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Player: @Poison
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Joaquin Myrkky
Known Aliases: P, P-Man, Poi, The Poison, Agent P-06e223, Poison Virid 06
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 172lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Full-time Super Hero
Place of Birth: Toledo, Spain
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI; Global; Supra Dimensions
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Radiation Manipulation, Radiation Blast, Teleport
Known Abilities
Absolved Gunslinger training
SPSU Combat Suit with Stealth Augmentory (model T-943), Lower Arm Poison Retainers, Teleportation Device (model SF-9404D)
No additional information available.

Poison was created by the player of the same handle in January 2002. When Poison joined the official CoH forums in November 2001, he wanted to use a former Marvel RPG superhero, Fusion, as his main character. He soon realized that character's powers could not be represented in the upcoming game and was also annoyed by people getting his forum handle and his character's name confused. Therefore the hero Poison was created. He is a part of the Guruverse.


Character History

Joaquin Myrkky was a college student who volunteered for one of Crey's street experiments. The human body consists of water to 98%, and sadly the so called vaccination caused Joaquin's bodily water to become a deadly poison. After accidentally annihilating his own family with his evolving toxic aura that very night, Crey Industries' SPSU (superpowered special unit) took the deranged teenager in custody. The newly gained poisonous emission were of no interest for Crey and the Paragon Protector armies though, so the SPSU decided to forward the confused youth to the international mercenaries known as the Malta Group. The boy was trained as one of the group's assassins in the Gunslinger division. Since Myrkky was no "volunteer", his training included a cerebral instruction depthing (by Chipset C5-B4E) and he soon became one of Malta's most efficient solo agents, specialized in mass assassination missions, codename Poison Virid 06.

During one of the Far East assignments, Poison's brainchip was damaged though, causing him memorial flashbacks. He realised his past actions in the name of the Malta and boiling with rage decided to rebel against his slavedrivers. Keeping the special suit Crey and the Malta had created for him, including the unique mask and the teleporting device, he registered as a hero in Paragon City to purge for his sins. Only shortly after becoming a hero, he joined the young supergroup entitled "The Centurions" and has since become their third in command.


Due to his face-covering mask and his power related, solitary lifestyle, little can be said about Poison's true personality. He is known as a helpful, loyal and caring friend, but also as tactically gifted leader who never lets his emotions cloud his logic. Rumors say that he enjoys being on monitor duty in the base, when he can watch over the world while listening to classical music.


Poison's only super natural power is the fact that his body's water was permanently turned to highly toxic liquid. This makes him lethal to unprotected bystanders in his proximity. Thanks to his stillsuit and the skillfull use of his gauntlets, he is able to turn this body mutation into a combat ability.

SPSU Combat Suit with Stealth Augmentory (model T-943)

The SPSU Combat Suit Crey built is really a Kevlar-enhanced stillsuit, a special body-enclosing suit designed to collect and recycle all the moisture Poison's body releases. The suit collects all toxics and pumps them into the tanks which are located in his gauntlets. A gasmask is used to filter out his breath and protect others from it, contrary to believe that it's supposed to help him. Simple finger movements cause the gauntlets to bundle and spray the poison, creating different effective weapons ranging from poisonous clouds to corrosive oozes. The suit was furthermore upgraded with light bending fibers, allowing the user to become virtually invisible. Later rigging by his supergroup colleague Steel Eagle gave Poison the ability to shift out of dimensions for s ahort period of time.

Teleportation Device (model SF-9404D)

In addition to the suit, Poison still posseses his Malta Gunslinger teleporter which is attached to his belt. Although it used to be able to teleport globally, if the correct coordinates were entered, its range has been lowered to several hundred yards.


Steel Eagle added anti-gravity rods to Poison's belt, allowing him to hover at mediocre speed.


During his time in Malta Poison passed several of their trainings, exercising him in hand-to-hand combat, covert ops, solo and team strategy and other relevant areas.

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