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Doesn't know the meaning of a "Good Day."
Operative Griffin
Player: Vinnie Frizzle
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Soldier of Arachnos (Bane Spider)
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dennis Griffin
Known Aliases: Tired Eyes "Project: GRYPHON"
Species: Artificial Human
Age: Mid-twenties
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 264lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Islander (Slightly texan in inflection due to parentage, apparently)
Occupation: Bane Spider Commando
Place of Birth: Mercy Island
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: A Sister(Mercy Griffin) a long lost Elder brother (Saul Griffin)
Known Powers
Psychic "Blank"
Known Abilities
Extensive training by the Bane Spider Corps. Teleportation via Manticore's style of hijacking the Mediport system. Knows a Mu spell or two.
Standard Bane Spider armor, standard Bane Mace. Cybernetic arms containing storage space for throwing knives. They also have pneumatic launchers for the knives. Some of them are explosive tipped knives, making him arms pretty much grenade launchers if the right knives are loaded.
Used to be a lazy asshole, but he's gotten over it. He's capable, cautious and smart, but doesn't put himself at risk if he doesn't need to.

"Well shit... Now I've seen everything."

Played by the treacherous snake Vinnie Frizzle. Acerbic, hateful asshole, originally meant to be an Arachnos based parody of Dexter Grif of Red Vs. Blue. He has, however, evolved into his own through my own playing with him, and become more effective and useful, developing a hatred of everyone around him. Dennis Griffin hates you, and doesn't care what you think.



Ali Mu'Sarat - A personal associate and friend , though forced to distance himself after Ali joined the Midnight Squad, and becoming, effectively, an anti hero.

Vanguard - While other Arachnos soldiers assigned to the War Zone are openly belligerent to anyone assisting Vanguard, during the time that Operative Griffin was assigned there, he apparently requested to have a plan of his put up for consideration. Put a mole in Vanguard. Since many suspected him of treachery within Arachnos itself, he made the perfect candidate. While he did send back much information that would be very beneficial to Arachnos, Mr. Griffin apparently felt the need to actually assist Vanguard, fighting the Rikti in many operations. This makes him, effectively, a double agent.

Shadow Spiders - After answering the call of his acquaintance and friend Arbiter John "Death" Starkweather, Dennis joined his new ShadowOps organization. After his disappearance and return, his position has changed to Security Director of their hidden base.


Psychic Blank(THIS POWER HAS BEEN LOST): Most people have a "Psionic Signature," that makes them visible to psychics. Simply put, Denis doesn't have this signature. He had enough potential to become a Bane Spider, but his gift makes him an awesome Psychic killer. Unfortunately, the more powerful the psychic, the more likely they'll detect a "hole" or lack of psychic presence. It also has a side effect of undoing his Bane Spider training, saving him from being effected by Hugo's defection and subversion of a large number of other Bane Spiders. He's got all the training and knowledge of a Bane Spider, but has actual free will, unlike the facsimile possessed by other Banes.

Following his disappearance and return, Dennis's powers have started to deteriorate and weaken. As a result, he's almost visible to most psychics, and able to receive telepathic communication(Much to his surprise, and disgust.)

Psychic Resistance: While Dennis is no longer a psychic blank, he has abnormally high resistance to psionic energies and manifestations, higher even than the best trained Bane Spiders and Fortunatas.


Operative Griffin is very acerbic, grating, and whiny. A true "Deadpan Snarker." However, he seems to have both a Mean streak, and a "Sweet Streak." He has openly objected to a number of particularly evil operations, though he's performed them all, to the letter with the utmost brutality and precision. Just Months ago, none would have ever suspected Dennis Griffin to be Bane Spider material. He even took to the mental training that all bane spiders receive. Dennis is also openly hateful of everyone around him. A big ball of anger and bitterness.

One thing that seems to get him in trouble is the fact that he's a very independent, "Out of the Box" thinker. Despite this, he IS fanatically Loyal to Lord Recluse.

Dennis was often subjected to the weird and wonderful throughout his career. During his association with many magic users, including Scirocco, he's become an expert on bypassing magical defenses. Becoming a bit of a paranormal expert has made him very hard to surprise.

After his recent disappearance and return, Dennis has become somewhat withdrawn. On the other hand, he's snarkier and more downright insulting than every before. No even the Arbiter is safe from his shameless mocking. He's also expressed even greater distrust of people than normal, often citing himself amoungst the untrustworthy, to the point of programming the base's defense systems with countermeasures against himself, to be activated in only the direst of circumstances.(IE His own betrayal, as far as his ego is concerned.)

Good Side: What good side? Ok fine. While still a horrible cold-blooded bastard, he's not THAT bad of a guy. He's just come up with a lot of good and valid reasons to hate most of the humanity. However, prove yourself trustworthy to him, and as long as you don't conflict with Shadow Spiders operations, He'll go to the ends of the Earth to help you. If he feels like it on that given day.

Bad Side: Cross him or his allies and he will hunt you to the ends of the earth and make your death so painful and slow that Hell will look like a weekend in Vegas.

Another side note that's often hidden and downplayed. Dennis has a huge soft spot for dogs, and will absolutely not tolerate any mistreatment or abuse. He kind of wishes he could keep pets in the base.

Recent Events: With recent events, and the Death of his former trusted comrade Specialist Otaris, Dennis has begun to look at himself in the mirror and realize just what kind of monster he has become... and how to avoid going further down that path.


Born in the slums of Mercy Island, Dennis Griffin quickly learned a healthy hatred of, and lack of faith in, humanity. Rising up, attempting to transcend his position as a nobody, he was kidnapped by Arachnos for training. Barely passing basic training, Dennis became a Wolf Spider. His hatred quickly focused on the so-called "Destined Ones." Concocting a half-assed plan, he infiltrated them. Of course most saw right through it. When he realized this, he kept going, feeling that he honestly had nothing better to do and wanted to see how far he could take the masquerade, but with minimal effort. Through dumb luck and happenstance, Griffin rose through the ranks of Arachnos(Starting out his career during the first Rikti War helped with some "On the job" training). Not to say he didn't learn anything... he just didn't care. The quote above was uttered many a time when Griffin received Bane Spider training. Of course, it was around this time he also ascended into competence. As if understanding and accepting his potential, Griffin became an effective and dangerous tool. Then the tool understood what it was... And met Scirocco. Some how, seeing one so Noble amoung the ranks of monsters and mad men began driving Griffin AWAY from the organization. Some think it's only a matter of time before he goes rogue. Though none know what he will do when he does.

Of course, this didn't happen. Instead he was approached by the maverick Arbiter Starkweather to join his newest detachment.

Recently, during a wave of Rikti Restructurist invasions, Dennis found himself protecting Arachnos Interests in Cap Au Diable. He was seriously injured and crippled in one battle, having lost his entire right arm, and his left forearm. Of course, the expertise of ally Vinnie Frizzle has left him with augmented cybernetic replacements.

As of late, Griffin appears to have gone missing. No one is entirely sure where he is, and as far as anyone in Arachnos knows, he's off the books.(

He has since returned, slightly changed. Having literally walked back in the door amnesic about the past couple months, and into the Spider's struggle against the Black Tie.

While coming to grips with his slowly returning memories, Griffin started going on drunken benders again. Out of total coincidence, Dennis wandered into the Monkey Club on Sharkhead Isle. What's unfortunate about this is that he happened to walk in on a number of the Black Tie, including their infamous leader himself. After half an hour of being tortured in various ways, they murdered Dennis and sent his mutilated, severed head to Arbiter Starkweather. Since he was truly dead, Griffin's spirit, as they say, got "on the bus with Leary and Scorcese, you're goin' Straight to fuckin' hell!" Spending the night in that place of eternal torment, it's revealed to Dennis where he'd been for the last few months. A God-like Trickster and cosmic horror calling itself "The Comedian" had chosen Dennis as it's newest plaything. The next morning, it created a new copy of Dennis' body, identical to his original. Dumping him off in the Shadow Spider's base, Dennis came face to face with Bad Dream's "present." Later that day, The Comedian sought fit to remind Dennis who was in charge. He was rendered insubstantial and incorporeal during a Black Tie raid on the Shadow Spiders' base. Oddly his cell phone still worked, allowing him to send a wide spread message to most of the Black Tie members present.

He now wants to personally kill Bad Dream, or die trying. Jumping Jimmy might get a bullet or two as well.

Since then, he came to find that the very thing that kept him running, that kept him alive, was missing. His Immortal soul had been stolen.

As the War against the Black Tie worsened, Dennis found himself losing considerable amounts of time, as well as spending time in Cimerora in the distant past staving off his rapid decay. By the time the war Ended he finally recovered his immortal soul from Ali Mu'Sarat. However, in the act of restoring his body, he freed the God-like being known as "The Comedian." While seemingly a monstrous being of incredible power, it immediately vowed to raid Sister Psyche's lingerie drawer and promptly ran off. There was, however, a cost. A curse was played on the soulgem. A geas that would bind Griffin's spirit to the mortal realm, unable to cross into the afterlife. Not skipping a beat, Dennis immediately vowed that, upon his death, he would haunt Bad Dream.

(There's been a lot going on, and Griff is a bit different than this instance of him. It'll take some time to properly update)


(Pics will be added soon)

Mk.IV Bane Armor(Modified)

((CoV Only)) Griffin's standard equipment Kit. Only used in the toughest of situations due to it's weight and as such, restriction of mobility. The gloves also restrict the necessary hand motions for Spellwork, leaving him only able to quickly perform the simplest of his incantations. Thankfully, these are also his most destructive. Either way, he only wears this heavy armor when he's wading into combat with his mace in hand. It's been modified to incorporate some of the same powered armor systems used in his Custom Infiltration armor that combined with Standard bane armor systems, allow him even greater strength and durability, as well as the Reinforced spinal mount system mentioned in that entry.


More to be added as I revise and update.


One Stolen Arachnos Flier "Hate 'Copter"

The Very same flier assigned to him by Arbiter Starkweather. After the split from Arachnos by the Shadow Spdiers, Griffin lost control of the Flier... but kept the control rod and keys. On a stormy night in Double Down, he made a daring one man raid to steal his baby back. It has since been modified and repainted Bright Yellow, sporting crude graffiti and obscenities, most notably, Crudely painted Vanguard symbols on the door hatches, and a Hand flipping the bird in bright red on it's front end, above the cockpit. He's taken to calling it "Hate 'Copter." Everybody else in the Shadow Spiders hates the damn thing and he has to double park it half a block away, half the time.

Musical Themes

Monster Magnet - Radiation: Seems to fit Griffin, I think.



*One Finger Salute*

*Two One finger Salutes. Double the fun!*

"You're on our crew. Don't fuck up and you get to stay." Commonly stated to new recruits.

Opinions and Feelings towards Operative Griffin


- "He's an alright guy, I don't know him all that well yet but he is dedicated to arachnos and als--- Oooo shiny, whats this button do?"

-Arren Starkweather

- "He really needs to get laid. Might stop his whining."

-Bad Dream

- "Sure, he's not uh... terrible... I don't know him well enough to call him off, but he... HE DOES CRAP WAY TOO OFTEN. He gets in the strangest conversations. At least he supported me when I almost died..."

-Operative Valos

- "Grifftits? He ain't a bad guy. Just wish he wouldn't do shit like do shit that I tell him not to do. But the best part is drinking in front of him. Gives me a hardon the size of Texas being able to drink a Long Island Iced Tea while he can't drink a goddamn Coke."

-Dr. Von Havencrabs

- "Hey Jerkass, I still have that porn!"

-Vinnie Frizzle

- "Griff an' I got a lot in common, I think. W' both similar worldviews, both of us respect th' Vanguard, an', 'course, we're both die-hard soldiers. Need t' get t' know the guy better."

-Sgt. Maris

- "Poor bastard has problems... a lot of them."


- "He's on a very self-destructive path... and he knows it. The thing is, he won't let us anywhere near him to help deal with this. I rue the day he becomes that which he rages against."

-Markel Smythe


Operative Griffin was originally meant to be a straight up homage to Pvt. Dexter Grif from the popular Web Machinema Red Vs. Blue. He has since evolved and even the distinct Grif Laziness has been overshadowed. He's since picked up traces of other characters, Most notably Grif's "Opposite" on the Blue team. Leonard Church. I see it like this. Grif's sloth, Church's Rage and Snark, The average ranting comedian's hatred of the world, and a cold, inhuman competence at a cold and inhuman profession.


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