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Work smarter, not harder.
Pertinent Data
Allegiance: Self
Founder: Unknown
Current Leader: Malikus
Motto: Work smarter, not harder.
Logo: Fist.
Colors: Silver and Gold.
Levels: 1-50.
Playstyle: RP, RPvP, RPvE.
Recruiting: Selectively.
Contact: @Iceciro

R.U.I.N., the Ring of an Underhanded and Insidious Nature, is older than most every other group of villains in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles alike. R.U.I.N. operates less like a Villain Group in the traditional sense, and more like a secret society. Though the existence of the group is not at all hidden, its true nature is unknown to most outsiders. Villains often aspire to be a part of the elite group, hoping to gain access to the perks and the measure of prestige wearing the badge grants.

Some members of R.U.I.N. publicly declare their allegiance to other organizations, such as Arachnos or other Villain Groups, but their real loyalties lie with R.U.I.N.


Known and Alleged Perks

More than just the respect the R.U.I.N. badge grants a villain, being a member of the elite group grants several unique "perks". Like any good urban legend with its feet grounded in fact, the perks of R.U.I.N. spoken of are about half-fact, half-fantasy.

"Get out of Jail Free" Badge

One of the most well known perks of being a part of R.U.I.N. is the fact that, upon hearing of a member's capture, a strike force will descend upon the local jail, transport vehicle, or even a supermax prison made to hold superpowered threats like the Zig, and free their ally. No member of R.U.I.N. in good standing has ever spent more than a single night in any jail.


While something that most people take for granted, Medical coverage for those on the other side of the cape is often sub-par, consisting of a few seconds in a rejuvination chamber and then being thrust back into the world. R.U.I.N., however, has several members which used to be established medical doctors, particularly its current leader, Malikus, who was one of the top super-medicine researchers in the world (until his degrees were stripped from him and he became a fugitive.)


R.U.I.N. is alleged to have access to incredibly advanced technology - both weapons and defenses - rivaling that of Longbow, Arachnos, and Malta. Thugs greedily whisper about how those with access can check these incredible weapons out much like books at a library, but this is probably more rumor than fact, as no evidence of R.U.I.N. having such a system has ever surfaced. However, what is known is that R.U.I.N. members often do show up with new and advanced weaponry to firefights, though these are often the more technologically advanced members of the group and just as likely created the weapons themselves.

Autonomous Villainy

R.U.I.N. holds highly the idea that each individual member should be self-sufficient. As such, aside from the breakout strike forces, most work R.U.I.N. does is on a trust level between members. A member once referred to it as "a pool of talent, not a group of slaves." Unlike most groups, R.U.I.N. members of higher standing do not press-gang lower ranking members into menial tasks, instead offering them opportunities and fighting together as equals.


R.U.I.N. does not keep a central base, as far as government and news sources can tell. Instead, it keeps "Safehouses" around areas where members operate. This ensures members always have a place to hide or find support, and decentralizes the might of the group, meaning they always have another "base" to fall back to.

Rumors circulate about a more central, major safehouse that R.U.I.N. operates as a true base, but no evidence of this has ever been found.

Known Members

Not all members of R.U.I.N. wear their badges or even talk about their position, and some hide within other groups, so the true number of members is something unknown. However, others wear their badges proudly, and others are known collaborators.


Malikus has been identified by Longbow operatives as the current leader of R.U.I.N. He wears his badge openly, and when he keeps his body in our dimension it is clearly visible.

World Eater DuLimmar

Hulking DuLimmar.jpg

The World Eater's might and self-reliance, as well as his uncharacteristic alien intelligence, make him a perfect example of a R.U.I.N. member - capable of doing massive operations on his own, backing down to no hero, able to plan out complex schemes, and still having a solid place in a coordinated group.

Street Doctor

The disgraced Doctor and his thugs make a perfect fit for R.U.I.N. His ability to synthesize new drugs and poisons at the drop of a hat to weaken his enemies and in some cases, turn them into drooling thugs dying for their next dose, make him a unique and deadly member of the group.


The neurotic ex-5th Column commander with a life-or-death reliance on a limited serum discovered one of the most potent legacies to ever scourge the Rogue Isles through her former group-mate Pyremind. She represents the relentless, harsh, uncompromising edge of R.U.I.N., being known for "at all costs" tactics.

Ryley Small.jpg

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