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This page is waaaaay out of date, I will not be updating it for a while to come as well. This character is being retired.

Arren Starkweather By John.jpg
Taken soon after her demonic infection.
Arren Starkweather
Player: @Zyrenica
Origin: Natural/Magic
Archetype: Widow/Soldier
Threat Level: 50/20
Personal Data
Real Name: Arren Starkweather
Known Aliases: Arren, Ms.Starky, Renny
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 102
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Colored blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Trouble Maker
Place of Birth: Steel Canyon, Paragon City
Base of Operations: Underground Atlas Park, Paragon City
Marital Status: Taken
Known Relatives: (Arbiter Death, John Starkweather, Father), (Sophie Starkweather, Mother), (David Starkweather, Brother), (Amun Aergad, Adopted son)
Known Powers
Dark Magic, Demonic abilities (Minor super strength, hostile aura, feral attitude).
Known Abilities
Scalpel claws, Hidden scalpels
No additional information available.



Arren can be pretty unpredictable... going from a sadistic little brat at one moment to a prankster the next and everything in between. She has been seen being the cruelest and most uncaring person you've ever seen... then turning around and asking if their alright. Easiest way to describe her is to picture someone with multiple personalities... then merge them all into one person.

- More to come when I can think of a better description...




(( This will be filled out as I come to understand what happened with this character before I took over. ))

Issue 1: Escaping Paragon City

(( Wherein she arrives on the isles. ))

Issue 2: Dark magic

Arren - Normal.jpg
(( Wherein she gets 'infected' by a demon, grows horns and wings. ))

Issue 3: Amun's Freedom

During this time Amun's condition was deteriorating and he was still acting very like a small child, confused and alone. Arren decided to take it upon herself to comfort and take care of him, eventually leading to him calling her 'mother'. She had also discovered that he had been sleeping, alone, in the base where ever he could and angerly took him to her home, telling him we would be living there with her from now on.

A short time later, he stayed behind after they were talking to speak with Dr.Von Havencrabs and bit longer, promising to be home later. He never showed up at home, and Arren waking up the next day went into a panic. Storming into the base she was shocked to find Amun, chained to a med-bay table, dying... his amulet taken from him and nowhere to be seen. Furious she called over the comm, trying to find out what happened and her only answer is that everyone was trying to 'help' him... so she freed him and tried to find his amulet, tracking the pulses of shadow coming from his chest.

Getting about halfway, Amun collapsed, his lifesigns fading quickly as he grew near death from being taken too far from his soul's vessel. Arren, in tears began to lose her sanity and her aura quickly formed up around her lashing at anyone who came near. Markel Darkweaver and a few others attempted to calm the distraught Arren but with no success, her aura growing more powerful moment by moment and driving everyone back further away from her and Amun. Finally hitting the critical point her aura caused a massive explosion tearing a large crater in the floor, knocking Arren unconcious and a focused blast of energy blowing a large hole in the side of the Shadow Spiders base.

Found a short time later, floating in the middle of the wreakage in the wall was found Amun's amulet wich was quickly returned to him, his lifesigns quickly returning, this was by no means a solution to the problem. The amulet was still eating away at Amun's soul and Arren was determined to find another way to save him, furious that his 'friends' could do such an act, even in the name of saving him.

This caused Arren to become more protective of Amun than ever before, confronting both Moira Dirge and Dr.Von Havencrabs, and nearly killing them in her rage demanding they do nothing to Amun without her permission. Moira easily agreed, while Crabs took more 'persuasion' nearly dying in the process.

Issue 4: Transfusion

A while later Arren came across a ritual that could potentially save Amun, but it was dangerous. The plan was to extract the demon within Arren and uses its remanents to essentially shove into Amun's amulet to force his soul out and into a new vessel. The plan was approved by Demon Maker Valraa and by Moira Dirge, albeit with reservation on both sides due to the risks involved.

A few days later, the ritual was started. With Lerezal (Demon Maker Valraa) entering Arren's mind to extract the remanents of Volmzaar... Arren's demon, who was nearly entirely absorbed by Arren's own soul. The operation was a success with the demon's soul being extracted and forced into Amun's amulet. The next part also went successfully his soul being forced out of the amulet in a small ball and guided towards his new vessel, one of Infernal's gauntlets stolen by Markel.

This is about the time that everything went horribly wrong, as Amun's soul bounced off of the new vessel, rejecting it, and went flying around the room, seeking its own vessel. The soul flew around, seeming to inspect random objects and people before making a beeline for Arren herself and embedding itself within her... Arren had become his new vessel. Also unknown to everyone at the time, Amun's soul was not just Amun anymore, but a fusion of Amun and the cursed relic portion of the amulet. The impact of the soul entering her body knocked both of them unconcious and the shocked onlookers quickly picked them up to rush them to the med-bay, it was at this time it was discovered that seperating the two caused them both intense pain. So keeping the two together, they were transfered to the med-bay, where they slept for about an hour.

Awakening they were both confused, and it took a while of explaining until they realized what had happened... luckily the mental bond that formed shortly after allowed them to seperate from each other. Both have recovered and everything seems normal now, most people not even knowing the are now combined and having a mental link.

A side-effect of this process is that both now occasionally gain a trait from the other, most of the time without even realizing it.

Issue 5: Arren's fall

(( Arren's decent into confusion and the loss of her memories. ))

Issue 6: Corruption

Arren - medical.jpg
After being 'convinced' to stay out of the coming fight with Victor Arren went home, upset about not being able to help and confused as to why she couldn't. This however wasn't to last as the next day Victor lured her to Pocket D with a false comm message in Amun's voice saying he was in trouble and to come to the D immediately. Upon arriving at the D she was confronted by six members of Black Tie who proceeded to maneuver around her and attempt her capture. Before she was able to say more than a cut off 'Help' on her comm Victor ripped it off her head and tossed into a corner alerting the Spiders that something at least was amiss. Soon after Arbiter Sarah arrived to help and was set upon by multiple members of the Black Tie.

The issue devolved into a battle between Arren and her attackers and another battle between Arbiter Sarah and a few members. Reinforcements arriving on both sides only served to heighten the level of combat. It was during these battles that Arren managed to escape the D into St.Martial with Victor in hot pursuit.

Victor caught up with her on top of the Giza where they proceeded to fight, Arren's aura taking over after a short time when it was obvious that Arren would lose quickly to Victor's demonbuster armor. With the help of her aura she proceeded to even the odds and forced Victor back... even managing to daze him and land a nasty wound through his armor. Unfortunately this wasn't enough and only proceeded to piss him off, attacking back furiously he knocked her unconscious and left her with only her aura. As before when left alone and in a dire situation her aura compacted tightly, making Victor furious when he couldn't get through the aura. This compact aura was just a sign however of a pending magical explosion designed as a last ditch effort to destroy Victor once and for all... or would have been if he didn't catch on and barely make it out of the blast zone, leaving an unconscious, burned, Arren with no defense against him.

Victor at this point simply scooped up Arren and took her back to the Black Tie's submarine. On the submarine he was greeted by the retreating members of the black tie and they proceeded to tie Arren down on a boiler in their back room and torture her, hoping to weaken Amun in the process. First thing Victor did was give her a syringe of a formula that enhances your senses to make the torture more painful. Victor then proceeded to do horrible things to her, twisting her feet, one by one, in a full 360 circle... breaking her arms in multiple places and pulling them out of their sockets... sawing her horns off with an electric saw, electrocuting her slowly. And yanking her wings forcefully out of her back, breaking the connecting bone on her back and destroying the muscles used for the wings. This of course led to Arren lying in a pool of blood, barely alive and bleeding badly.

Victor after the torture ordered that Arren be kept barely alive and left her tied to the boiler with runed ropes to suppress her aura and a psychic suppressor on her forehead to prevent her being located or rescued by anyone... and then left her there for days.

Issue 7: Recovery

After a few days the Shadow Spiders learned of the location Arren was being held and mounted a raid this caused a massive battle to take place in the Black Tie's submarine and many ended up wounded on both sides... But in the end Arren was rescued, moslty due to Prometheus girl passing on her immortality to Arren, though she was still near death.

After the battle Amun took her home during the confusion and hoping everyone escaped alright. Unfortunately Prometheus girl, also known as Sam, was nearly captured and died making her escape, due to having lost her immortality.

Arren was unconcious for well over 24 hours after the rescue despite what Amun could do to heal her, he refused to risk returning her to the base as it had already been compromised. During the healing process he slowly set her broken bones and setup a special bracing for her twisted feet and broken arms so that she would be able to get up and start moving around again while they healed. After the first day her immortality faded as Prometheus girl was revived from the dead. Her horns fully returned after 2 days and her aura has slowly returned as well. Her wings took some time and budded in by the 3rd day but took over 2 weeks to fully grow back.

Also during the healing process she has had to fend off attacks both in the base and mental attacks elsewhere... this luckily has always ended well and her healing continued.

Issue 8: Dire Dyers

Arren - demonic.jpg
A little while later it was discovered that Christopher Dyers had somehow come in possession of a 'relic of power,' and when confronted about it, he attacked both Amun and Arren... Although Amun, being a Relic himself, was unable to fight Dyers, Arren was under no such condition despite practically being Amun's relic (due to his soul being housed within her). During the fight, Arren learned that she could not only tap into Amun's demon-side and use its power, but she could tap to his Cursed power as well. This came with a side-effect though: Arren could not hold this form for long as the unfiltered power of Amun's Cursed relic would burn her to ash. Although Amun is able to control it and so uses only a trickle of its power, Arren taps it directly, using all of its available power at all times.

Another effect of the power is her features become more feral, her emotions turn dark, and her wings grow larger and more 'intact'. At the same time, her eyes begin to glow with a hellish light and her aura comes up around her as a shroud, tiny tendrils picking at whatever is nearby and slowly dissolving anything in close proximity. Her scalpel 'claws' fuse into her hands and become sharp, elongated fingers. Arren, in this form, also has control of twelve extra tendrils—very similar to the tentacles that form from her aura her except these now come out of her skin.

Using both sets of tendrils by forming them into razor sharp points and her own aura's ability to dissolve things, she fought Dyers to a standstill and the two of them were badly wounded. Arren suffered four gunshots in her chest and was badly burned, and her demonic features, given to her by tapping Amun's powers, faded to ash and blowing away. Dyers, pierced multiple times by Arren's tendrils and bleeding heavily, retreated due to Arren's uncontrolled aura, which caused a massive explosion.

The fate of Dyers is unknown at this time.

Issue 9: Black Tie

After Arren had nearly recovered from her wounds in the fight with Dyers, Arren was speaking with her father in the base when Kara decided to start messing with her mind again, this time going so far as to drive Arren into a small corner of her mind where she nearly went insane and Kara for a short time having free reign over Arren's body. Victor chose this time to send in one of his Victor-bots to cause trouble.

Arren, waking up from the state Kara had driven her to, savagely attacked Victor-bot while David, who had been trying to take care of her, started fighting the Millnobot which arrived moments later. Arren, quickly tapping into the cursed power, savagely demolished the Victor-bot but not before she was rushed and caught in a bear-hug while the demolition nuke inside went off at point blank-range, shredding her protective aura and slamming her into a wall with enough force to break four of her ribs. During that short fight David was knocked backwards and unconscious by the Millnobot.

Victor himself decided to arrive in the base right after the explosion and started off by picking up the wounded Arren and pitching him at David like a baseball, again slamming her into a wall and breaking her lower spine in two places. At this point Blood Red Rook activated the base defenses leaving Victor no choice but to pick up Arren and David and retreat back to their sub.

Once at their submarine, Arren was laid on a table and her wounds were tended to by dousing her with healing serum while David awoke and freed himself to fight back only to end up causing an explosion of ice in all directions and freezing himself solid. Victor decided at this point to simply irradiate him and taking Arren with him, sealed that portion of the base leaving Bio Hazard to irradiate the area.

Out in the main area of the sub, Bad Dream arrived and seeing Arren captured, got angry and simply ordered her killed. Meanwhile Arren, having been healed enough by the serum to awaken, called upon the cursed power and transformed herself again into her demonic form, the twelve tendrils bursting from her skin. First thing that happened was she formed a shield around her out of two tendrils and split the rest between attacking R-41 Incinerator and Dream. Both deflecting her tendrils, Arren retreated towards the entrance striking and wounding Songbyrd on the way. Markel Darkweaver and Blood Red Rook arrived at this moment to enact their own rescue of her.

Rook caused a distraction with a incendiary bomb hooked to a dead-man's switch, while Markel teleported Arren, who had been trapped behind a barrier, closer to the exit... while at the same moment Labal arrived on the scene. Seeing him, Rook opened up a portal to Ouroboros and escaped. Victor seeing Rook getting away shot Markel in the chest at point-blank range, badly wounding him as he exited through the portal as well. Arren seeing this act, struck out viciously at Victor with all twelve razor sharp tendrils and pierced him from all sides before passing out herself and falling through the closing portal.

At this point the badly wounded Markel dragged both the unconscious Arren and himself back to the base where they were discovered by Professor Bikini and Blast Witch, who took them both to med-bay and bandaged their wounds as much as they were able, stabilizing their condition with blood transfusions. Bikini herself preformed a experimental procedure with her nanobots to take calcium from healthy bones to knit together Arren's shattered spine. It was successful and Markel and Arren stayed on the beds to recover from the rest of their wounds, both still unconscious as this point.

Issue 10: Awakening

(( Arren, after waking up, dealing with Kara and curing Arren's insanity and mental fear. ))

Issue 11: Return

(( Ressurection of Arren's mother, continuing to deal with Kara and Ler's possession. ))

Issue 12: Tides

(( Amun returns, the relics become more active again and target Rook. ))

Issue 13: Betrayal

(( Arbiter Death returns to Paragon, her sister and mother return with him, leaving Arren alone and leadership of the SS decends to Otaris. ))

Issue 14: Mutiny

(( Plot to overthrow Otaris, take leadership of the SS and rebuild it as a new mercenaryish group. ))

Issue 15: Tenuous Alliance

(( Alliances with multiple groups including Black Tie. ))

Issue 16: Shattered

(( War with Black Tie, strike and counter strike. Victor is killed. ))

Issue 17: Relics

(( Arren comes out of hiding, but with relics, and being corrupted by them during her research. After she awakens again without memory of what happened aquires 6 more relics and starts her research anew. ))

Insert 20 issues of new stuff here...

(( Way too much has happened since then to properly record, or even remember. ))

Current information

IC and OOC comments

Friends and Enemies


(( Out of date. ))

- Amun Aergad - Amun is Arren's adopted son... she trusts him with her life and would do anything to help him.

- Markel Smythe - Arren started out looking upto Markel as just another leader, and a grumpy one at that... and did her usual stuborness refusing to listen to him and whatnot, but has warmed upto him over time and now trusts him almost completely, as much as her stubborn self can...

- Moira Dirge - Trusted friend.

- Demon Maker Valraa - Trusted friend.

- Arbiter Starkweather - Father.

- Orbweaver Pogo - Friend, Arren loves to pick on him though.

- Dr. Von Havencrabs - Crabs is one of her close friends, he can be a little rough at times but he treats her as his own daughter and tries to take care of her. In turn she tries to take care of him.

- Blood Red Rook - Arren considers her a trusted friend.

- Kara Nuova - As Melanie, Arren trusts her... she was the one that helped with her mental defenses.

- Labal - Labal is odd to her, he's a demon... but seems a lot like she is, stubborn and deceitful. She has even gone so far as to flirt with him a little trying to learn more about him.

- Operative Griffin - Griffin.... Arren doesn't really know what to do with Griffin... he treats her like a little sister, is very protective of her and tries to keep her out of trouble, problem is he is rarely sucessful at it.

- Noi Kino

(( If your name is missing please feel free to add it here, I will add a description when I get to it. ))


- Christopher Dyers - Arren would still consider him a friend, even though he's been taken by the relics and she hasn't seen him for a long time now... Also their last meeting was a large fight which left both of them badly wounded.

- Victor Von Smashenface - Arren used to hate him for what he did to her, but now is not so sure. Victor saved her life on two occasions and seemed friendly since the time he tortured and beat her near death. Now that he is dead, she refuses to speak bad about him as it would hurt Dr Von Havencrabs.


- Bad Dream - He works with Victor and has tortured or killed her allied Spiders.

- Kara Nuova - As Kara, Arren despises her... she drove Arren to insanity once and almost constantly torments her when she can...

(( If your name is missing please feel free to add it here, I will add a description when I get to it. ))

Views and Opinions about Arren

-Markel Smythe
-Bad Dream
-Operative Valos
-Christopher Dyers
-Amun Aergad
-Officer Trent
-Blood Red Rook
-Arbiter Death
-Dr. Von Havencrabs
-Operative Griffin
-Vinnie Frizzle
-Noi Kino
-Mako Avalar
-Ilia Dulmaire

Old information under old player


Arren was born in Steel Canyon, shortly after John Starkweather, known as Arbiter Death by most, divorced Sophie Starkweather. She was given to John to keep a hold of, and like David before here, was affected by a time altering device in the Villains of Paragon City's base. She was replaced with a sixteen year old version of herself, and was discovered to be a month younger than David, her brother.

Shortly after, Sophie Starkweather was beheaded by Gorthid Thortesp. Arren was ont only devastated, but enraged. she vowed to shoot up the power scale, and demolish Gorthid. Even if her own safety was brought into question. The truth was later revealed that she was killed by a Circle of Thorns group. Arren quickly demolished the group, which was hiding in Perez, and continued with her life. She was trained for a short by by an accomplice of Irmine Tocharen, and decided to train until she could fight her as an equal.


1. Johnny Turbo: Arren enjoyed this torture session a lot, so much she requested that her initials be burned into his forehead. Utilizing bacteria created by Arbiter Pestilence, two wounds of his will never heal, given they are taken care of "correctly." Arren took his right knee ligament, but allowed the wound to partially regenerate after the torture.


Arren, the girl

Arren is malevolent, yes, but she is also 16. She's an emotional girl, and has frequent mood swings. One moment, she might me using you as a cushion for her pain, and the next a punching bag for her rage. Her emotional swings have only gotten worse since the murder of her mother. However, she also feels a certain emptiness at the loss of her mother, and frequently shows this by mouthing off, more than usual.

Arren, the Sadist

Arren delights herself in others pain. She loves to see others cry for help, for their gods, and for their mothers. Ironically, Arren has relatively low pain-tolerance, compared to others with similar powers. She commonly uses her powerful voice to inflict physical damage to her opponents skeletal structure, and even, on occasion, destroys their body using only her voice. this only occurs during moments of extreme pain, or anger.

Views and Opinions about Arren

"Shit... That woman is scary. I don't care if you're five, or thirty, if your voice can liquify bones and shatter steel... I don't think any amount of money could convince me to attack her, much less oppose her in a conversation." -Asperitance

"My beloved daughter, Arren takes her personality from me... and I'm bound to help her fulfill her malicious acts of violence against our enemies!" --Arbiter Death

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