Plasma Stream

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Plasma Stream
Player: @Plasma Stream & @PlasmaStream
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster (primary)
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jessica Lilith James
Known Aliases: None
Species: Energy Being
Age: 19
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Scientist, Heiress
Place of Birth: Baumton
Base of Operations: Vigil Station
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Relatives: Nadia James aka Omega Bolt
Known Powers
Energy Based
Known Abilities
Shapeshifting, Energy Scanning, Molecular Manipulation
Vigil Station
No additional information available.

Energy Being

Plasma has been receiving some derision of late from her own allies on going through the Hero ID program so many times.

Plas Atom Icon2.png





Allied to:

Other Heroes

  • Captain Valor
  • Wendy Olsen
  • Omega Bolt
  • Star Flash
  • Kid Valor



  • Energy / Energy /Fire Blaster: Flight, Superspeed, Fitness, Stealth
  • Peacebringer: No Power Pools
  • Gravity / Kinetics / Fire Controller: Flight, Fitness, Superspeed
  • Martial Arts / Regeneration Scrapper: Superspeed, Fitness
  • Fire / Fire Tank

Primary Set

  • Energy Blast
  • Peacebringer Primary
  • Gravity Control
  • Martial Arts
  • Fire Armor

Secondary Set

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Peacebringer Secondary
  • Kinetics
  • Regeneration
  • Fire Melee

Additional Powers

  • Stealth
  • Grant Invisibility
  • Phase Shifting


  • Flight

Travel 2

  • Superspeed

Power Pool

  • Fire Manipulation


Using her education and intellect (similar to Reed Richards, Doctor Doom etc), seemingly taps into some universal scientific unconciousness allowing her to create inventions centuries ahead of where the Primal Earth standard is.

This education and her state as as a being of energy has given her insights and focus into the very laws of physics. Her greatest ability seems to stem from her energy manipulation itself. With minimal concentration after years of non stop practice and use, she is able to alter the very molecular make up of objects, including herself. She has shown limited ability to affect organic matter, though it is believed by those who have spoken with her this is a personal mental barrier she has in place rather than a true limit to her power.

She has been known to use this energy manipulative ability to create and re-shape objects as well as alter her own appearance at will. As her experience grows she has realized untapped potentials in herself. Due to a lucky quirk of genetics and timing both her and her sister have kheldian DNA allowing them to use their powers and shape change as Kheldians do. Perhaps it is this racial memory the Kheldians have that allow her to advance as she does and grasp cosmic concepts in the scale and way that she manages.

Further honing of the skills have allowed her to alter gravimetric fields around people, as well as tapping into their own potential and kinetic energy.

As she is quite literally living Plasma, fire commonly seems to be a focus for her, as both a Blaster class and Controller class, Fire Manipulation came easy to her once she passed the 41st security level.

She took upon herself early on in her hero career, before realizing what may be in store for her to learn what to do should she lose her powers. She sought teachers such as Mr. Karate, Jake Valajeski, Mexican Wrestler, Psylum, Little Mime and Ying Ren to teach her the martial Arts. For a 6 month period Plasma Stream was not seen in the city and she has stated that she spent that time in a training camp under the tutelage of the Ninja, Ying Ren.

Weaknesses and Limitations

It is more or less known to those who have paid attention that Plasma is vulnerable to magic. Plasma is a being of science, she was created by it, it is her religion and faith. However, she is confounding and often irritated at the existance of the mystical and arcane in the world. Going by the belief that one must believe in Magic for it to affect you, she is none the less forced to believe in it due to her close friends and allies in the Dauntless.

Due to her utmost devotion to science and belief, yet now milder, disdain of magic. Weilders of the Arcane have found their effects to hit Plasma Stream harder than most. Curses tend to last longer, spells have greater transformative effect, etc.

When using her Kheldian "energy matrix" formation, she is as vulnerable as any Kheldian to void hunter technology.

Character History

Jessica James was born October 30, 1988 in Baumton

Mother and Father were both top secret research Scientists

Older sister balked at going into science

Jessica loved it and dove into it with a passion

Graduated High school at age 12

Parents and entire family killed during Rikti Attack on Baumton.

Found by rescue crews 6 months later

Sent to an orphanage for powered beings

Forced to wear a containment suit as she could not control her power.

October 31, 2004 Reached Security Level 50 the first time.

2005 Reached Security Level 50 as a Peacebringer

2006 Reached Security Level 50 as a Controller

(details coming soon)


  • While Plasma is a completely original creation, she has been compared to Firestorm (DC comics) and Dr. Manhattan (The Watchmen) and Batman
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