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Patty-Sue Ivanova
Player: EmperorSteele
Origin: Mutation/Science
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50!
Personal Data
Real Name: Patty-Sue Ivanova (as far as anyone can tell)
Known Aliases: P.S.I.; Patty
Species: Human clone
Age: 9 months, but appears to be about 17
Height: about 5'4"
Weight: A lady never tells
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black with a hint of brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: none
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Some Crey lab
Base of Operations: Virtue
Marital Status: n/a
Known Relatives: She's a clone of Countess Crey, so... uhm...
Known Powers
Psionics, Kinetics, Flight, Psionic Mastery
Known Abilities
Fitness, Sands of Mu
An old Crey pistol, Jump jet, Pocket D teleporter, a wide-assortment of collected gadgets and summons (temp powers)


Character History


Patty-Sue woke up in an alley one day, knowing nothing at all except for her name. But before she could even think about her inexplicable existence, she was attacked by a small gang of Vahzilok. She was saved by one of the City's many Protectors, this one a Defender by the name of Pynx... but when the hero came under surprise attack, Patty reached out with her mind and stopped the attacker, discovering that SHE had powers, too! Somewhat typical, in all honesty.

Patty was then introduced to the various hero support foundations, and some routine tests came up with some very confusing results. No one knew what exactly Patty-Sue was. She seemed to be a Mutant, but there was something not quite right with her D.N.A. While waiting for an answer to this mystery, and not having much else to do, Patty decided to use her abilities to be a hero... though the fact that she had psionic powers and that her name, the only thing she knew, acronyms to PSI was probably not a coincidence. And it wasn't.

Because then came the bad news: a D.A.T.A scientist, who'd been working to discover Patty's origins, discovered that her D.N.A had been manufactured, and bore strong resemblance to the procedures used by the Crey to make their Paragon Protector army. This revelation, of course, left many of Paragon's finest to treat Patty with distrust, and even those she was close to kept her at arm's length, in fear that she might be some kind of double-agent. Patty maintained her innocence, and other psychics confirmed that Patty had no ill intent... However, there was still the possibility that Patty was a literal "Sleeper" agent, or was an unwitting spy. There were too many unanswered questions, all of which raised reasonable suspicion, and so Patty vowed to set things straight...

Recent Events

Before she could gain the full trust of the City, other heroes, and the Freedom Phalanx, Patty needed to prove that she wasn't a danger to those she worked with, or anyone else, for that matter. So she went straight to the top: Countess Crey herself. But it wasn't easy: A federal judge (who seemed to be a Crey pawn) had a warrant issued for Patty's arrest! Throughout Patty's investigations, she had injured several Crey employees and destroyed several pieces of equipment... all without due process on her side. Deemed a danger to the community, Patty had to high-tail it. However, even with the law against her, some of her contacts and even a few heroes helped Patty to clear her name and fight through layers of obfuscation to find the ever-elusive Countess Crey. Her name was eventually cleared, allowing her to find the Countess and confront her.

After a brief struggle, Patty overwhelmed the Countess (Who seemed oddly familiar...), and demanded to know who and what she was. And so the Countess told her.

Patty wasn't a spy, or a weapon, or anything. She was a Clone, much like the Paragon Protectors, except she wasn't designed to be a war machine, nor was she based on any captured or fallen heroes. No, she was a clone of Countess Crey herself. The Countess, growing older, and becoming weary of gray hairs, wrinkles, and a sagging physique, wanted a younger, stronger, more attractive body to place her mind into. And so a new body was created, just for that purpose. However, the "body", having been given a wide array of psionic abilities, was able to form a consciousness of its own, and somehow escaped. These revelations left Patty shaken, but she managed to escape before Crey security could capture her and the Countess be allowed to put her plan into action. The Crey have been on the war-path trying to recapture Patty ever since, but thanks to her mind-reading skills, and the help of other heroes, she's managed to stay a couple steps ahead of them. Patty once feared for her friends... Now she has to worry about herself.

File:Pattyand FPbeatJadesmall.jpg
Patty and the Freedom Phalanx laying the beat-down!

The means and reasons for her initial escape, as well as lack of memory up until awakening in that alley, still remain unknown. However, with most of the truth revealed, Patty has regained the trust of her peers, and along with it, she eventually attained the city's highest honor: Security Level 50 and a badge entitled "Protector of the City!"

Since then, she's inadvertently expanded the scope of her heroics from city-wide to global, and then some. From The Rularru, to Lord Recluse, to the Preatorians to the Second invasion of the Rikti and the advent of the mysterious "Menders" of Ouroboros, Patty has found herself not just defending Paragon, but the entire world along with the thousands of others who call the "City of Heroes" their home.

Physical Description

Patty is about 5'4", with dark brown hair and eyes to match. She bears a slight resemblance to Countess Crey, which isn't easily discernible, given the Countess's proneness for changing her looks. Her "work" suit is a one-piece bodysuit/skirt with a semi-transparent oval (It's usually some shade of blue or purple... Patty has a penchant for changing her outfit's colors); she wears a small armored jacket over her costume to support her shoulder-pads, cape, and insignia. Her head band and belt have empowerment crystals to help her focus her telepathic and kinetic powers. She has various other outfits that she'll wear, such as normal street clothes, a Longbow-inspired uniform, an outfit geared towards spy and reconnaissance missions, as well as a Mod-pattern black dress (which makes her relation to Countess Crey all the more evident)


Patty-Sue Ivanova was a leader in the GameFAQs formed, all-Controller Supergroup Remote Control MKII, until she left due to lack of interest from its founding members. She now hangs out with The Heroes of Paragon City (They don't actually call themselves that, but it sounded like a good name and it wasn't taken verbatim =P) Patty is also a Member of Vanguard, A Hero-Corps insider, A Freedom Phalanx Reserve member, a member (pawn?) of Ouroboros, and has been known to work for Longbow on occasion. These sometimes conflicting affiliations has led Patty to make some tough choices, but everything has worked out in the end.

She was a member of another SG once, but it was a while ago and I can't remember who they were. And while she has befriended her share of heroes, she tends to work alone.


The Freedom Phalanx giving Patty a task: Get them some lunch!

Patty-Sue Ivanova runs the gamut of perky to grouchy, from humorful to down and out nasty. She'll be cheerful one moment, but if something gets on her nerves, she lets the world know. Conversely, she's been known to berate a team-member for their stupidity, but then forgive them and reassure them that everything's okay in the same breath. She's quick with a joke, sometimes perverted, but for some reason, can't stand it when other people make perverted jokes. She can seem bossy at times, but she's really only trying to help, even if her tone suggests otherwise.

Patty can also be over-confident and head-strong. Sometimes this works out for her, but not usually. Even in a group setting, she'll split off and try to take out groups of enemies by herself. Again, not something that works out for her very often, though when it does, it only serves to fuel Patty's ego, which is far more fragile than she'll ever let on.

Romantically, Patty is kinda finicky around men. She either REALLY likes them... or doesn't at all. Any misguided come-ons tend to make Patty extraordinarily angry, often times to the point where she'd gladly spend time in the Zig and a tarnished reputation for re-wiring another hero's brains if they didn't stop pestering her. She's a bit more easy-going around females... which has led to awkwardness of its own, but she doesn't feel quite the same disdain towards a woman trying to get into her pants, just nonchalant disinterest.

In combat, Patty doesn't care how badly she hurts her foes, though she draws the line at killing. That said, she is not above using a bit of mild mental torture or roughing her opponents up... a lot, to get what she needs.


Patty-Sue has a wide array of Psionic and Kinetic powers. Also, being something of a Badge-Whore and completionist, she has access to several accolade powers, bonuses, and temp powers as well.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Mindicon.jpg Mind Control

Mesmerize, Levitate, Dominate, Confuse, Mass Hypnosis, Terrify, Mass Domination, Mass Confusion, Telekinesis.

Kinicon.jpg Kinetics

Transfusion, Siphon Speed, Speed Boost, Increase Density, Transference, Fulcrum Shift

Flyicon.jpg Flight

Hover, Fly

Fiticon.jpg Fitness

Sprint, Health, Stamina

PsiMaicon.jpg Psionic Mastery

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Indomitable Will, Mind over Body, Psychic Tornado

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hasten.jpg Speed

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hasten


Atlas Medallion, Freedom Phalanx Reserve member, Eye of the Magus, Geas of the Kind Ones, Task Force Commander, Sands of Mu, Elusive Mind, Vanguard Medal, and is known to always have a Shivan up her sleeve.

Set Bonuses

Patty-Sue has gone about equipping herself with the various "Invention set" enhancements, gaining several bonuses along the way. The most notable being +50% recharge speed and +85% accuracy, along with about 99 extra hit points and a few other minor perks.


Patty-Sue is tactically-minded, and always tries to be prepared, hence her constant use of Shivans, and other so-called "temp powers". She tries to take charge in group situations, though her orders are usually not required or heeded. She also has the ability to psionically manipulate her clothes via a combination of psi-sensitive nanites and unstable molecules that make up the cloth. It can only be assumed she got this material when she fled from the Crey, though she does not recall where or when she received it.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Being a telepath, her powers don't work very well against machines, alien minds, or anyone with proper shielding. Also, she sometimes gets distracted and misses her target. She's just as vulnerable as anyone else to harmful things (bullets, knives, sledgehammers, energy blasts, fire, falling anvils, etc), and has little protection from such things. While she does not excel at any one thing, Patty is very well rounded with a wide host of abilities... Still, her offensive potential is limited. If something cannot be held or confused, and worst of all is resistant to psionic damage, the worst she can throw then is insults. Of course, that's what temp powers are for...


Aside from a standard-issue emergency transporter, Patty carries around a Pocket D pass, and goes out of her way to possess various gadgets and tricks (Shivans, Warburg nukes, web grenades, etc). For some unfathomable reason, she also carries around a Crey Ice pistol, a revolver, and a Bow and Arrow set.

Accomplishments and other facts

Patty pretending to be a Mastermind, with an army of Pets, taking out the Clockwork King!
Penny-Sue Ivanova, the evil clone of a clone of an evil person.  Ow, my head...

Patty was once forced to take out the Clockwork King by herself, after a Task Force organized by Synapse all but dissolved. She was triumphant, but can't take all the credit: She was helped by a Shivan, a Snowbeast, and Amy Johnson ;)

Patty, as a completionist and a self-described "badge-whore", has so far accumulated over 550 badges. There are few things she has left to achieve, most of which are Flashback and day-job related badges (a month to get one badge... Curse you, Devs!)

Also, the Crey once sent after Patty another clone like herself to try and reign Patty in... this one named PENNY-Sue. Her abilities were tweaked for maximum offensive potential, and she was trained to take down her benevolent twin. She is mentally unstable, which, because she's a telepath and telekinetic, has made her very physical being unstable as well. Penny eventually went after Patty, who defeated the evil clone quite soundly. Penny now sulks around the Rouge Isles, licking her wounds and plotting revenge. However, she may not have much time for that, given her deteriorating state...


Unknown to Patty, the Crey have an extensive file on her. Luckily, "The Doctor" managed to hack the file and share some of it...

Patty-Sue's profile over at Crey Industries

Apparently, not even the Crey know the full circumstances behind Patty's escape. The only clue lies in a dead scientist who disabled all security before apparently freeing her, and subsequently being killed shortly after... presumably by Patty herself. But she has no memory of this, and so it stays a mystery...

Influences (OOC)

None, really. I was having a severe case of Alt-itis and wanted to try my hand at a Controller. I decided to make her a Mind/Kin, and then came up with a fitting name and a "mysterious" origin that I fleshed out as I played through the game. At first, I devised Patty as being the work of the Council... but then I got into the Crey storyarcs and found out just how perfectly their MO fit what little of her origin that I had conceived (Ie, she was created by someone to spy on heroes and make stealthy kills using mind-powers... but then she got a mysterious case of really bad amnesia... I think the whole Crey thing works out better =P). I updated her in-game bio every 5-10 levels to reflect Patty's "findings", though I don't think anyone noticed. Too many people on this server!

Anyway, it all finally came together during the "Countess Crey" arc, which I sort of described above. When I laid eyes on the Countess, and noticed the similarities (both in appearance and powers), inspiration hit me like a brick and I finally settled on Patty's "true" origin: She was still a clone, but not to be a fighter, but just to be a body for the Countess. This came across as a bit more original. Lots of heroes I've run into are former Crey projects or Paragon Protectors, but none can lay a claim to being the Countess's body double =)

Patty-Sue Ivanova's Task Force

A while ago, I imagined what it would be like if Players could make TFs for their characters. Here's what I came up with for P.S.I:

Patty-Sue Ivanova's Task Force: P.S.I. would be standing in one of the water tunnels in Founder's Falls (like the Natural Origin Store contact), asking for a group of 6 or more heroes, between levels 38-43...

About this contact: Patty-Sue Ivanova woke up one day in an alley, knowing only her name and nothing else. She ran afoul some Vahzilok, and was saved by a Hero... However, when that hero needed help, Patty found out that SHE had powers as well.

D.A.T.A, nor any other of the hero support foundations, could make heads or tails of Patty's origins. However, the fact that she had mind-control powers, and that her name shortened to PSI, was not likely a coincidence.

Patty discovered that she was actually a Crey project, like so many other Heroes... however, she was different in one regard: She was was a clone of the Countess Crey herself, and was to be used as a host-body for the Countess's mind, should such a need arise.

Fearing for her life and liberty, Patty now needs other heroes to help get the Crey off her back...

Patty (If you're not on a team or don't have enough heroes): "Hmm... you're not with the Crey, good. I'm kinda in a jam, but I don't want anyone to get hurt 'cuz of me. Come back when you have a group of 6 or more heroes between security level 38 and 43, thanks!"

Mission 1: Know your turf. Patty: "Ok, ready to help a fellow hero out? Great, thanks, I appreciate this. I'm stuck down here... the Crey have had it out for me since I found out they made me to be a new body for their boss, so I need someone to go run interference while i high-tail it outta here. I hope you know your way around Paragon, cuz I'm gonna have you send the Crey on a wild goose chase. Your first job is simple: Re-familiraize yourself with the city by touching the exploration badges in various zones. Then, come back here and we'll talk about kicking some butt!"

(After mission complete) Patty: "Hey, great! Oooh, shiny badges! I love these things, in fact, you could probably call me a badge wh- erm, never mind. Anyway, great work. Now the real fun starts..."

Mission 2: Let combat begin! Patty: "Okay, I need you to go topside, and fight those Crey jerks wherever you see them. Once you have their attention, high-tail it out of here. I'll keep tabs on things telepathically and try to make my move when the coast is clear!"

Mission 3: A change in plans. Patty: "A lab in Talos, huh? Well, I'd hate to ask you to put in for more than you bargained for, but I think we need to investigate this. I want you to head to Talos Island, find the lab, and stop whatever is going on there!"

(Notes: The clues will spell out Patty's origin, including how the Crey were unable to duplicate their success with her. The closest they came was a psychotic, unstable clone named Penny-Sue Ivanova, which was dumped in the Rogue Isles. At the end of the map is a giant room with 16 pods. Once all the Heroes are inside, the doors will lock, and the APPs will spawn from 8 of the pods in 2 minute intervals as EBs. Trying to go to the Hospital will have the hero wind up in one of the empty pods, which they must break out of to re-join the fight.)

Patty: "Wow, they had all that info on me, and they were making more Paragon Protectors there? Heck of a stroke of luck that we managed to catch wind of it... Oops, @#$%, hold on, i think someone's coming, call me back in a second!"

Mission 4: Run heroes, run! Patty: "Okay, false alarm, but YOU guys are in a heck of a lot of trouble! I just got wind telepathically that the Crey are gonna start coming after you in force... this may be my ticket out of here, but now YOU guys are gonna have to hide! Skyway City is a pretty good place to get lost... no pun intended. Call me back once things seem to have settled down."

Patty: "Don't breathe easy yet, Task Force: Interference! I think we're gonna have to get desperate... go somewhere even the Crey wouldn't... or can't, find you."

Mission 5: On the lam. Patty: "Okay, you may or may not hate this, but we don't have much of a choice: Go take the Longbow chopper in Skyway and go hide out in Bloody Bay! I know, I know... those @#%$s from the Rogue Isles make the Crey look harmless, but look on the bright side: while you're there, you can do some good, and collect one of those Shivan Shards. I love those things! Er, anyway, sit tight there and gimme a shout once you get bored."

(Notes: Characters cannot leave zone until mission is complete, nor will the mission complete until all the Players are in the zone... Once you have the processed Shivan ore from the firebase, PENNY-Sue will ambush the party: She is a psi/mind dominator who cons as a +1 EB. After defeating her and getting the Temp power from the scientist, you will be instructed to call Patty...)

Patty: ... *static* She's not answering her phone. Is something wrong?

Mission 6: Hello? When you call Patty for your next mission, she does not answer, and you are prompted to go to Founder's and see her in person.

When you get to her location though, she's gone! Her contact circle is still there, though. When you get near it, you are given a mission...

Blank window: Patty's missing... did she leave, or was she captured? Only one way to find out. Hit the streets and start interrogating!

Attempting to call Patty back will only result in *static*. You must go to the contact circle again.

Contact Circle: Your usual methods of information gathering have failed you. Perhaps there is another way...

Mission 7: Lost... (Contact circle) You should go see Sister Psyche. Afterall, maybe it takes a psychic, to find a psychic.

Sister Psyche: "Patty-Sue is missing? I've always dreaded this day. She's not the most powerful telepath, but if the Crey get control of her, it would be very unfortunate... for all of us. Hmm... Odd, I cannot sense her.

"Either her mind is being blocked, or she doesn't WANT to be found. Either way, I'll need a way to amplify my powers if I am to help locate her. Arachnos has been tinkering with Mind-power Amplification Devices, perhaps we can 'borrow' one."

Sister Psyche: "Hmm... yes... yeeess, much better. I think I've got a fix on her...

Patty CC.jpg
Mission 8: ... And found. Sister Psyche: "I can't pinpoint Patty's exact location, but she's actually not far way. Some kind of underground lab. You should be able to reach it if you take the sewers..."

(Mission icon appears at a sewer door)

(Notes: There will be Lost and Rikti in the sewers. Near the end is a hole that leads into a lab... Rikti and Crey will be engaged in battle here, but they will focus their attention on the heroes once they get too close. At the end of the lab complex is a long hall. Patty-Sue will be at the end, dressed in a black dress, and when you see her, a cutscene plays.)

Patty-Sue is under the Countess's sway.

Countess Crey: "Finally, I have you! I can't wait to be rid of these gray hairs. Though I wish that the lab techs gave you bigger-" *looks towards player* "Heroes?! Itinerant fools! I, Countess Crey, will make you all fall d- er, no, that sounds corny. Patty; Destroy these fools!"

Patty-Sue: *shakes* "N-no.. I w-will... nnn..."

Countess Crey: "You WILL!"

Patty-Sue: "...@#$%"

Countess Crey will disappear through a door, which closes and will be locked (You need a key). Patty-Sue will con as a +1 EB/AV. She'll use Mind Control, Kinetics, as well as a Shivan, Warburg nukes, and Amy Johnson against you (depending on her health). The first time Patty's defeated, Amy will rez Patty-Sue before despawning, and the fight will start again (Patty can only use Amy once, so this won't be a constant repeating loop). The second time Patty falls (or if Amy is not around to rez her), Patty's clothes revert back to her normal hero outfit, and she awakens, but this time as an ally.

Patty-Sue: "Thanks for... ow... knocking some sense into me... I'm sorry about all this. But now I'm mad, and I want that @#$% Countess's head! Who's with me?" (At this point, "Rescue Patty" will be accomplished and disappear from the objectives)

The Countess will appear as a +2 Psionics EB/AV (depending), but will have ambush waves of PPs and security guards to help her. Patty is now an ally, and will use similar tactics against the Crey that she used against you.

(Pre-battle) Countess Crey: "All I wanted to be young again; is that such a horrible crime?"

Patty-Sue Ivanova: "At someone else's expense? @#$% yes!"

(Upon a hero being defeated) Countess Crey: "This one will make excellent reference for future Paragon Protectors!"

Patty-Sue Ivanova: "Dang it, [PLAYER NAME], quit layin' around!"

(At 75% health) Countess Crey: "You fools don't understand! I need my youth back!"

Patty-Sue Ivanova: "What you need is a lobotomy!"

(At 50% health) Patty-Sue Ivanova: "Ha, how's that feel?!"

Countess Crey: "Was that supposed to be witty?"

Patty-Sue Ivanova: "Its YOUR sense of humor I got, you tell me!"

(At 25% health) Countess Crey: "I... can't go on much longer. Oh, to think all of this could have been avoided with an extra security measure or two!"

Patty-Sue Ivanova: "Will you shut UP already?"

(Upon defeat) Countess Crey: "This is why... I make others... do my dirty work FOR me. You may have won today... but I swear you will soon be mine."

Patty-Sue Ivanova: "...Yeah... I'm gonna just go and leave that one alone. Weirdo."

Once the Countess is defeated, the mission will be won.

Patty-Sue: "Boo-yah! I'd love to celebrate, but we should get outta here..." (vanishes)

... You, uh, didn't have to hit me so hard back there, though. Ow."

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