Ms. Panzer

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Ms. Panzer
Player: @TheOneTrueBling
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 36
Personal Data
Real Name: Melissa Andrews
Known Aliases: Panzer
Species: Enhanced Human (Modified Troll)
Age: 26
Height: 7'8"
Weight: 568 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rode Island
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Super Strength and Invulnerability
Known Abilities
Knowledge in Chemistry
Undead Slaying Axe and Tranquilizer Darts
No additional notes

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Originally a brilliant scientific mind, Ms. Panzer now lives as one of the "Trolls" that exist in the world, currently living out her days in Paragon City as one of the many heroes that protect it.


The Beginning

One of the most brilliant, but fairly unknown minds in the scientific world, Melissa Andrews was known within certain circles for her work in finding a way to cure the afflictions brought on by the drug Supradine. Often times working with officials from S.E.R.A.P.H. on finding a way to cure what the drug can do to people. While many of the attempts she'd made in the past to find a cure, only lead to creating variations of the drug that ultimately had similar mutigenic effects on the body. Despite her failures, she didn't give up how ever, opting to keep the batches she'd end up creating for further research. This was a decision that ultimately was the beginning for the downward spiral that lead Melissa to where she is today.

One day, when working in the lab she was provided, one of the tanks of "modified" Supradine exploded when she was standing near it, a result of staff neglecting to check the pressure valves that kept the chemical sealed up. This resulting explosion, and the shrapnel from the tank striking the others near by caused many of the other storage tanks to explode as well, the result leaving Melissa trapped in a room of flying debris and dangerous chemicals that she was quickly getting doused in. After the smoke cleared and S.E.R.A.P.H. was able to send in a clean up crew to asses the damage and locate and treat the undoubtedly injured Melissa, what they discovered instead amongst the debris of the lab was a near eight foot tall Amazon of a Troll standing dazed and in the rags that were Melissa's lab coat in front of them. Being doused in so many different variations of Supradine and transformed Melissa into what she later deemed as a "Modified Troll".

At first, Melissa used herself as a subject of her studies after the incident, seeing if she could find a way to cure herself and in turn find a way to cure others like her. Only to discover that the dine she was exposed to, being in the altered state it was actually bonded with her cell structure, making the effect permanent. This meant that curing herself would result in killing herself. Undaunted by the thought, she decided to take her research another step forward, knowing that her new body also came with great power as well. Registering herself as a super hero of Paragon City, under the name "Orc Girl" (she wasn't very good at naming back then).

At first her work as a hero went well. Her targets being primarily drug rings that dealt in Supradine, so that she could get herself some raw materials for her research as well as put a halt to some of the circulation of the drug. She even went out of her way to stop various muggings and robberies in the city as well. Unlike many of the other heroes in the city though, Melissa was only met with fear and distrust from the public, just being seen as another Troll by the people of the city.

New Partners and Old Hatreds

While she at the time kept her distraught feelings concerning Paragons citizenry bottled up and continued her work, she soon found solace is a mutant lizard by the name of Rizzy, who eventually would grow to be her closest friend (and ultimately her only one too). As time went on, Rizzy and Melissa worked closely together in Paragon City, as she even got assistance from her newfound friend in the lab she was able to gain through government grants. Both her and Rizzy being seen as freaks and monsters by the city, it wasn't long before Melissa's friend turned her back on Paragon City and fled to the Rogue Islands to make a new life where she wouldn't have to "protect ungrateful humans" and without Rizzy's companionship to keep Melissa's thoughts together, she to eventually started to feel the sting of the cities hatred toward her once again. In time even the officials of the city began to distrust Melissa, convinced her activities were only for the expressed purpose of keeping what they believed to be an addiction she gained from her previous exposure under control, and shutting down her facilities she used for her work and confiscating or destroying much of her research.

Shocked, insulted, and betrayed by the people she worked so fervently to help, she eventually snapped. Attacking the people that came to shut down her laboratory she was provided in a rage, and eventually fleeing from the city after killing five of the individuals that arrived to "stop her drug mongering". With no where else to run to, she decided to flee to the Rouge Islands, the only bastion left in the world where she believed she would be able to know exactly where she stood in. Amongst thugs and super villains after all, you would at least know much sooner who your true enemies are. Or at least that's what she believed. Taking on the name "Menrva" after the Roman Goddess, she began to stalk the Rogue Islands, continuing to collect raw materials for her work, and doing what ever she deemed necessary to collect the equipment and funding she needed for her research.

The Reunion

It wasn't long before her turn to "the dark side" that Melissa, now known as Menrva, was eventually reunited with Rizzy and the two began working together once again, only this time and enemies of the people rather than allies, as the relationship between the two began to take on a much greater intensity as the two eventually became no less than casual lovers to one another as well as partners in crime. Much of the work Menrva did however eventually caught unwanted attention from Arachnos as the organization began trying to hunt her down, believing her to be actively trying to sabotage their operations with the occasional raid she'd make on their bases for equipment. Seeing little choice, Menrva took to the shadows, forced to say her reluctant goodbyes to her companion as she went into hiding. Roughly two years passed as Menrva stayed in hiding from Arachnos before she finally got word that Arachnos had given up trying to capture her.

Emerging from hiding then, she began to scour the Rogue Islands for her old companion, eager to reunite herself with Rizzy once more, but unable to locate her. Distraught at the sudden disappearance of her friend and partner, Menrva continued her original work, only now, without her partner to accompany her, she quickly grew distant and cold. Convinced that Arachnos stole Rizzy away from her, operations against Arachnos became more and more frequent when she was able to find openings in their defenses to strike at, killing anyone that crossed her path and stealing anything she deemed useful to herself as a way to get her revenge on the group that forced her to separate from the only person she felt truly close to.

The Final Straw

While at first Menrva had the thought to continue her research for the sake of turning everyone in the world into a Troll like her. She eventually grew tired of trying to get the resources and man power she needed to make such a thing a reality. The longer she spent in the isles, the more disgusted she became with the "normals" that wandered the city, unable to think of any good reason for why she should just give them the kind of power she gained, when it would be so much easier to just crush them under foot and prove her superiority over them. So, dawning an outfit that she felt was more befitting for an actual, brutish super villain, she set out into the world yet again, beginning a new campaign of destruction and anarchy in the Rogue Islands... So far, it seems to be going well.

The birth of Ms. Panzer

Menrva in her disguise (background) while locked in combat with her clone.

It wasn't long after Menrva's choice to began a campaign of destruction, that she was met with a plea of mercy from the heroine known as Miroru Rokuhan. Though at first such a plea was met upon deaf ears, the two began to talk more and more during their encounter with each other until Menrva finally began to tell Miroru about how she became the villain she was. It was then Miroru concluded that there must have been corrupt politicians working on their own agendas who stabbed Menrva in the back so many years ago, and made an offer to the Troll. If Menrva turned herself around, and reformed her current ways, Miroru would help Menrva weed out the ones responsible for putting her into the place she was. After brief consideration, the Troll agreed. For a few weeks after, Menrva was no where to be found as she'd went into isolation once more. Using some of the equipment she'd absconded with during her short term as a "true villain", she reacted a basic clone of herself that she sent out to raid a Crey facility that she knew the location of. In doing so, she dawned a full body suit for herself and went after her own clone with the new moniker of "Ms. Panzer". Posing as a vigilante in the islands that had been tracking Menrva down. Attacking her clone then, she clashed with her other self. The battle lasted for a few minutes, with the original Menrva gaining the upper hand until finally the clone entered a rage and hurled a large piece of debris from the twos battle at her assailant, striking a near by power core instead that caused the entire facility to explode. While the clone didn't survive the blast, the newly born vigilante of the Rogue Islands, Ms. Panzer emerged from the burning wreckage. With Menrva now believed dead, there was nothing stopping her from building up a new reputation as Ms. Panzer and eventually getting to Paragon City without any of Menrva's old enemies thinking to follow her.

On the Hunt

Eventually making it to Paragon City, having established herself under the facade that she was a mysterious vigilante from the Rogue Islands, Panzer began digging for any clues behind the cause of the accident that transformed her into a Troll. Taking the time to enlist the help of Miroru to better handle her search on the matters, which in turn also resulted in gaining the additional help of the heroine Wheelwright, who's main purpose in helping Panzer was to ensure that Miroru would leave the investigation unharmed once it was finished. With the investigation before hand having already pointed in the direction of a government official within Paragon City possibly being responsible for everything that had lead up to the current moment, the trio started to dig deeper and deeper into the affair with Panzer leading the group every step of the way. It wasn't long until they realized that the situation was all a plot that was orchestrated by a Councilman of Paragon City by the name of William Hillford, who was in support of groups such as Malta, that wanted to get rid of super powered types.

Panzer's Endgame

As the investigation into Hillford's activities and how they were linked to Panzer drew deeper and deeper. It was eventually realized that the Councilman had actually be watching the trio the entire time, and was deploying Malta agents every step of the way to slow down, and even halt their search all together. It wasn't until the battle with one particular Malta operative code named Agent West, that it was revealed that only did Councilman Hillford know the group was tracking him, but he also knew who Panzer really was. The reveal of Panzer actually being the supposedly dead villainess Menrva, resulted in sudden tension within the group, particularly between Panzer and Whelwright as the two were soon on the verge of coming to blows with one another. Wheelwright convinced that her and Miroru were played for fools, and Panzer convinced that Wheelwright no longer wanted to assist her simply because she was, "one of the bad guys".

Were it not for the quick words of Miroru, the two would have surely ended up killing each other. With a relative peace formed amongst the three once again, the investigation continued. Now certain that Hillford was the cause of Panzer's mutations and eventual ostracizeation from society, the three searched for any evidence that could directly link Hillford to the accident that created Panzer. Soon finding the evidence they needed, they set out to confront Hillford in a stronghold he'd set up in Boomtown. Fighting their way though elite Malta operatives to get to Hillford, the trio eventually managed to force the rogue Councilman into submission and get him to confess to not only his involvement in mutating and setting up Panzer, but also every illicit terrorist activity he'd been involved with through the Malta group.


With the cause of Panzer's ostrasization locked away in the Zig, she was able to begin reintegrating herself back into Paragon Cities society. Though much of her work starting out proved borderline criminal activity, she eventually started to readjust with help from Miroru and Wheelwright, as well as the veteran hero Smoking Mirrors. In time, she was able to re-establish herself as a respected hero in Paragon City despite her obvious chip on her shoulder.


Unlike your typical Troll, Ms. Panzer is actually very intelligent and well spoken, stepping just over the line of being called a genius. Despite her intelligence though, she still carries a bit of a chip on her shoulder in the way of how she was treated in the past, and views most people with a degree of scrutiny, sometimes even going so far so to push people away with hostile talk and actions, or just ignoring them all together. The few people she will speak to how ever, come to learn that she can actually be a very kind, if candid, person after they get past her social issues.




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