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Basic Information

Motto:"Deceive, Divide, Dominate, Destroy"



The Mournlanders are a diverse group gathered under the principal of freedom and equality. For far too long have the heroes of Paragon sat upon their gilded thrones judging us as being lesser creatures and kicking us down, not allowing us the chance to be more. We in the Isles live under poverish conditions oppressed by the powers of tyrrany and injustice. These conditions not only allow but demand the behavior that labels us as villains. We are constatly surrounded by evil forces nipping at our heels, and survival required that we bite back...for this we are condemned without trial, without question and hunted at every turn. This disrespect has led to the organization of a group like ours, a group of freedom fighters pushing the line to gain a foothold, locked in an epic struggle for equal treatment and justice from the oppression of Arachnos as well as the self labeled heroes of Paragon.


Secret Gatherings

Meager beginnings...the original Mournlanders gathered out of frustration, in a time when evil was described as anything that went against majority rule. Magicians seeking wisdom in the darkness, the victims of science gone wrong, mutants born into the world destined to be hated for what they are, inventors with a flair for destructive creations, and common folk forced to resort to dubious means to survive. Is it really evil for a starving man to steal bread? Should someone be condemned for killing out of self defense? Why was no one ever given a trial anymore? These are only some of the questions that burned on the lips of the founders as they met in secret deep within the bowels of the city during the initial meetings of the group. The answers were tipped with poisonous truths and we were sickened by the corruption that permeated the system. We decided it was our duty to fight back, to seek true justice in a place where that word had lost all meaning.

Defeat and Rebirth

The first attempts at organized strikes against Paragon were foiled repeatedly. The loosely organized group tried again and again to remove vital targets, to make those that opposed them see reason, and finally just to be heard. All efforts failed and members were lost in the process. Death found its way to several founding members in the form of so called heroes enacting violent and extreme measures under the guise of righteousness.

As we laid our fallen to rest in a large hidden Necropolis, one would not find peaceful rest. The Churchwarden, a powerful necromancer in life rose up from his grave driven by the anger of the loss of his beloved bride, driven by the need for revenge. He gathered the remaining scattered Mournlanders to the Necropolis and began to plan the organization's rebirth. Under the direction of Joe Toxic, Crash en Burn, The Churchwarden, and The Mortician's Shine, the Mournlanders slowly and subtly began to creep back onto the scene. Having realized the error of a frontal assault on their enemies, they began to use subversive tactics to destroy their enemies from within.


Or Die Trying -

Styx -

Archon X -


The Necropolis

The Necropolis has become our base of operations, and ancient structure still being excavated and rebuilt to suit our needs. It is from this secret location that we spearhead our operations.

The Entrance

The Entrance

Access to the Necropolis is gained through a submerged passage. Given the area is long forgotten and the tomb itself was discovered by the Mournlanders, it makes the location very hard to find if you don't know the way already. Wards are in place to alert the guardians of any would be trespassers.

The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall

The central hub of the Necropolis leads down many a darkened corridor. Secrets and whispers from disembodied voices can be heard echoing off the ancient stones.

The Alchemist's Tomb

The Alchemist's Tomb

The only benevolent resident of the place, this spirit is kept here to keep the rest of the spectres under a modicum of control. Without his presence, the undead would run amok unchecked.

The Tomb of the Triumverate

The Tomb of the Triumverate

The day to day operations and even the more important ones are powered by the restless dead that reside here. In times gone past, three powerful arcane warriors were laid to rest here. By channeling their spectral energy through a shrine of Kali, we are able to tap into the aether itself for a limitless supply of energy.

The Lab and Apothacary

The Lab and Apothacary

Within these walls are the tools of science and nature running side by side. Many have seen within them, few have lived through the journey and those that have would do well not to speak of it.

The Mournlanders Mausoleum

It is here that we laid to rest those members that fell in the initial fight, slain at the hands of people who would have you call them heroes. They were killed without trial under a false pretense of justice.

Tomb of the Churchwarden

The Tomb of the Churchwarden

The resting place of our own restless dead, the necromancer, Churchwarden, slumbers beside his long dead bride.

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