Patrick Craft

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Patrick Craft
Player: @GeneralXon
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Patrick Craft
Known Aliases: Dead Guy
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight: 195 lb.(89 kg)
Eye Color: unknown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Californian
Occupation: high-tech arms dealer
Place of Birth: San Jose, California
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Hank Craft, brother
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Friction-less force disk, antigravity belt, robotics control device, triage beacon, web grenade projector, force field generator, narcotic mortar

Technological Mastermind / @GeneralXon



Groups: Hand-Crafted Electronics, Inevitable Evolution, Vanguard, San Jose Sharks People: Hank Craft, John Spicer


Patrick used to walk into every room knowing he's the smartest, most attractive, and most competent person there. His catastrophic love life and subsequent death have mellowed him considerably. He is more prone to be quiet and introspective, taking everything in before speaking his mind. He's no longer willing to take even the most basic things for granted.


Patrick's only power is his immense creativity, drive, and technological know-how. He builds robots and war machine of all shapes, sizes and functions, shipping them around the globe to peacekeepers, terrorists, National governments and anyone else with the funds to afford them. Patrick is a capable leader in the field with a sound knowledge of basic tactics, and a grounding in assault techniques.


Through the use of an antigravity belt of his own design, Patrick hovers and flies at great speeds. When on the ground, he moves on a frictionless disk of force, also Hand Crafted. Patrick summons his robots viaa large teleportation stage at the Factory, and has learned to take advantage of the technology to teleport his friends and team-mates safely away from harm.


Inventing tools to enhance his robots and tools, a bent for solving technical problems quickly and creatively, and, of course, devastating charm and wit.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Patrick has recently been Deceased, and as anyone can tell you, that's not easy to recover from. He seems to have trouble recalling people or events before his death, and is emotionally distant. Whether this is a permanent change, or a symptom of post-death recovery remains to be seen.


Patrick is rarely without his glasses, because without them, he is blind, the result of an industrial accident in college. His glasses are complex cybernetic imaging devices, taking in information throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as thermographic data and broadband wireless traffic. All this is processed and fed into his optic nerves, meaning he not only can see, but has access to all sorts of data and information in his field of vision. He also wears an antigravity lift belt, which allows him to fly, a frictionless force projector in one of his boots, and countless other gadgets. Most of these are products of his research in Labs One through Nine, facilities located at the Factory.

Character History

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Patrick grew up around high-tech firms and industries. Showing an aptitude at an early age, he breezed through high school and enrolled at Cal Tech at age eighteen. By his sophmore year, he had designed and built his first robot prototype, a design that would eventually become the first S.A.M.I. (Semi-autonomous Mission Instrument). He founded his first company at the same time, designing and selling weapons systems to the government. In his junior year, an industrial accident robbed him of his eyesight. He struggled, but learned to cope with his blindness. Over the next three years, he pursued additional studies in cybernetics and prosthetic technology in the hopes of restoring or replacing his eyesight. As a second-year senior, Patrick finally graduated with advanced degrees in Robotics, Cybernetics and Electrical Engineering, walking across the platform wearing the first version of the cybernetically enhanced glasses he still wears. His company, Hand-Crafted Electronics, was burgeoning, having expanded into the high-tech arms market overseas as well as in the United States.

As a businessman in the Rogue Isles, Patrick has operated with a lassez-faire attitude, selling his product to anyone willing to pay. This has mostly included governments and security forces, because "Their checks are less likely to bounce." This summer he became affiliated with the villain group Inevitable Evolution, a departure from his usual solitary independence, because they offered a mutually beneficial arrangement. This arrangement lasted several months, and led to a chance meeting with the first serious love of his life, Strawberry Poundcake. They dated for nearly two months, and Patrick was making plans to ask for her hand in marriage, when she was taken from him by Sergeant Prentice. Distraught, Patrick tied for weeks to understand why she went willingly with him, and tried to win her back. This ultimately led to a showdown of sorts between Patrick and Prentice, and Patrick did not lift his gun to defend himself when Prentice shot him, twenty-two times.

Recently, Patrick has returned to the Rogue Isles, with no knowledge of his death and only sketchy knowledge of his former friends and cohorts. His personality has radically changed, along with his usual attire.


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