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Noi Kino.JPG
Noi Kino, first incarnation
Noi Kino
Player: Artiamus Imura
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Noi Kino Kor'Daliha
Known Aliases: "Women in Black", "That Crazy Women", "The Psycho With Jets"
Species: Noi Demon
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Blue/Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Outsider
Occupation: Perky Evil Genius
Place of Birth: The Great String
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Noi Posgami, Noi Laverne, Noi Black
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Rocket Boots

"I'm not running away, I'm creatively charging. And I need to repair my bots, noi. Ciao." -Noi Kino Kor'Daliha


The Girl, The Demon, The Genius

Boys and girls of every age wouldn't you like to see something strange

Come with us and you will see, this our town of Halloween

-The Nightmare Before Christmas

Born on a planar dimension known as the "Great String", Noi Kino is a Noi Demon, a descendant of a being of immense power known as the Great Noi, the progenitor of the Noi race. Kino is the third child of the current generation of the Daliha family, with only her sister Noi Sarah Kor'Daliha younger then her. Seeking to avoid being married off by her mother like her older sister and brother, Noi Lilly and Noi Everette, were, she eagerly joined up with the off-plane project that had recently started in a attempt to expand the influence of the Great Noi.

Noi Kino is named for a human women who traveled with her father, Noi Darien Kor'Daliha during his own adventures through the planes. The goggles she wears are from this same women.

As a Noi Demon who has left the Great String, Noi Kino is charged with seeking to bring about the coming of the Great Noi to a chosen plane of existence. Due to the amount of power the Great Noi possesses, a since extinct group of mages put a restriction on the Great Noi, something that the Great Noi's staff, a intelligent item by the name of "DEATH-BRINGER!!", or simply "Ron" as the Great Noi likes to call it, refuses to let him live down. The Great Noi refuses to talk about the circumstances that brought about this restriction being placed, but Ron hints that it had something to do with a horse, a cow, the head mage's daughter and a teleportation array. This restriction manifests simply. In order for the Great Noi to leave the Great String the balance of good&evil must be drastically altered, usually though the complete absence of all good or all evil. When this task is complete a gateway can be opened which will let the Great Noi enter that world, stopping somewhere along the way to play with some string. Periodically a group of Noi Demons would get together and decide that the time would be right to 'let Grandpa have some fun' by going out and finding a plane of existence that was ready for destruction, for the manner in which the Great Noi would have fun usually involved destroying large sections of that world.

The current incarnation of this group has taken to calling themselves Project K.A.T., after the three bloodlines the original group share.

It should be noted that many of the Noi Demons share a phonic tic in the form of saying the word "noi" somewhere during a sentence or phrase. While not all Noi Demons have this tic, many point out the usefulness of the word, which can be used as a replacement for many words, with "yes" and "no" being two of the most replaced words.

Known Noi Demons in the Paragon City/Rogue Isles areas:

Coming To the Rogue Isles & the Destiny Project

((Entrance to Paragon City & Capture by Positron. Escape from Zig & Meeting of Kalinda))

After joining Project KAT, Noi Kino was assigned to the forward scouting unit and was sent out to look for a good world for the Noi Demons to descend on en-mass in order to bring about the coming of the Great Noi to another world. For a time she wandered around the multiple planes of existence quite randomly looking for a good world till finally she came across a very unique world. Full of beings with super powers, her own abilities and skills, not to mention those Noi who were more powerful then the relatively weak Kino, would blend well. When she realized the true potential of this world Noi Kino was besides herself with glee. She set up the beacon that had been given to her and began setting up shop in Paragon City.

It started with a petty crime. A few Skulls were knocked together, and Noi Kino came out with plans on how to get inside a Longbow base where some interesting tech would be. Security was weak and she all but walked into the place. She found the tech she was looking for in a back room, a combat robot and its control panel. She hooked into the network and downloaded the specs, infiltrating the robot's programming with ease, dropping a hidden override deep inside. Confident she could command the machine from a distance, Noi Kino turned and began to stroll calmly out of wrecked base so she could decode everything she had just stolen.

Then Positron showed up. With Longbow. In force.

Seems that the location of this base had been leaked on purpose to the Skulls in order to draw out a few prominent members, but she had taken out the messengers before the location of the base made its way up the chain. When Noi Kino attempted to dimensionally shift off the plane in order to escape, Positron knocked her out and had her thrown in the Zig with the other super powered.

Then the day when Arachnos' Project Destiny breakout came.

Arachnos' Favor

Noi Kino and the Black Widow

After flooding with the other inmates of the Zig into the Rogue Isles Noi Kino began establishing a base of operations located beneath Mercy Island and getting in contact with the Fortunata Kalinda, her first of many contacts to come in the Isles and eventually, like many others, gained a kiss of favor from the Fateweaver.

It was roughly around this time that Noi Kino discovered that Positron and Longbow had placed magical wards upon her, locking down both her dimensional shifting ability but also the instinctive control of pain and darkness that the Daliha family possessed.

Seeking revenge against Longbow for this perceived indignity, Kino set about making herself into a plague to Longbow. During a series of strikes against a Longbow base, Kino stumbled across the location of a Crey facility where a cold fusion core was being developed for Longbow. Seeing a perfect opportunity before her Kino preformed a quick smash and grab on the facility, coming away with not only the working prototype but also the plans for both a hyper-dimensional pocket and a set of nanobots that could repair simple things, like clothing. Both items she later built into her jumpsuit to repair any battle damage that it may take along with making it so that she could keep practically anything, including the power core, inside her pockets without hampering her.

Noi Kino soon learned that her strike at the Crey laboratory had drawn the attention of a hero group to her. One member was assigned to hunt her down, a elemental powered soldier by the name of Greggory Akdov. For a considerable time the earth attuned soldier hunted her, thwarting many of her attempts to strike at both Longbow and Crey.

And so Noi Kino turned her attentions away from Paragon City for a time, focusing on gaining a stronger base of operations, moving from Mercy Island to the substantially less crowded confines of Sharkhead Isle, and increasing her standing with Arachnos.

It was around this time that Kino came in contact with the Fortunata Seer Marino. At her behest Noi Kino set out learning about the Arachnos entity known as the Ghost Widow.

The Society of Fenris

Noi Kino doing upkeep on one of her machines.

The Society of Fenris. The tale of Noi Kino would not be complete without mentioning the Villains Group that helped her vault deeper and darker into the Rogue Isles.

It was with the Society that Kino met Jacob Mars, a fellow demon. For a time the two had a normal relationship, and while it did eventually bloom into slightly more then mere friendship, nothing physical or emotional was ever truly cemented between the two.

At Jacob's advice Kino set herself to designing the perfect robot, one that could easily rival anything that was thrown at her. Taking the events surrounding her rescue of the Ghost Widow as inspiration, she finally constructed the XVR 93 Wretch, a machine of extraordinary power that became classified as an Assault Robot by the Arbiters.

While the Wretch continued to live up to her expectations, it was not the perfect machine that she was looking for. So Kino set about building another, more grander machine. Using the cold fusion core she had stolen from Crey, she built a humanoid machine, painted it black and orange, plugged in it's brain and started it up. And then Noi Kino watched helplessly as the XVR 199-3 Full Combat Suit denied to follow her orders and burst through the wall, quickly escaping out into the night. It was at this moment when Kino swore to never grant any of her creations anything close to true free will again.

The Shadow Spiders

After leaving the Rogue Isles for some much needed R&R, Noi Kino returned to learn that the Society of Fenris had collapsed due to a lack of leadership. While searching for a new Villain Group to be a part of, she heard of a group that was recruiting. After having a interview with a powerful human by the name of Markel Smythe, Kino became a member of the Shadow Spiders.

Since her acceptance into the Spiders, Kino has thrown herself into learning all she can about her presumptive family, even going so far as to get Noi Posgami to join the group as well. She has taken a strong liking to the group and so far many of them have returned the feeling, Dr. Von Havencrabs having gone so far as to claim that she should be the group's mascot, though Kino isn't sure if he's making fun of her when he says that or not.

Noi Kino has come to have strong protective feelings about one member in particular within the Spiders, Arren Starkweather. And while her primary reason is offensive to him, she also shares a connection with Amun Aergad, though it is unlikely that the Demon of Balance knows Kino's feelings towards him as she steadfastly refuses to talk about them with him.

Some time after joining up with the Spiders, Kino once again ran into Greggory Akdov, this time on the neutral ground that is Pocket D. Having been fired from Crey's employ, the soldier had no reason to fight her anymore and wished to in fact start a new relationship with Kino, having found himself more and more attracted to her as they fought. After several meetings they both agreed that they had deep feelings for each other and began a somewhat rocky relationship.

The charm bracelets

After learning of several of the troubles that have been plaguing members of the Spiders, mainly those who have been directly involved with the Relic of Power, Kino set about looking for some way that she could help those involved. Working together with Greggory, who himself was a genius with both technology and magic, she created a sort of power transfer unit. Installing the base unit in her force gauntlet, the two created four receiver bracelets, all of which took the shape of a charm bracelet that could be easily worn around the wrist, horn, ankle, anywhere the user needed. A fifth bracelet was added to the grouping at a later date and Kino has stated that more can be be made as necessary by the two if they are needed.

The five bracelets went to five different people, each bracelet having a corresponding charm for the other five. Markel Smythe, Dr. Von Havencrabs, Arren Starkweather, Amun Aergad, and The Blood Red Rook were all given bracelets, though Rook's was the one created later after Kino saw the troubles that she was in regarding the location of her sister Rose.

The bracelets have several powers, all linking the six in minor ways, though Kino has hinted that Greggory and her could install more powerful enhancements for them if and when they are ever needed. The base ability of the bracelets allows the user to send and receive sensory and emotional data from the other users as well as knowing where they are at all times. They have since been upgraded to include other features such as the ability to shunt life energy to another user to empower them (though the only time Kino has used it outside a test she found that the amount of energy given was drastically more then the amount of energy Havencrabs received, along with giving her the euphoria of a very strong orgasm), the ability to read the surface thoughts of another user, and a knockout command to render another user unconscious for whatever reason.

Kino has warned people that only the designated users can activate any of the bracelet's abilities without "dire side effects". She has been quiet on exactly what will occur, other then to say that they won't be pretty.

The Ouroborus Special

Noi Kino after a "Ouroborus Special".

((Having Ouroborus unlock some of the magical bindings placed upon her by Positron and Longbow.))

Widow Training

((Beginning training as a Arachnos Widow.))

Releasing the Demon Within

((Beginning to accept more and more of her demonic heritage.))


*Believed to have worked for the Goldbrickers for some time.

*Noi Demons are believed to have peach skin. When they enter the earth's atmosphere and breathe oxygen their blood turns blue giving them a blue appearance.

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