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Player: EmperorSteele
Origin: Magic/Natural/Tech
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: low
Personal Data
Real Name: Scott Roberts
Known Aliases: "Black-Uh"
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: North American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Some suburb
Base of Operations: Virtue
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Parents, extended family
Known Powers
Katana weidling, Dark Armor
Known Abilities
Sands of Mu
A Pocket D teleporter, a magic charm


Scott's existence was simple and care-free, that is, until one day when he stumbled upon an odd purple crystal just lying on the ground. It almost seemed as if a black smoke moved inside of it. Not knowing what it was, he tried to pocket the gem, so that he could have it appraised later over at Pandora's Box. But he never got the chance: as soon as he touched it, it flared up with energy and vanished! Or so it seemed.

After visiting the MAGI office in Atlas Park, Scott was told that the gem was a shard from the mystical crystal known as "The Heart of Darkness"... and that it was now inside of him. The shards that once made up the Heart of Darkness seek out souls that are benevolent and kind and empower them with the power of darkness, in order to try and corrupt them. However, those with a strong will and a kind nature could easily "corrupt" the shards, and turn them into a force for good.

Scott, being the kind, care-free person that he is, was easily able to curb the gem's influence on him. He vowed only to use the dark powers defensively, and began training himself to use a sword... this way, he could become a hero and put the dark power to some good use, while not relying on them to cause harm, even upon criminals.

Of course, his first task was madingly frustrating: He needed a name. So he went to the registrar's office to pick one out. He figured he had DARK powers, and his suit was mostly black, so he tried "Black Ninja". Taken. "Dark Ninja". Taken. "Black Heart?" Taken... by a villain. "Dark Heart Ninja Avenger"? Too long. "Black Swordsman?" Taken. "Black... uh... blllaaack... uuuhhh..."

The impatient registrar then coined him "Balaka".

It's an embarrassing story that Scott hates to tell, though he has yet to come up with a better explanation.

So then Scott took to the streets, saving citizens in distress with no real purpose in mind other than to do good and put away the bad guys. It was about this time that he met the Empath known as Pynx... rather, she saved his butt when he found himself overwhelmed. At first he dismissed the notion of needing a teammate, but soon realized he could accomplish more with someone watching his back. Of course, Pynx, being an odd sort, took the term "team" a bit too seriously: She moved into Scott's apartment and made it into their "Super group" base. Things only got worse (and crowded) when Pynx brought home an amnesiac telepath calling herself Patty-Sue Ivanova, then a former Outcast named JenericElectricChick, and then later the alien life-form Elo.

The Heroes of Paragon City

Balaka, Patty-Sue, Pynx, Elo, and "Jen" made a formidable team and have met many other heroes and had many adventures. Through out it all, Scott was looked upon as a bit of a leader by the others. Sure, he may not have been the smartest or most worldly or tactically minded of the group, but he always had a superior sense of right and wrong, and has on more than one occasion had to enforce doing the right thing, as oppose to what would be easy or feel good. JenericElectricChick in particular was a huge handful: an orphan and former gang member, she seemed to hang out with the group just to mess with their heads and have a legitimate excuse to put the hurt on people, especially her former gang-mates.

Then Elo admitted to being a spy for an invading force, but wanted nothing to do with it. Even though Elo practically killed himself preventing the invasion, Scott still does not fully trust the alien. In addition, Patty seemed to have links to the Crey, and so she was thought of as a spy, or worse. She was eventually cleared, and her origins discovered, but all this just served to drive Balaka away from his friends. After all, it seemed like he couldn't trust anyone.

Recent Events

Scott took a sabbatical for a few months, and came back to find the world a changed place. Lord Recluse was sending his "Destined Villains" after the Freedom Phalanx nonstop, the Rikti re-invaded, many heroes now occupy themselves withe the Consignment market instead of fighting crime, and now, large groups of heroes have been "drafted" by an organization called "Ouroboros" to save the timestream... this has left a dent in the number of heroes actively patrolling Paragon City. And so Scott, just a bit rusty, has gone back to re-training and defending the common man.

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