Monkey's Spiderlings

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Monkey's Spiderlings is a group of Arachnos operative irregulars recruited by Spider Monkey to serve his greedy ends.



  • Energy Spider L12 Gravity/Sonic Controller
  • Lucky Halfling L10 Soldier of Arachnos
  • Sugar Spider L8 Dark/Dark Defender
  • Operative Mantis L7 Savage Melee/Super Reflexes Stalker

Energy Spider

Energy Spider is a young woman born in Brazil, with the mutant power to weave bands and fields of pure energy.

Lucky Halfling

Lucky Halfling is a young man born in Poland, unusually short in stature, and with ears that are somewhat pointier than ordinary. Is he actually a mutant? That is unclear. There's the question of the implausible sequence of events that left his failure to meet the height requirements for an Arachnos Soldier overlooked countless times. There are a lot of things about him it's hard to explain.

Sugar Spider

Sugar Spider is a mutant born in France, with the ability to materialize gossamer strands of many different substances. She has taught herself to 'spin' with properties of graphene, and which is brightly colored and sweet to taste. (Not particularly edible, but not toxic.)

Operative Mantis

Operative Mantis is a creature concocted in the Rogue isles by Spider Monkey; an effort to improve upon the arachnids work with Preying Mantis traits.



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