the primary forces of good in existence.

Despite their roots in a black and white mentality, time marched on and the those hard black and white lines had become blurred with shades of grey. The remaining active members of the ASA became convinced that they were becoming ill-equipped to handle the specialized needs of Paragon City, and the world at large, based on their current status.

Some of their numbers found the adherence to this polarized thinking to be be non-conducive to operating in todays climate and their ties to the group became strained. Others moved on of their own accord; retiring, or becoming involved in other special interests or personal activities that took precedent over their ASA membership. Whatever the reason for their difficulties, the remaining members were certain that if they were going to continue their pursuit of justice, they needed a new tactic.

Reorganizing their efforts, the remaining Sentinels agreed on a new model of action which centered on a different strategy than they were used to. The new idea involved the compilation of The All Stars, a more loose-knit network of heroes coming together when the need arose for additional manpower. At the direction of the Sentinels, the heroes of this network would be assembled as different teams for individual missions as the situation demanded.

About The All Stars

The All Stars represent a collection of some of the Earth’s mightiest champions and revolves around a core team of “Sentinels” who comprise the foundation of the group. They are led by the “Sentinel Prime” a position which is rotated among the Sentinels. The Sentinels are joined by the “All Stars”, a network of proven heroes who consistently stand against the many forms of villainy. Also joining them are those of the “Reservist” rank, who can best be described as the guest stars of the group, and who we hope will develop into regular members in their own right. The other ranks are currently open and will be determined per their need in an ongoing basis.

The concept is overall simple; the Sentinels (any or all) call together support from the "All Stars" and "Reservist" ranks for specific, mission oriented teams as the situation demands (Think Defenders/Outsiders). Sometimes standing allies of the team are even brought in to fill certain needed roles. The Sentinels then lead the teams through the adventures as they develop.

At its base, the Sentinels of the group can largely be considered as Neo-Silver Age (Defined as: The return of the costumed crime-fighter, who is a black-and-white do-gooder, but with at least one open eye to modernity and real life issues.) The additional players that join under the Sentinel rank should be expected to follow in this tradition, but with perhaps an update of sensibilities touching on the Bronze and even Modern era of comics, although excluding any overstated violence, sex, or over-excessive personal drama.

Players are allowed a total of up five alts in the group, though there will be a limited restriction placed on new comers until they have been active for a set amount to time.

A wide range of “heroic” archetypes from across the spectrum of comic culture are welcome to join The All Stars. While a limited number of “vigilante” or “reformed villain” types may be tolerated, the primary focus of the group will be on “champions of good”.

When adding any character that is the rank of Sentinel to The All Stars, it should be kept in mind that those characters should be ones that are nearing level 50 and have proven to be characters that the player has invested serious time and effort to develop with a rich history. Sentinels should be considered the “mains”, or “go-to characters” of the player. The characters that are of Sentinel ranking will be iconic within the group. (Like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman are in the Justice League) There will be no more than 2 Sentinels allowed per member. That is not to say that the Sentinels can never be changed out over time (such as if one decides to go on their own way or even dies), but such substitutions should be infrequent and not made lightly.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Warriors

Current Roster

Name Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Position
Accelerated Blaster Technology Energy Blast Energy Manipulation All Star
Allie Khazam Controller Magic Illusion Control Storm Summoning Sentinel
American Agent X Tanker Science Shield Defense Super Strength Sentinel
Arturius Maximus Scrapper Magic Broad Sword Invulnerability All Star
Doctor Cybernetic Mastermind Science Robotics Traps Sentinel
Doctor Psi Defender Mutant Primary Secondary Sentinel
Titanna Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Sentinel
Nova Fire Blaster Science Primary Secondary Sentinel Prime
Ghost Comet Blaster Magic Primary Secondary Sentinel
WomanHawk Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Sentinel
Virtue Guard Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Sentinel
Vitruvian Blueprint Scrapper Science Primary Secondary Sentinel
Byzantia Scrapper Natural Broad Sword Shield All Star
Lady Stellarfire Peacebringer Natural Luminous Blast Luminous Aura All Star
The Voice of Thousands Corruptor Mutation Sonic Attack Pain Domination Recruit
Sky Triton Scrapper Mutant Staff Fighting Super Reflexes All Star
Name Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Position
Name Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Position

Allies of The All Stars

Name Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Group Affiliation
Capt Quantum Defender Science Kinetics Radiation Blast None
Miss Thirteen Brute Natural Dark Melee Invulnerability None
Fire-Fright Blaster Magic Fire Blast Flame Mastery None
Optimum Tank Science Willpower Super Strength Volunteer Hero Squad
Sable Maiden Defender Magic Dark Miasma Dual Pistols Maleficarum Sanctorum
Sable-Specter Blaster Origin Dual Pistols Devices Taskforce Excalibur
Name Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Group
Name Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Group
Name Archetype Origin Primary Secondary Group

Reforming the Group


Base of Operations





The All Stars are currently seeking support from among the heroes of Paragon City and beyond. Those interested in joining our forces should be driven and motivated with a solid crime fighting ethic. Please see one of the members listed in the Leadership section to discuss working together, or contact us at this link.
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