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Player: @CeeGee




Threat Level:


Super Group:

The New Crusaders

Personal Data
Real Name:

Tabitha "Tabby" Harper


Human Mutate

Date of Birth:

1988 (age 35)




120 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data



Paralegal, adventurer

Place of Birth:

Paragon City, RI

Marital Status:


Additional Data
Known Powers:

Heightened agility, reflexes, senses, strength

Known Abilities:

Skilled hand-to-hand combatant, knowledge of law and legal practices

Known Equipment:

Retractable claws

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Nightmynx is a superhero in Paragon City.



Tabitha Harper was in the wrong place at the wrong time. One night, while out with some of her friends from college, she was abducted by a team of Crey operatives looking for test subjects for one of their scientists working on a process to enhance humans using DNA from various animals. The doctor, Dr. Frederick Eckstein spliced Tabitha's DNA with the DNA from various types of felines. Before the process would be completed however, a team of heroes busted into the lab, rescued Tabitha and arrested Dr. Eckstein. After her rescue, Tabitha was given a formal apology from Countess Crey for her ordeal; who told her that Dr. Eckstein was not working in the interests of Crey when he was performing his experiments. Tabitha was also given a substantial settlement from Crey; which she saw as little more than hush money from Crey.

Dr. Eckstein's treatment however did have a lasting effect upon Tabitha. In the days after the procedure, she started to exhibit heightened abilities stemming from her altered human-feline DNA. She was faster, more agile, her vision and hearing were significantly more acute. She possessed superhuman grace and coordination and could easily leap and jump from rooftop to rooftop. She also developed some minor mutations from the gene-splicing; most notably being her diamond-shaped pupils; necessitating the use of special contact lenses.

Despite her newfound powers, Tabitha knew that Crey was fully aware of what Dr. Eckstein was doing to her; but she lacked the proof she needed to connect them to it. She decided that she would doing some searching on her own to find what she needed. She fashioned a costume for herself and decided upon the name Nightmynx to reflect her cat-life abilities and set out to get the evidence she needed. Meanwhile, back in college, Tabitha decided to change majors and started to study law, which eventually earned her a internship at a local firm in Paragon City.


Nightmynx is adventurous, fearless and an unapologetic flirt. She's also very passionate about her beliefs and will fight ferociously for what she believes in. Nightmynx is very gregarious and easily makes friends with other people, but those who cross her vehemently suffer her wrath.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the splicing of her DNA with that of several types of felines, Nightmynx possesses cat-like agility and reflexes, as well as hightened senses and excellent night vision. She's capable of leaping up to 40ft. in the air, and can run up to 50mph. She possesses dexterity and agility rivaling that of Olympic-level gymnasts, as well as enhanced strength enabling her to lift up to 10 tons, under optimal conditions.

Weapons and Paraphernalia

Nightmynx uses a custom-made set of retractable titanium claws. The claws are lightweight, but durable enough to cut through most personal armor when backed by her strength. Besides her regular costume, Nightmynx also uses a suit of ceramic armor form-fitted to her and carrying her trademark cat motif.

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