Onyx Abyss

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Onyx Abyss
Player: @Dark Lupus
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Declan Murphy
Known Aliases: Rimmon, Damas, Ambassador
Species: Human (Possessed)
Age: Appears late 20's, early 30's
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 297lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish/American
Occupation: Artifacts/Antiques Dealer
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Daughter
Known Powers
Dual Blade/Dark armor
Known Abilities

"The capacity for human compassion and human stupidity often surprises me. I wonder which of the two is greater." -Attributed to Declan Murphy

Combating the Council.



Onyx Abyss is officially registered with The Action Pact.


Declan is an intense man with a quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor. He is quite intellegent, and his ability to teach is often seen, though at times he comes across as pompous. Despite his appearance he is quite gentle with those he considers weaker than himself, especially children. He has little time for ignorance and reacts to it angrily if the ignorance is intentional. The persona of Onyx Abyss is much like Declan, but more sarcastic and hostile. Onyx is in a dark situation and a tragic hero, but he doesn't act like it. He does everything he can not to kill, he would rather rehabilitate than punish, and he would never torture another being, even a demon. He doesn't have a dark personality, he is really pretty happy and upbeat.


Declan's powers come from a possessing entity named Rimmon. For a time Rimmon controlled Declan's body as it's own, but Declan was eventually able to regain control after an encounter in Tibet where he was nearly killed. Rimmon gives Declan control over negetive energy, keeps him in perfect health, and has given him an extraordinary lifespan. Rimmon is aware, and has a love/hate relationship with Declan. He loves the ability to see the "real" world, but hates that he can't effect it. Declan fully hates Rimmon, but has yet to find a way to be rid of him.


Declan Murphy was born in Dublin Ireland to Amish and Arin Murphy on Febuary the 8th, 1845. Two months later his family was driven to America by the potato famine. After a hard few years in America, his father began to rise through the ranks of organised crime. By 1868, Declan was respected and feared by all he met. He spent his time drinking, gambling, and womanising. November 25th, 1872 Declan found the corpse of his father in the family cabin. His father's torso was carved out and his eyes removed. His father's death was considered retribution by his enemies, but the crime was never solved.

With his father's death, all of his operations fell to Declan. Shortly after, Declan began to hear voices and see things that were not there. He attributed the visions to stress from his new position in the family, but the problems were begining to cause others to think Declan insane. September 16th, 1874, after several attempts on his life, Declan fled to his family cabin in Tennessee. There he found his father's journal dating back to before his birth. In it he discovered his father's key to success, Amish had made a pact with a man called Rimmon. After this Declan's father's rise to power was littered with extortion, theft, and murder. Eventually his father began to refer to himself as Rimmon, and slowly but surely began to slip into insanity. As Declan read on he was horrified to see dark rituals and spells described in its pages. Towards the end it seemed that his father began to regain control, and was appauled at what he had become. The last entry was dated the night of his death.

Declan quickly left for Europe to discover who this Rimmon was, and to try to stop his own fall into madness. August 3rd, 1875, Declan enrolls at University of Cambridge in England. He quickly becomes a top student in occult and religious studies. While there he meets and falls in love with Christiane Lefevre, they were married January 1st, 1878. Three years later Declan began to teach at Cambridge his previous life almost forgotten.

On June 23rd, 1873, during a performance of Debussy's String Quartet in G minor, Declan had his first episode of insanity in years, nearly killing a man he had mistaken for Rimmon. Shorty after Declan and Christiane fled to Austria, Germany, and then Russia following his father's path in an attempt to discover who Rimmon truly was. March 2nd, 1875, Declan found his answer in the Arkaim ruins. Recalling a spell from his father's journal, Declan called upon the one known as Rimmon. Declan was fully unprepared for the horror of Rimmon, a former Archangel and current demon from hell, and Declan lost himself to it.

The following day Rimmon came to Christiane as Declan. After Rimmon was through with her, he left her for dead and returned to America. He had grown to enjoy his time as a crime boss, and the opportunities it presented. Rimmon took Declan's former place in the family, killing his former replacement, and ruled the family with an iron fist for 83 years, until 1960.

March 13th, 1960, taking advantage of China's invasion of Tibet, Rimmon traveled to Mt. Kailash. There he believes the true Shroud of Turin was being kept. He believed that the death shroud of the Christ would bring him unlimited power, and possibly even a key to re-enter heaven. There he found not the shroud but several Llamas in hiding. They recognised Rimmon for what he was, and quickly acted to banish the demon. Both Declan and Rimmon were nearly destroyed in the process. The Llamas saw the tortured shell of Declan and nursed him back to health, and began to teach him how to keep Rimmon contained. They knew that Declan was the best chance they had at keeping the Demon where it could do no more harm.

Declan Murphy.

Over the next twenty years Declan learned much from his friends and guardians, and left them on January 4th, 1980, to come back to America. He bagan a career teaching at the University of Notre Dame. He led a calm life but he was constantly tormented by his actions while he was controlled by Rimmon. He was a living prison for the demon, that was his pennance, and he accepted his fate. All this changed in 1995, when Declan met his daughter.

A woman claiming to be his daughter came to him after one of his classes. He argued that she could not be his, she was far to young, appearing in her mid-twenties at most. But when Rimmon had come to Christiane, they concived a child, and some of his power passed to the child. Convinced of the truth, Declan knew happiness with his new found daughter for a time, but it didn't last. Unfortunately Declan's daughter brought him news of his lost wife's fate. Declan was horrified to learn that his beloved Christiane had taken her life not long after he left. There was no forgiveness for a suicide in the Catholic Church. Christiane was lost to hell, and Declan could do nothing about it.

He was tortured for weeks by this revelation, and even the discovery of his daughter could not console him. It was then that Rimmon whispered to him for the first time in years. Rimmon offered Declan a bargain, Rimmon would take Declan to hell, and together they would free Christiane from hell. In return, Declan would kill himself, freeing Rimmon from his prison. One year and a day later their deal was completed, Christiane was free and allowed in heaven, and Declan had driven his blade into his own heart. Before he drew his last breath, Munkir and Nakir, tha angels of judgment appeared before him. They declared that his punishment had not been served, and he would not be allowed to die. Declan would remain Rimmon's prison, and he would use the demon to atone for all the wrong that he and Rimmon had commited. Rimmon's screams of anger cold be felt by all within hundreds of miles.

Declan and his daughter opened an Antique Store that also handles artifacts. His daughter runs the buisiness while Declan performes his penance. They have recently moved to Paragon city where they hope they can do the most good.

Onyx Abyss.


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