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"Everything that you know, is a lie."
Operative Caine
Player: @Kyoria
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Soldier of Arachnos (Crab Spider)
Security Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Marius Caine
Known Aliases: Caine , X-Box
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 7'10"
Weight: 379 (without armor)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Weapons and Systems Engineering R & D for The Venomous Web
Place of Birth: San Francisco
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother (Unknown), Father (Unknown), Siblings (Unknown) - Records of immediate family classified.
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Field Triage , Marksmanship , Close Combat Doctrine
"Hecatonchires" Mk. III Combat Exo-Crab Spider Armor
No additional information available.



The Venomous Web - Operative Caine's assigned unit until transferred, deemed unfit for active duty or KIA.


Calm, determined and at times to idealistic for his own good. Marius Caine comes off to most as a pleasantly serious individual amongst his more blood thirsty, angst ridden and at times easily distracted schizophrenic contemporary comrades within the Venomous Web. As for socializing outside of his designated work circle, Caine is often quiet and tends to keep to himself unless provoked or finds interest in something said or shown, as long as he's sober.

Caine's a social drinker that'd put most alcoholics to shame (a feat he proudly holds above his combat prowess) , an accelerated metabolism along with his weight and height make it quite difficult for him to reach an inebriated state but that doesn't stop him from trying, lately he's tried to dull down the urge that old habits have ingrained upon him. Which honestly explains his often dour personality when around people, alcohol really does act as a social lubricant for him.

He's often slow to anger, taking most situations in stride as Caine tries to perceive the world around him with a carefree, sardonic and often "It is what it is." attitude.

In Game Description


"Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacre mercenaire." - Long live death, long live war, long live the cursed mercenary.


Triage - Caine is an accomplished field surgeon, lessons learned from time spent in the field treating those who've sustained injuries. Additional training taught to him from the more experienced medical officers and practitioners within the Arachnos Medical Department along with medical residencies abroad.

Caine is trained in the following: Advanced cardiac life support ACLS - Advanced life support ALS - Advanced Trauma Life Support ATLS - Basic life support BLS - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR - First aid - Pediatric Advanced Life Support PALS

Close Combat Doctrine - Combat techniques have been passed down through the Caine lineage, often from father to son. Necessity often facilitated that most if not all would have to learn how to protect themselves due to unforeseen circumstances that more often then not would be byproducts of the community that they inhabited. The Rogue Isles and specific "ghettos" of lower income housing units within California being key examples.

Coupled with combat doctrine taught to him beneath the guidance of those within Arachnos AIT (Advanced Infantry Training), Caine has become an accomplished close quarters combatant when the need arises.


"Hecatonchires" Mk. IV Combat Exo-Crab Spider Armor - A modified variant of the "Aegis" armor engineered by Narciso Macabuhay. The plans were stolen by an unknown sleeper agent situated within the Lawrence Livermore National Labs to be engineered into Crab Spider variant armor for a particular Black Ops project that involved Marius Caine and four other Crab Spider Operatives.

Much like its predecessors, the armor protects its wearer by multiple layers of Titanium nitride which act as a the primary barrier metal for the steel reinforcements and ceramic plate absorbers contained within. Along with the armored fiber bundles and servos that replicate the wearer's movements, a supportive function due to the general weight of the modified Crab Spider armor. Life support systems along with duplicate failsafe oxygen re-breathers are installed within the environmentally sealed suit. The standard issue Crab Spider helm contains five modified visual settings that are able to coincide with the targeting matrix system.

Optic settings: Ultraviolet, Thermal Imaging, Low Light Amplification, Infrared and Air Density Pressure

The four Crab Spider appendages which connect to his spinal cord are a personal design that was reversed engineered through recreating the defunct Aegis offensive weaponry delivery system combined with the stand alone Crab Spider manufacturing specifications. Created by multiple layers of Titanium nitrade which act as a barrier metal for the steel reinforcements and ceramic plate absorbers contained within that house the delivery system for the offensive capabilities that Crab Spider operatives are known for.

A slave AI system is augmented within the armor that acts as a split second information processor as it reads feedback from the Crab Spider armor and the wearer with no additional strain placed upon the user. This in turn allows Caine to independently target one subject with one or multiple limbs while concentrating on another.

The housing unit/backpack circulates through four reloading cycles, usually one per limb though specifications can be altered for a variety of reasons to fit most situations.

Alpha - Full automatic chambered with 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges.

Bravo - A modified variant of the M67 grenade used by the US and Canadian forces, its delivery has been streamlined to account for the peculiar offensive systems of the crab spider armament and carrying capacity. Bravo carries fragmentation grenades that are often used in a defensive form due to limited range to disorient and maim.

Charlie - A modified variant of the M67 grenade used by the US and Canadian forces, its delivery has been streamlined to account for the peculiar offensive systems of the crab spider armament and carrying capacity. Charlie carries an aerosol variant of a personal "poison cocktail" created by Caine, combined with a pyrotechnic composition fuse which burns to further fuel the hostile delivery towards its designated targets which will cause extreme irritation to eyes, exposed flesh, nose, throat and respiratory system.

Delta - A modified Electromagnetic "laser" thats been weaponized and adapted to be housed within the confines of a Crab Spider limb. Energy cells are stored within the backpack and are rechargeable through exposure to sunlight or replaced outright upon return to HQ. Upon activation, all limbs are able to execute a free fire suppression salvo.

Citizens of the Isles and Paragon


Operative Lancaster - Officer

Operative Sicarius - Soldier

Lightsurge - Officer

Blood Widow Hawkins - Rookie

Night Widow Revenant - Soldier

Longfang Slug - Soldier

Webmaster Durand - Commander

Arrivederci - Commander



Legacy Chain




Federal Bureau of Investigation

Subject: Marius Caine

Rank: Omega

Origin: Sapien

Federal Crime(s): Terrorism Chapter 113B - Three accounts / Sabotage Chapter 105 - Three accounts

Cross Reference case file: A9801 - V

Defendant: Classified - Restricted Access

Status: Unknown , believed to have fled to the "Rogue Isles". Affiliations would point towards haven and employment via Arachnos, seemingly continuing the cycle that the Caine's have been known for in the past. Cross reference files Richard Caine (Deceased) and Ian Caine (Deceased).


Project: Hecatonchires - (WiP) "The only survivor, put him under constant observation with that new Black Ops unit, I want to see how this'll end." - Webmaster Vincenti

Random Facts

- Operative Caine is my tallest character, ever.

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