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Archon Industries

From Left to Right: Trevin, Ava Mannheim, Ana rchy's Aim

A black ops group operating in and around the Rogue Isles Archon X is financed, secretly, by Ava Mannheim and her company Archon Industries. Archon X was originally led by Ava, who has now retired from field work and leaving day to day leadership to Mada Zarifa.


In the beginning Archon X was tenatively funded by extra funds from the day to day operations of Ava's first company Archon and secretly by Paul Grant, the first director of S.C.O.R.P.I.O. and CEO for the Arinard Corporation. Shortly after her initial run in with Annette Borisov, Paul Grant approached Ava with the idea for the team working directly in the isles. He recognized the need for more cohesive support for black operations in the isles.

The initial group was a success, operatives were selectively recruited, or hired and Archon X completed many high profile operations directly under the nose of Lord Recluse. This unfortunately included the arrest of Trevin during an investigation into the disappearance of the Liberty Bowman. During this time Ava also found herself more and more entrenched in the day to day operations of her company with less and less time for field work. It would be the disappearance of Paul Grant and the successful move by Archon to complete a hostile takeover of several large portions of the now piecemeal Arinad Corporation.

Archon became Archon Industries within a matter of months, and Ava found herelf placing Mada Zarifa in charge of day to day operations for the black ops group. Through her connections with Paul Grant and her companies take over of the Arinad Corporation, Archon Industries provides research and development work to SCORPIO with bio-engineering, genetics, and specifics weapons development for S.C.O.R.P.I.O.. And Archon X Operations work covertly with Scorpio agents in and around the Isles as needed.

Archon Industries

CEO: Ava Mannheim
Company Founded: 2007
Type: Public (NYSE: ARCI)
Net Income: $54.7 billion (At the end of FY 09)
Area Served: Worldwide
Industry: Defense, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Global Security, Aerospace, Energy
Headquarters: Cap Au Diable, Etoile Islands (Rogue Isles)

Archon Industries (NYSE: ARCI) is a Etoile Islands based aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company with worldwide interests. It was formed by the merger of Archon BioLabs with the Arinad Corporation in late 2008. It is headquartered in Cap au Diable, in the Etoile Isles. Archon Industries employs 170,000 people worldwide. Ava Mannheim is the current Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer.

Archon Industries is one of the world's largest defense contractor by revenue as of 2009, rivaled only by Crey Industries. In 2009, 95% of Archon Industries revenues came from the United States Department of Defense, other U.S. federal government agencies, and foreign military customers.

Subsidiary Companies:

  • Archon BioLabs - Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Arinad Defense & Aerospace - Global security, defense, aerospace
  • BNA Energy - Energy

Patents Held

A system developed for identification of genetic variation using methods similar to AFLP and a super computer able to analyze the genetic code differences against other known genetic codes. This allows hospitals to rapidly identify the specifics of meta-humans with non-human physiology for the purposes of treatment. The system uses a Genome catalog developed to identify various chromosomal genetic differences in meta humans compared against the genetic information of other known creatures.
MoGE Device
The flagship product developed by Archon X is the Modified Genetic Expression (MoGE) device. Using information from the GenAnthro system, Archon X is able to develop customized genetic profiles for clients that suppressors to activates the genes tied to specific physical traits, or powers and abilities.
MoGE device creation is a custom tailored process, starting with a consultation, device development based on the clients needs, and a several month profile refining period. Consultations are provided by appointment only and involves a complete genetic profiling of the client. Once complete a consultation meeting with the client will provide more detailed information on the options available to them. Consultations require a non-refundable fee of $50,000 for the genetic profiling.


  • Sammy R - Mysterious and intelligent, Sammy came with a recommendation from Jonathan Edison aka Revibe.
  • Cynthia Mathis - The smart and savvy personnel assistant to Ava, she is also the primary source of administrative support for Archon X. She is often the glue holding things together when Ava is otherwise occupied. The reasons for her loyal dedication are unknown, but she stays through thick and thin.

Black Operations

Modus Operandi

  1. Never think of your mark as the victim of dirty tricks. Think of him as a very deserving target. Show no mercy.
  2. Prepare a plan before taking any actions. Do not ad-lib anything. Know exactly what you are going to do and how. Plan what to do if caught--depending on who catches you. Plan every single option, contingency, action, reaction, and evaluation.
  3. Gather intelligence. Compile a file on your mark. Before spying, make a list of all of the important things you will need to know about the target.
  4. Buy supplies in multiple places. Buy in advance. Pay with hard currency, not credit. Try to blend in and become part of the background. Do not talk unnecessarily with people. (The idea is for people not to remember you.)
  5. Never tip your hand. Do not get "cocky, cute, & clever" and start dropping hints about who is doing what to whom. Do not get gabby.
  6. Never admit anything. If accused, act shocked, hurt, outraged, or amused. Deny everything. Failure and compromise is not an option.

Command Roster

Ava human.jpg
Ava Mannheim
De-Facto head, extremely strong, equally as intelligent, Ava knows how harsh reality is. Her lead in the Ops is only a formality given only she has direct contact with the fund source and she handles all administration, recruiting and finances for operations. Missions however are a completely different situation and she readily lets go of control to a person better suited.
Title/Rank: Founder/Director
Status: In-Active in field Operations
Responsibilities: Day-to-day business operations, critical decision maker (financials/contracts)
Skills: Tactical Analysis & Strategy, Infiltration (Computer & Physical), Espionage, Offensive & Defensive Support
Mada Zarifa
Ex-member of the deadly Knives of Artemis Mada is a silent, deadly, and efficient killer. Working with the utmost professionalism, she holds no particular feeling towards the goals and has no loyalty to anyone but the person she holds her contract with.
Title/Rank: 2nd in Command
Status: Active
Responsibilities: Infiltration advisement & team lead, espionage, hand to hand combat training
Skills: Infiltration, espionage, assassination, tactical analysis, hand to hand combat, weapons support.

Security & Operations

Sir Francis Drake
Necromancer, privateer, mercenary, and skilled in the dark arts, he is an undead dark magician with an infamous past from another dimension. Oft times friendly and social, Francis is perhaps one of the most mercenary of the Archon X leadership. He has a strange obsession with catgirls, most especially Mynx, and his own wing of the Archon X facilities for maintaining his faithful zombie henchmen.
Title/Rank: Field Officer
Status: Active
Responsibilities: Mystical/Magical Warding & Advisement including security & mission requirements::Skills: Leadership, Analytical & Logistical Support, Magical support and consul, alternative battlefield medicine (its always best to just not ask).
Kerberos X
An ex-"Panzer Cop" of the Japanese Capital Police's anti-riot unit, X is an expert in weapons and a large variety of equipment both standard and exotic. His situational response training and professional, businesslike, non-emotional demeanor make him a valuable security resource. Very few of his fellow members of the Kerberos unit survived the uprising, he is one of the few left with their specialized training.
Title/Rank: Field Officer
Status: Active
Responsibilities: Physical Security (building), Situation & Weapons Training
Skills: Weapons Support, Tactical Analysis & Strategy, Offensive & Defensive Support, Security Specialist
Tron-ic Dissent
A technical genius born of nanotechnology, Tron-ic is extremely logical and her prowess with technology is unsurpassed. Her small army of robotic henchmen, and arsenal of pulse rifles, and other miscellaneous weapons and devices make her a integral and vital part of the teams function.
Title/Rank: Field Officer
Status: Active
Responsibilities: Research & Development on weapons and armor and building security systems, mission technical support & monitoring.
Skills: Logistics & Analysis, Offensive & Defensive Support, Research & Development, Weapon's Development, weapons support.

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