Operative Avulse

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Operative Avulse Juggertha.jpg
Operative Avulse drawn by Juggertha
Operative Avulse
Player: @Meltman
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Albino
Species: Vampire (Formerly Human)
Age: Unknown (at least 1200 years)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 234 lbs.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Ash white
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown (somewhere in Eastern Europe)
Occupation: Arachnos Operative
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Operative Avulse was born from two concepts: Making a vampire that was resistant to fire, and 'What would a real vampire think about the Vampyri?' He was honestly made as a throwaway character, but as I played him I started to fall in love so he was fleshed out more.




Operative Avulse is cocky, pompous, and has a sarcastic, dark sense of humor.


Operative Avulse's powers are a combination of his vampiric powers and those given to him by Arachnos' scientists.

Dark Melee

Operative Avulse has the ability to tap into the powers of the netherworld to enhance his existing vampiric super strength.

Fire Armor

The Fire Armor that Operative Avulse uses is actually a byproduct of Arachnos experiments to rid him of his weakness to fire and sunlight.

Additional Powers

Super Leap

Operative Avulse can leap great distances.


His nature as a supernatural creature gives Operative Avulse a boost to natural human stamina.

Soul Mastery

After he did a few favors for Ghost Widow, Arachnos scientists modified his vampiric powers to allow him to project the netherworld energies further from his body.


Weaknesses and Limitations

Operative Avulse must consume the lifeblood of humans and other animals periodically or he goes mad with bloodlust.


He has a stealth suit that he wears to disguise himself when given missions that put him against other Arachnos personel.

Character History

The pre-modern history of the monster now known as Operative Avulse is mostly lost to history. What is known was that before his transformation, this person existed as an uncrowned prince of a small Mid-European kingdom, roughly 1200 years ago. While out hunting with some of the court guards, the prince came across an unknown crypt burried in the forrest outside his castle. The men he had with were unable to open the crypt, so later that night he came back with a larger force of men who were able to pry it open. Inside they found something unatural. The prince's men were attacked and killed, and the prince apparently suffered a mortal wound, for the creature then offered to the prince the gift of immortal life. The prince was turned into a creature of the night and roamed the country side for an unkown period of time before he went into hybernation in another crypt somewhere in modern day Germany.

On the onset of World War II, scientists from the Nazi Party were hard at work under at various methods of producing an army of supersoldiers to counter those on the allied side. One of the many projects involved finding a way to create the undead through supernatural means. The crypt where the prince and a few other vampires were held up was unearthered and opened. The vampires in their weakened state were no match for the legion of flamethrower troops that the scientists had with them. One vampire was killed on the spot, and the rest, including the prince, where led off to a Nazi research facility. Various experiments were performed on them to find out what made them what they were. The experiments proved futile, as a method outside the 'traditional' one was never discovered. The vampires were kept in seclusion until near the end of the war,when they were shipped to America and kept in a secret 5th Column hideout. In this base, the prince was eventually able to free himself of his bonds, and kill all the 5th Column working there. The prince spent the rest of the century hunting for the other hidden 5th Column bases in an effort to exact revenge. Eventually in his travels the prince learned of the 5th Column 'Vampryi'; scientifically created supersoldiers resembling vampires. This insult at his race further angered the prince, and he carried his vendetta into the 21st Century and into the 5th Columns eventual transformation into The Council. Arachnos was able to arrange a deal with the prince for help in his war against their common enemy if the prince agreed to work for them, thus Operative Avulse was born.

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