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The "Mu'niverse" was originally intended as the setting of one of several stories about an alternate dimensions of the Virtueverse. Unfortunately, as of the time of this entry, the story about the Mu'niverse has not actually been put to paper. The information found here is based solely on my ideas for this story, and may even change should the fiction be written and details altered for the sake of story.


The "Mu'niverse" is one of the names given to an alternate reality of Primal Earth where science and technology has been replaced with magic and spiritualism. Most people living in this world have some magical talents, or have access to artifacts or devices with such powers. Geographically the planet Earth of the Mu'niverse is identical to Primal Earth, but there are fewer large cities and a smaller world wide population, with great stretches of forests and jungles occupying most of the globe. The cultures of the people there would seem to be, at a glance, more primitive than in Primal Earth, heavily centered on the worship of greater deities. Still, those in power have knowledge and understanding of magical lore and abilities far beyond that of their Primal Earth counterparts.

Brief History

As was in Primal Earth, thousands of years ago, the forces of the god Hequat attacked the magical haven of Oranbega from the islands of Mu. Although their attack was brutal, the Oranbegans were able to fend off the terrible assault without resorting to the terrible extremes they used in Primal Earth, such as making pacts with dishonorable demons or sinking their city underground. Instead, trusting in the power of their god Ermeeth, the Oranbegans drove the Mu back onto their islands, and continued to ward them off while growing stronger in their magical abilities. Eventually the two sides reached a stalemate, though in the end it was clear that Oranbega possessed the greater power base, and while their culture continued to grow and flourish, the island civilization of the Mu declined, even if they remained a credible threat.

Soon becoming the most powerful nation on Earth due to their amazing magical powers, Oranbega and similar civilizations spread across the world, promoting their spirituality and mysticism in place of science and technology. While there were those who practiced the dark arts and called upon the very same demons the Oranbegans did not, for the most part the tide of history was a peaceful one. The Oranbegans even went out and fought evil in its various forms across the world, though the center of such dark forces always remained close by in the land of Mu off the very coast of that great city.

Several epic events took place over time, including the second attempted Mu invasion, the rise and fall of the Banished Pantheon cult, and the removal of the Thorn Tree from its original home on Thorn Isle. In the end, though, it was Orangega, the beautiful City of Thorns, that had stood the test of time, and remained a place of power and enlightenment, as well as the peaceful home for many of its citizens. Today, it is widely recognized as the most powerful city on Earth, home of the wisest and most powerful mystics ever.

Notable Characters

Mu'jiru: A Mu Mystic from the Far East, he controls a cadre of loyal ninja as well as powerful magic. In his plan to take back the City of Thorns he has gathered all manner of vile creatures and mercenaries calling themselves the Damned Aces. He relies on a secret prophecy to destroy the power of the Oranbegans by using the fabled Crimson Cutlass.

Dead Man Jake: A zombie of a legendary outlaw from over a hundred years ago, raised to life by the evil sorcery of the Banished Pantheon. He was given as a gift to serve Mu'jiru as part of a secret alliance. He would later be used by Mu'jiru to unlock the magical barrier surrounding Dark Astoria, causing the evil within to spill forth into Oranbega.

Jet Nightglow: A member of the Damned Aces and a powerful seer, she stands by Mu'jiru as one of his most trusted confidants.

Sierra Hawthorne: A seemingly normal human being without any magical power, Sierra Hawthorne was unfortunately singled out by unknown prophecies to be the so-called Crimson Cutlass. Mu'jiru interpreted this as being an actual sword, coated in blood, with the poor woman as the necessary sacrifice.

Mick Magi: A magician in service of Mu'jiru as one of the Damned Aces, skilled in potions and medicinal mysticism.

Sungazer: A blind mystic whose magic, glowing eyes were removed to help decipher the end of Oranbega.

Hellcat Jones: A vicious anthropomorphic cat creature in service of the Damned Aces who was partially responsible for creating their hellish airship vehicle.

Adrienne Hunter: One of Mu'jiru's secret weapons in his planned attack of Oranbega, this woman's curse of being a werewolf helps turn the tide of battle during a decisive moment.

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