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Purrfectscrapper wintersgifts.jpg
Derrick and Sammy, Christmas 2009
Purrfect Scrapper
Player: @Sofaspud
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 49
Personal Data
Real Name: Samantha Davis
Known Aliases: Sam, Sammy, Scraps, HyperKitteh
Species: Catgirl
Age: 17 verging on 21 (she's not exactly sure)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 98lbs dripping wet
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero, of course!
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Not yet...
Known Relatives: Orphaned
Known Powers
Really sharp claws!
Known Abilities
She's fast and tough and plays real rough
So much that her room could be classified a Hazard Zone
Theme Song: Gavin Rossdale - Adrenaline

She's cute, she's friendly, and she goes through enemies like a caffeinated buzzsaw. What's not to like?

Just... don't step on the tail.



Supergroup: The Legendary (Rank: Rumor)




There's a reason she's earned the HyperKitteh nickname. Sammy is energetic and enthusiastic about just about everything, from taking down bad guys to going grocery shopping. She talks a mile a minute and runs even faster. Despite her friendly nature, though, she's close-mouthed and guarded with people until she gets to know them better; a result of her past, and also because of the treatment given to catgirls by people at large. She's very touchy about her tail and doesn't appreciate it being stepped on, grabbed, tied into knots, or used as a leash -- at least, not without her permission.

Not many people have that permission. If in doubt, it's best to just leave it alone.


She's a mutant catgirl. She doesn't remember her parents well, but she does know she was born, not created, and her parents helped her learn to hide her physical differences from others so she wouldn't have problems.


"What? I like it up here!"

Sammy enjoys sharpening her claws every chance she gets. Her hands are mostly normal in appearance -- slightly larger than average for a girl her size, perhaps, but nothing odd. Her skin, like most cats, has pigmentation bands where her fur grows in darker; she depilates her arms and hands (usually), and people mostly assume it's tattooing. Until she extends her fighting claws, that is, and proceeds to shred things.

The claws are fully retractable, and resemble normal human fingernails (a bit rounded, with a sharp point hanging over the tip of the finger); her main problem with them is that they're great for shredding bad guys' faces, but not so good for things like typing or other fine detail work. Very handy for climbing, though.

She doesn't quite know what they're made of, though the scientist types who classified her when she got her hero license say that it's a complex honeycombed bone shell with a high iron content -- much like the rest of her skeleton, in fact. Her claws are not indestructable, but they ARE pretty tough, and she keeps them sharp enough to cut a scarf by weight alone -- or punch through battle armor, for that matter. Plus, they grow really really fast. She's working on her third scratching post -- er, chimney, that is -- now.


This is where the FBSA classifies her, though her keen hearing (why do people assume the ears are fake?) led to her learning that the man in charge at the time chose that simply because "she's too stubborn to fit anywhere else!"

He's probably right.

Regardless, she IS amazingly strong-willed. Her past was rough and brutal; orphaned at a young age, forced to live on the streets, harassed by gangs... it could have broken her, like it did so many others she knew. But something inside... a spark of defiance, a flickering flame of resistance that never went out, let her overcome it all.

Willpower? Sure, that works. From her perspective, it's simple: she did what it took to survive, and that's that. If that means getting back on the horse a thousand times, fine.

(More likely, she'd use the stupid horse as *ahem* supplies and get where she's going under her own power, but that's beside the point.)

Mutant Gifts

Her feline nature comes with many standard accessories, of course. Fast reflexes and heightened senses (Heightened Senses), incredible leaping (Hurdle), and increased muscle response (Hasten, Swift, Superspeed) are all part of the package. Coupled with her mutant bone structure, it makes for a cute lil kitty who's a lot tougher than she looks.

Weapon Mastery

Hanging around with Purrfect Arrow (purrrr) so much, it's no wonder Sammy's picked up on his tricks. She calls them her 'pointy jacks', but they're caltrops. She knows it, you know it, and you can bet her enemies' feet sure know it.

She's also picked up "cool NINJA STARS!", much to the dismay of her adoptive parents, who had to institute a new Mean Nasty Rule regarding the testing of weapons in the family domicile.


Behold the Wild Catgirl, in a rare moment of rest

When she's not out beating up bad guys or chasing the birds, Sammy likes listening to and playing music. She's very shy about it, though -- few but her closest friends even realize. She's got an incredible sense of rythym, and a perfect ear for pitch -- too bad her singing voice isn't as good. But that's okay, she prefers to play rather than sing.

She grew up owning nothing, scrabbling from place to place every night, sleeping wherever the Hellions and the Trolls couldn't find her. Even then she cheered herself up with music. But she doesn't play an instrument, exactly.

If you're out and about and you hear a drum-and-flute combo... check the rooftops and alleyways. But be very... very... quiet. She's shy, and wouldn't necessarily like being caught whistling to herself while drumming on a box.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Oh, the usual. Shiny sparkly things, little twitchy scurrying things, and laser pointers.

It's a well-known ploy around the base for someone (usually Unca Terr) to whip out a laser pointer and engage her attention. She knows it's a weakness, dammit, but that tiny... glowing... ooohIgottagetit! *pounce*

Aside from that...

She's a head-down full-speed-ahead combatant; the way she sees it, her job is to get in there, get everything's attention, and shred them.

She's really good at it.

But even a mutant catgirl can only take so much punishment before it's time to go night-night. If the enemies around her are too tough, it's not long before she's knocked silly and is left lying on the floor.

This is most readily apparent versus really hard-hitting opponents. Most recently, she's discovered that Romulus has a particular dislike for catgirls -- despite a full team assaulting him, he dropped everything to come after her as soon as he caught sight of her. She's training now to take him on one-on-one. Nobody steps on a catgirl like that in HER town!


Christmas Kitty! (but only because they wouldn't let her call herself Santa Claws, the meanies)

In the words of Sammy, after she finished beating up War Wolves on Striga Island one day: "WHY do people keep giving me so much STUFF?!?"

She has shelves of gear in her room, most of it unused. Why bother? She has claws and she isn't afraid to use them!

That said, however, she does like a few of the gifts she's been given. Purrfect Arrow gave her a stocking cap for Christmas; she liked it so much she went out and scrounged up the rest, with his help.

Character History

Orphaned at a young age, it wasn't until after she was captured by the Trolls and subsequently rescued that she considered the hero biz.[1] She spent some time learning how to behave properly at The Wilde Home for Wayward Catgirls[2], before returning to Paragon City to take up the hero gig.

What it comes down to is, Sammy grew up in this crazy town, and man, the stories she could tell.

(in rough chronological order)

Battle Cries and Catch Phrases



  1. As related in the events in Purrfect Timing
  2. Not to be confused with the Virtue-based SG of the same name
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