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Player: EmperorSteele
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: n/a
Known Aliases: none
Species: Magic Construct
Age: Unknown
Height: about 5'8"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: none
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: Virtue
Marital Status: n/a
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Empathy, Radiation Blast
Known Abilities
Fitness, Flight, Speed
Ghost-Slaying Axe, Jump jet, Pocket D teleporter



Pynx is something of an enigma. She was "born" when a high-powered magic user tried to create an animal Familiar... more to keep him company than to focus his powers. However, a beautiful young woman appeared instead. Overflowing with arcane energy, the young woman looked at the wizard, said "Hi!", gave him a hug, thanked him for bringing her to life, and then left. It was only after she was gone did the stunned wizard realize that there had been a pink cat, the very Familiar he sought to create, perched on the woman's shoulder...

Pynx, as she started calling herself due to her facination with the color pink, traveled the world for nobody knows how long, Pynx herself not caring to keep track. She went from place to place with an instinctual, almost insatiable need to help people. Normally, such help came in the form of curing ills and healing wounds, though there were times when brute force was the answer to people's problems. Pynx was all too happy to do what was needed.

Pynx came to Paragon City some time after the Rikti war. She would have arrived sooner, except she kept getting side-tracked helping people along the way. Anyway, no sooner did she step into Atlas Park than did she see a young man with a sword fighting off some thugs. He took one bullet too many, prompting her to heal the man, a Hero named Balaka. They finished off the thugs together, and agreed to form a partnership. The pure amount of chaos, psionic & Arcane energies, as well as a sense of purpose kept Pynx in Paragon City, and she's been here ever since.

One of her more notable escapades was, while patrolling Atlas Park, she came across a group of Vahzilok getting ready to kill some girl they found laying unconscious in an alley. Pynx immediately interceded, thinking she had rescued the girl... However, Pynx was unaware that another one of the bad guys was getting ready to ambush her from behind! Luckily, the girl Pynx just saved returned the favor, displaying an array of psionic abilities to stop the fiend. The girl was an amnesiac who called herself Patty-Sue Ivanova, who would go on to become a rather successful hero herself. Pynx, Balaka, and Patty, along with others they met in their adventures, formed up a somewhat unofficial SuperGroup... based out of Balaka's apartment, much to his disdain.

Gimme a hug!

Current goings on

Pynx doesn't have much on her plate. She just goes around, eagerly accepting invitations to any team she can get on. Partially because she LOVES to help... but mostly because she's not very effective at combating foes by herself.


Pynx, despite being centuries old, has the appearance of a woman in her mid twenties, and despite that, acts very much like a child. She seeks attention and encouragement, and always seems to be having fun, no matter how grim the circumstances are. She's almost a little TOO happy... except when she actually DOES get upset, at which point her childishness shows itself even more so. She has a penchant for calling her various aura powers "hugs"; "Group hugs" in the event that she's teaming up with more than one person. She'll sometimes refer to her single-target buffs as "Luvz" or "Tickles". And on top of all of that, when she levels up, she yelps, blushes, and notes a "tingly" sensation "down there". So she is either actually has the mentality of a child, or she's extremely insane. The fact that Pynx aids the City's heroes with absolute resolve makes people look the other way on the issue of whether or not she's insane... hopefully she doesn't go TOO far off the deep-end.

There is one other interesting tidbit: She does give the usual "Hey, I'm up HERE!" line when people stare at her chest... except she seems to point towards the cat.



Pynx, as a Defender-class hero, takes that role very seriously. She studies whatever spells she can get her hands on that would benefit her team, while opting out of offensive power.


Healing Aura, Heal Other, Resurrect, Clear Mind, Recovery Aura, Regeneration Aura (or "hugz"), Fortitude, Adrenaline boost

Radiation Blast

Neutrino Bolt, X-Ray beam, Cosmic Burst


Tactics, Maneuvers


Hover, Fly



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