Tron-ic Dissent

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Tron-ic Dissent
Player: @Ran Kailie
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Magda Mircea
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 26
Height: 6'6"
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Varies
Hair Color: Varies
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Mercenary/Inventor
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Never Married
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Inherent control of nanotech bots
Known Abilities
Extreme Intelligence & Logical Understanding,
See Below

Tron-ic was the first character I rolled on my own account. She was originally meant to be a temporary character to transfer some infamy, but she grew on me and I eventually played her to my first lvl 50. She languished on Victory for months of disuse after I moved to Virtue, and it wasn't even a question that she would be my first character to transfer from Victory to Virtue when server transfers went live.

Tron-ic Dissent is a Robotics/Dark Mastermind played by @Ran Kailie.


Dimensional Traveler

Originally from the dimension classified as "Victory", Tron-ic traveled to this dimension from a non-portal corporation authorized gateway in the Etoille Isles. While her reasons for switching dimensions is unknown, she arrived here with a long time associate, Sir Francis Drake, both long standing leaders of a well known organization The Decided Ones of Jupiter the Thunderer. Tron-ic retains her connections to the Victory dimension and with the Decided, but any other records of her activities in the Victory dimension have been lost or never existed.

Character History

In the Beginning

A drain on society as another aimless drifter in a sea of other worthless drifters, Tron-ic started her life out as the vertiable nobody, doomed to a mediocre existence of substance abuse, loud music, and an early death. She was part of the faceless mass of youth raised middle class and disenchanted by life and society. Born Madga Mircea the first child to an immigrant couple, her father had come from Romania before she was born during the cold war, a scientist who specialized in portal and dimensional technologies originally for the soviets who defected to the US. Her father would later defect to the Etoille Isles and Arachnos a year after Madga was born taking his wife and infant daughter with him.

While her father, brillant in his own right, used his knowledge to assist Arachnos and its dimensional projects, his daughter became a drifter, falling in with local gangs, running away from home, and generally making herself a nuisance. Its not much surprise that the day she disappeared went by without any notice, and even after weeks missing no alarm was raised, her parents were thankful for the peaceful reprieve.

An apathetic child with a surly nature, no ambition or drive, and no desire to apply herself to studies, she found herself most days partying with the Freakshow, or in other sordid locals within the Isles. She was kidnapped from a party late one night, in a drug induced haze by Crey agents, too doped up to care or notice, she was one day past her 18th birthday.

Project: Agent 546

Illegal experiments, funded through a variety of black operations, were the backbone of Crey Industries in the late 90's, one such project, simply labeled Agent 546, would be the catalyst to turn Madga's unremarkable life into something quite different. No records exist of what Agent 546 was originally meant for, but when she failed to show promise in the Agent 546 project she was moved to another project, testing the melding of nano-tech robots and the human body.

Whether Agent 546 laid the initial ground work, or her body had some pre-existing mutation is unknown, but she took immediately to the infusion of nano-bots. They began to enhance and replace much of her body, working diligently to meld her with themselves. By the 6th week of testing however the experiment controllers began to notice and anomaly in the nano-bots, they appeared to operate in a more random and erratic manner, and started ignoring all received commands.

While Madga was believed to be unconscious, the monitors began to show increased activity in alpha brain waves. It became apparent that on some level she was interfacing with and controlling the nano-bots on her own. The controllers moved to terminate the project but something went fatally wrong.

Records of the incident are sparse, but the single remaining recollection details Magda rising from the chamber still appearing unconscious, but moving of her own accord, anything electronic around her was assimilated by the nano-bots at her control, including a set of prototype battle drones as she was leaving the facilities. Efforts to retrieve her continued to fail, she was able to change her appearance and likeness at will.

As of the current date, all scientist on the original two projects have disappeared or met their demise.

Clawing Out of the Pit

TBA: Rise to power in Arachnos & The Decided Ones

New Territory

TBA: Arrival in Virtue & Archon X



Archon X


Sir Francis Drake
Ava Mannheim
Mada Zarifa
Kerberos X


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