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Lysarien is the embodiment of my desire to play a purely evil character. Not maniacally evil, not disgustingly evil, just pure unadulterated badness. She takes parts of her personality from many comicbook villains, combining the strongest, most defining aspects of said characters into one, pure personality. She is a loyal servant, a fanatical devotee, a criminal mastermind, an efficiency expert, a cunning manipulator, and a malicious killer. Thus, the perfect villain, and yet she is nothing more than a human, lacking all traces of power save for light mental attacks. Her wit does the work for her, thoguh the flamethrowers do help.

Sengen Lysarien, in the "real-world"
NightWidow Lysarien
Player: Green Mantis
Origin: Technology (Mutation)
Archetype: Brute (alt: Stalker)
Threat Level: 50(20)
Personal Data
Real Name: Sengen Lysarien
Known Aliases: Syynge
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 124lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: burgundy
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Wraith Widow (elite Nightwidow)
Place of Birth: Mercy
Base of Operations: Aeon City
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
glove-mounted flamethrowers, unknown energy shielding
Known Abilities
(unconfirmed) latent Psionic abilities, skill in martial arts
various powersuits, weapons (alt: Widow Blades)
Seems to act recklessly, though hints at more complicated plans



Commander of the elite Widows of the Wraith Spiders.


Spunky, though with an underlying intelligence normally unseen in one so...reckless. Preferring to observe before striking does not stop her from siezing opportunities at the wrong times. Always interested in a challenge, Syynge will never pass up a fight, no matter the opponent.

A fan of Nemesis' plots, she mimics his creativity and subtlity in all of her endeavors. From planting evidence, making that evidence seem as if it came from a rival faction, and circulating rumors about said faction, to efficiently sabotaguing her enemies' plans, Lysarien always ensures that she and the Spiders always come out on top, and unscathed.



Syynge uses a stolen crey plasma thrower as the basis for her attacks. She integrates these plasma throwers into all of her powersuits, even her street clothing. When in battle, she frequently will use psionic illusions to strike fear in the hearts of her opponents, usually by creating "sowrds" from her flames, and "skulls" from her psionic blasts.

Energy Shielding

Early in her career, Lysarien stole this prototype energy shield from a Crey lab. Its power source is unknown, though it is known to drain the strength of those near it.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

The shield is based on a Rikti design, which Crey was experimenting on. Unfortunately the prototype was unfinished when Syynge took it, though with the blueprints on hand Syynge continues to adjust it to her needs.

Spoilers end here.

Additional Powers

Lysarien, posing with Ghost Widow's other attendants


Character History

                                 ARACHNOS OPERATIVE REPORT
                                         EYES ONLY

This is a personal recording. If you are not the intended recipient, look away now. The penalty for reading this without authorization is death, by my hand.

        June 4, 1994--

Hey, happy birthday! Get anything good? Hehe, well you can finally gamble, whats it like? Oh, dont give me that. We both know youve been using that fake ID for years now. Anyway, how's mom? Can I talk to her? Oh, well tell her I said hi. Im starting to worry about her...her mother had Alzheimers, right? Ugh..i dont want to think about it. Oh well. Me? Well, im here with Jake, were studying for psychology. Ugh I know. Well, I should go. We have a lot of..studying to do, heh. Seeya!

        September 14, 1997--

Hey, whats up? *thump, pause a few seconds* My...G-d...youre serious...oh man...I'll be there right away. I..can't believe she's gone...

        January 1, 2000--

Hey, we need to talk. Jake left me. I know, im stil wearing the ring...Well, not anymore I'm not. *sigh* We'll talk more later, I really need some time to think. Come over soon OK? ...Bye.

        October 14, 2002--
        December 24, 2002--

..........Yes, the plot right next to it. No, nothign fancy for the stone. Alright, thanks.

         March 12, 2003--

You'll get your damn money! Oh, hi Nick. yea, sorry, bills piling up. I really dont know what to do...Arachnos? Are you serious? Yea, well...i do need the money...I'll think about it.

         July 14, 2004--

Sup, Nick. Yea, I was just promoted. Im officially an entry level Night Widow. Thanks. Anyway, let me know how your mission goes. Good luck.

        August 1, 2004--

.....I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK! I....look, just let me do my own thing. Trust me on this, I can handle it. Its just a crey lab, all I need to do is get in, take the flamethrowers...whatever, plasma throwers, and the shield and get out.

        August 14, 2004--

What happened? What happened? Fourteen Wolf SPiders, dead. because of me. And you know what? I could care less. I did the job. I took what I came for. Promote me.

       April 19, 2006--


          March 30, 2007--

Night Widow Syynge, reporting for duty, commander Fury. Dont worry, we'll get along just fine...

                                     END TRANSMISSION
Lysarien observing a group of Arachnobots (taken from an Arachnobot's Black box)

The Wraith Widow, Syynge

Emerging seemingly from nowhere on March 30, 2007, was the odd woman in the mechanical powersuit, calling herself Syynge. Huntsman Fury took a quick liking to her megalomaniacal tendencies, brutal efficiency, and firey attitude, and the "nobody" quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a full fledged Wraith Widow in under one week. Her knowledge of the inner workings of Arachnos was vast, far too detailed for a raw recruit, yet no one seemed to notice this seemingly obvious oddity.

Yet stranger was her method of battle. Flamethrowers and stealth fields usually don't mesh well, though Syynge somehow managed to pull it off in a deadly, efficienct killing machine. Her power was great, her resolve unyielding, and her desire for power unlimited, she destroyed anyone and anything that could threaten her. She even went so far as to destroy any records of her past, yet one report (featured above) she could not bring herself to destroy.

This was the compilation of her entire history with Arachnos, from dealings to signing up, to joining the Wraith Spiders. While she did eventually destroy much of it, the important facts remain.

What can be derived from such a report? Well, the troubled life is obvious, but something seems...missing. That something is her humanity. Whatever she is now, she is not human. She stopped being human long ago.

Security footage from a disco club of an Arachnos Night Widow resembling Lysarien, taken January 1970

Commander On Duty

The Wraith Widow Commanders are the toughest Night Widows in the Wraith Spiders. Armed with custom made powersuits, deadly psionic skills, and trained in twelve different forms of martial arts, as well as sabotauge, demolitions, and assasination, they are a force to be reckoned with. The title carries with it increased responsibilities as well as access to top-level clearance files, but is most coveted for its prized Arbiter armor, which is said to be nearly impenetrable.

The previous Commander, who will remain unnamed due to unimportance, was killed mercilessly in a sanctioned deathmatch, in challenge for the position. These matches can happen at any time, and they happen often, averaging twelve per week.

There have only been two Wraith Widow Commanders. Syynge is the current one.


All good things must come to an end. Syynge's life almost did, actually several times. This time, however, was different. Arbiter Rein, a high ranking Arachnos Arbiter, got hold of several "deleted" files concerning Syynge. Mainly, they go into her past with Arachnos. These files proved that Syynge was none other than Sengen Lysarien, a Night Widow held in Lord Recluse's high esteem. This is her story:

Sengen, a powerful Night Widow, was tasked with retrieving valuable Plasma Thrower protoypes from a Crey lab. These flamethrowers would be very useful to Lord recluse's armies, and Sengen did not want to dissappoint. Unfortunately, the mission was a failure. Yes, the flamethrowers were stolen, but fourteen Wolf Spiders, Lysarien's entire squad, were killed, and Sengen barely made it out alive. The enxt mission, of course, was suicide, ordered by Recluse. Failure is not tolerated in Arachnos, and Sengen was sent to her death, trying to steal prototype Crey energy shielding. She survived, however remotely, and awoke in a Paragon City hospital, a battered wreck. The hero that saved her came to comfort her, and tried to convert her to the "good side." Sengen would not listen, and when she recovered, she slaughtered the defenseless hero in cold blood, making sure to see them suffer.

Lysarien, facing Lord Recluse more than a year after the Crey incident

Upon her return to the Rogue Isles, Lysarien was in hiding. She quickly, however, found a trashed powersuit and, incorperating her newfound technologies, fixed it up. She began a new wave of crime, and eventually caught the eye of a certain Huntsman...

Rein, with this information, could destroy her. Should Recluse find out she's alive, he would either commend her for her survival, or kill her in the most brutal ways imaginable. Unfortunately, all she could do to prevent the insuing blackmail was come clean, and since then she's donned ehr old armor (upgraded with ehr new weapons) and her old name. NightWidow Sengen Lysarien, now Wraith Widow Commander Lysarien.

The Warburg Incident

When Huntsman Fury was named Marshal of Warburg, Lysarien was all too eager to assault the city and wrest it from former Marshal Blitz's grip. The attack was planned, intelligence was gathered, and Lysarien saw victory in her future. However, before the attack commenced, Lysarien took a team of Night Widows into Blitz's base camp, in an attempt to sabotague their computer systems. The group was caught, and each Widow was individually tortured for information, and killed. Lysarien, however, survived. Battered, exhausted, and with a mind torn apart by malicious Rogue Tarantulas, Lysarien managed to escape the base. She crawled, and crawled, and crawled her way out of the WEB, and toward the Arachnos base camp. When she was found, Lysarien was unconscious, her mind and body at their edges.

She was escorted immediately to Fort Cerberus, where she recieved emergency medical and mental care. Her body swiftly recovered, but her mind needed to eb reconstructed piece by piece. She eventually recovered, though her emotions, ambition, fear, and morals were all but erased. She was recreated as the perfect soldier. The attack on Warburg was very successful, and the Spiders managed to drive Blitz away, at least temporarily. He was not caught, however, and the Rogues continue to attempt foiling Arachnos' plans.

The Figurehead

Lysarien is Chief Promotions Officer of the Wraith Spiders. She is constantly searching for strong Fortunatas, Wolf Spiders, Crab Spiders, etc to enlist into the Widow's Elite. SHe has become a sort of figurehead for the Spiders, and can ofen be found in Mercy, Aeon City, the Arena District, and other frequented areas, standing firmly in place and inspiring fear in the hearts of the Destined and Arachnos both.

((I need help with story writing. I'm a terrible writer. Let me know if you can/are willing to help! Thanks))


Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Lysarien is connected directly with Regent Korol and her mind Web. She cannot "speak" to Korol, she can only listen and see the minds of the Tarantulas and Bane Spiders connected to the WEB. She will often consult the WEB before and after making critical descisions, as well as when attempting to acquire information about registered heroes/villains. This connection insures Lysarien's loyalty, as Korol sees what Lysarien does and can sever the connection at any time, thus ending Lysarien's life.

A side effect of the Tarantula treatment she recieved, the connection started off strong, allowing Lysarien to read minds and assault them en masse, but has slowly waned, stabilizing into its current condition.

The Wraith Widow Commander Armor, upon its completion


Note: These costumes were trashed. This section is kept for old-time's sake

Powersuit 1

This is an infiltration suit, designed by Syynge. It offers little protection, but its plasma throwers can focus their flames to very thin "blades", making ti an efficient assasin's suit. (Yes, its a Deadpool tribute.)


Powersuit 2

This is Lysarien's Wraith Widow armor. Each Wraith Widow designs their own armor, and Arachnos labs make it happen. Syynge's is designed to take advantage of both her flamethrowers and her energy shielding, and thus in this suit she is at her strongest.


Powersuit 3

This is Syynge's 'Arbiter' uniform. It is purely a defensive outfit, with only minor flamethrowers. She was awarded the right to this style of uniform upon her promotion to Commander.


Fun Stuff

Titles! Ghost Widow! Whats not to like?




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