Psychic Silk

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Psychic Silk
Agent of S.C.O.R.P.I.O.
Player: @Baronesa
Division: Confidential
Rank: Confidential
Origin/AT: Confidential
Security Level: 50
Agent Personal Data
Real Name: Kayleigh Lyons
Known Aliases: Silk
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height/Weight: Confidential
Eye/Hair Color: Confidential
Citizenship: Confidential
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Training / Abilities

Name: Psychic Silk


The moment she started to develop her psychic abilities, Kayleigh was taken from her family. As a teenager she had other interests, music, movies, reading... so she tried to resist the training imposed on her. Eventually she kept her resistance internal, avoiding the punishments. For all purposes she became a model student, and one of the best infiltrators among her peers. Her psychic abilities were honed and increased, and thanks to that she managed to keep her sanity, and hopes of eventually being able to return to her family and leave Arachnos.

Her family, moved out of the isles towards Ireland, which for the young girl was a big hit... making her doubt that she would see them again. As they started sending her on different assignments and missions it was more and more clear for her, that she was trapped playing her role, didn't matter if she liked it or not. She saw no way to escape, so she began to play the game... at least she could get something out of all the troubles, and maybe being able to help her family, from the distance.

The records of who she was back on the isles are sealed and only high ranking officials have access to those files. The only thing that the public knows about Psychic Silk is that she used to work for Arachnos.


Silk can be a bit ironic at times. She is generally reserved but polite. She will participate in conversations, but it would be very hard to get her to talk about herself, either her history or her feelings. Despite her psychic powers, she does not intrude into other's minds, unless it is for work or if they asked her. She simply believes that as she values the privacy of her thoughts, others would value the same, so she extends that courtesy.


(Strategic Command Objective for Research, Protection + Interdictive Operations)

Skills & Equipment

As a former Fortunata of Arachnos, she was one of the deadliest assassins. She has prepared her mind to subdue her enemies, incapacitating them and leaving them defenseless.

Her mental abilities also create a link to those fighting alongside her, improving their awareness of threats and making them more in tune with their enemies, allowing for them to act with deadlier accuracy.

She is also in top physical condition, due to her training.

She carries a prototype stealth unit and a teleport beacon, alongside some first aid equipment

Wrist Comm Unit

The SCORPIO wrist communications unit is an interesting technology developed by Singer Defense Systems for SCORPIO Agents. It is in essence a highly advanced computer capable of tracking mission data, interfacing with satellite scans and collected intelligence, providing a communications interface.

- Unit acts as a basic datapad, able to store and retrieve data from robotic systems/androids/etc., the SCORPIO database, other computers (via a direct link or wireless transceiver), comm signals, and standard datacards.

Anti-Gravity Harness:

- Standard issue SCORPIO device located within the lining of Agents' 'stealth' harness and belt.

- Can be used on 'low' for greater jumping in combat, 'medium' for a sort of 'super' jump, and 'high' for flight. Follows directional touch control commands located in the palm of Agents' gloves.

MediPort Beacon:

- Monitors vital signs in the wearer and prompts a teleport to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency. Can also be activated manually.

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