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A cruel invader sent from the Andromeda Galaxy to subjugate every planet in the Milky Way, The World Eater DuLimmar was an incredible danger to planet Earth because of his ruthless brutality, unquenchable thirst for battle, and unerring determination before his attitude towards life on Earth changed dramatically.
"Bow or be broken!"
World Eater DuLimmar
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: DuLimmar Amat Vazzin Kor'Nazzaz Ül Okrei, literally "DuLimmar Who Devours The Planes In Their Entirety"
Species: Pontaran
Age: Hundreds of years
Height: 6'8"
Weight: Earth weight - 175 pounds.

Pontaris IV weight - 350 pounds.

Biographical Data
Nationality: DuLimmar claims no affiliation with any Earth nation
Occupation: Interstellar Subjugater
Place of Birth: Pontaris IV, Andromeda Galaxy
Base of Operations: What little sleep DuLimmar requires he takes in a hidden R.U.I.N. safehouse, a long-running secret society of villains he gladly associates with.
Marital Status: Marriage is an unheard of institution on Pontaris IV.
Known Relatives: Pontarans no longer mate; when the population of Pontarans becomes too scarce as determined by His Omnipotence The Immortal Warlord more are generated in a complex biological process akin to cloning. As such DuLimmar can claim no true blood relation to any of his kind.
Known Powers
Strength-based manipulation of stone.
Known Abilities
Devastating smashing attacks made using stone torn from the earth; incredible defensive prowess against physical attacks with naturally tough skin and granite hewn from mountainsides.
Ornamental armors, Arachnos Executioner Power Mace, various odds-and-ends, personal hologram field projector



Maintains an open affiliation with R.U.I.N., a villain group led by one Malikus. Greatly enjoys the personal freedoms and respect the badge of membership delivers.


A vicious creature from a distant planet, DuLimmar enjoys combat that "will rend flesh from bone and make the earth tremble with its ferocity." He doesn't speak much because he feels anything he says is "too advanced for human minds." Those who misunderstand his quiet as stupidity have found themselves unwilling partners in demonstrations of his strength. Quick to anger and slow to relinquish a grudge, The World Eater DuLimmar can be an incredible ally or a fierce enemy. While he does have a code of honor, "mercy" isn't a word that exists in his native tongue; DuLimmar's brutality has often been called excessive.

His time on Earth has changed him a bit, and DuLimmar now interacts more with the denizens of the Rogue Isles than in times past. With the realization that he is, effectively, unable to return home to Pontaris IV, DuLimmar feels it best to enjoy all the fighting he gets to do. Though his occasional attempts to seem more personable have gone horribly wrong in the past - one man on the Rogue Isles Ferry found his arms suitably removed when he didn't laugh at a joke DuLimmar posed - he is trying to be more of a man and less of a monster.


The Arkugall War

Arkilgam, former homeworld of the Arkugall people, now devoid of life.

As his body reached physical maturity and was released from its generation chamber, DuLimmar underwent the intense physical and mental exercises every created Pontaran must undergo. Within two years of his "birth" he was deployed to fight alongside nineteen more of his kind to destroy the Arkugall homeworld of Arkilgam. The Arkugall people were the final survivors of a long-forgotten war and their very existence insulted The Immortal Warlord. His word is absolute, and when it was spoken the Arkugall people were eradicated from the universe in a week's Earth time. While on Arkilgam DuLimmar would distinguish himself through his horrible brutality, breaking the morale of the Arkugall resistance by tearing their Viceroy in two. What remained of the resistance was given no quarter.

The Favor of Immortals

The Immortal Warlord brings a bloody end to a Dethroning Ceremony.

A singular feat of strength and cruelty isn't enough to make a single Pontaran notable. While his actions on Arkilgam were commendable, it would be his unerring service to The Immortal Warlord that would earn him the favor of the man Pontarans saw as a god. After another successful conquest in a long crusade to complete the Pontaran stranglehold over the Andromeda Galaxy, unknown to the Pontarans aboard the starship, a Viscount Cutthroat had been taken to Pontaris IV as the genocide team departed the planet Virrim'Vek. In the midst of a Dethroning Ceremony the Cutthroat made a mad dash for The Immortal Warlord, and all present save one remained motionless. DuLimmar seemed a blur as his body leaped from its position at a long trestle table and reached for the Viscount, holding him fast with one hand and smoothly removing his head from his shoulders with a tug of the other. His strange phase blade fizzled out as his head and body became separate and his body was unceremoniously dropped to the floor. The Immortal Warlord was pleased with DuLimmar not for saving his life, but for showing such unbridled ruthlessness and absolutely no hesitation in his methods. After the Ceremony DuLimmar was given the Raiment of the Dreadnought and an offer that would change his life forever.

A World Beyond Andromeda's Stars

Pontaris IV, Andromeda galaxy.

Nearly every planet in the Andromeda galaxy now belonged to The Immortal Warlord or lay in complete ruin. It was only a matter of time until the rest were summarily subjugated or annihilated, and none of these tasks were worthy of DuLimmar's attentions. Instead he would be sent to conquer worlds outside the Andromeda Galaxy. His first target would be the nearest neighboring galaxy, the Milky Way, and once there, Earth. The journey would take years, but DuLimmar was no stranger to the cryogenic freezing chambers and sub-light travel. Humankind would soon quake with fear as The World Eater descended upon it to swallow the world and extinguish every life upon it.

Earth at Last!

File:Atlas Park at dusk.jpg
DuLimmar's crash landing not far from Atlas was anything but unnoticed.

After years of ceaseless travel DuLimmar's ship finally reached Earth. A loud landing smack in the middle of Atlas Park at dusk is not, however, the way to begin the full-fledged extermination of a species. Specialists on extraterrestrial and supernatural life were called in by local law enforcement to examine the ship and DuLimmar himself, still frozen in his cryotube. A Kheldian researcher on the team of specialists deciphered a piece of writing inside the craft and discovered DuLimmar's intent on Earth. While the researcher received the Nobel Peace Prize for his proactive defense of planet Earth, DuLimmar was sent to rot in a records room at Ziggurski Prison, to remain frozen forever. Through a stroke of luck he was discovered by Arachnos flunkies as they ravaged the complex and summarily freed. No longer held in cryogenic stasis, DuLimmar began the long process to shake off the cryo-sickness and recover his full strength.

A Slumbering Beast Stirs Within the Isles...

DuLimmar, seated on the lip of the Fort Darwin ramparts, looks out over Lower Mercy.

Weakened by the excessive amount of time he had spent in the cryotube, DuLimmar was in for quite a wait in the restoration of his incredible power. Early in his arrival upon the Rogue Isles DuLimmar met a man who seemed more metal than flesh, a twisted individual whose thirst for power was remarkable. Though this man's lack of any sort of honor struck DuLimmar as a bit odd, for his entire knowledge of humans had come from decades' old television and radio broadcasts, he could appreciate the lust for might. The two became as close of friends as a horrid machination of alien technology and human skin and a vicious conqueror from deep space could become, and it was then that DuLimmar had the feeling he would enjoy his time on Earth very, very much.

Establishing a Foothold

As his powers gradually returned DuLimmar was no longer content with simply "taking out the trash" on Mercy Island and Port Oakes, and began to make a name for himself in Cap Au Diable. Months passed and his name was heard in the Nerva Archipelago and even whispered amongst frightened patrons of the Golden Giza in St. Martial. DuLimmar had been crushing heroes and pathetic villains alike, knocking them over one by one as they appeared to challenge his power as easily as a man swats a pesky fly.

The Power to Destroy

The long wait had come to an end; DuLimmar had finally overcome the cryo-sickness. Not simply as powerful as before, indeed his might may have grown since his arrival on Earth, faced with a seemingly endless smorgasbord of people with "such interesting things to show me before I rip their arms off." Earth's demise seems imminent as DuLimmar prepares to end his "vacation to Earth" and return home. He looks to this with slight apprehension, oddly; daily life on Earth has proven significantly more entertaining than that of Pontaris IV.

The Timechangers

"What's that Earth phrase? 'If you can't beat them, join them?'"

Despite his best efforts to bring the world to utter ruin, DuLimmar's destructive acts are consistently undone by the agents of Ouroboros. With the realization that his mission on Earth can never truly end, DuLimmar did something even Iceciro had not anticipated - he smiled. "It would be a real shame to turn this planet to dust anyway," he explained. "Do you know my race controls the Andromeda Galaxy? There's nobody left to kill!" The booming laughter of the World Eater seemed to echo forever within the walls of The Refuge, deep and terrible.

Life Goes On

Iceciro, a longtime friend, confidant, and ally to The World Eater, proudly announced to the whole of Refuge that his greatest achievement was finally complete. Having siphoned the special abilities of both Statesman and Lord Recluse, it was only a matter of installing the newly completed Incarnate Module into his suit. The moment the work was done and the addition given power, however, a wave of force blew every member in attendance to the floor, sending machinery flying, tables end over end, and even hurling the incredible bulk of DuLimmar flat against a wall. Iceciro himself stood as he always did, but his gaze was cast at the floor, his arms slack at his sides. Numerous alarms sounded inside The Refuge moments later, filling the air with a loud cacophony of baying klaxons, baritone horns, and shrill whistles.

The man DuLimmar fought alongside was effectively no more. As his personal attendants and numerous technicians sealed off Iceciro and, by extension, The Refuge, DuLimmar found himself without a home and with many scattered allies. It would not be long, however, before he would be approached by a man with jet black hair and silver eyes, presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the now drifting World Eater.

Welcome to R.U.I.N.

Introduced personally to the secret society by Malikus, the current leader of the prestigious group, DuLimmar quickly found he had more allies than ever before. Though he, in his own way, mourned the loss of Iceciro, whose ruthlessness and cruelty he greatly respected, the prospect of being able to continue living life on Earth to the extent he had come to enjoy in Refuge - and more, Malikus assured him - was too much to ignore.

With many former members of Refuge in tow, DuLimmar became a welcomed addition to the Ring of an Underhanded and Insidious Nature. Prepared to meet his new boss and fulfill a laundry list of tasks before settling down and enjoying a claw full of new CDs, The World Eater was pleasantly surprised to read the tenants of the organization. No longer was he expected to do anything but participate in strike forces to free his comrades and obey the rules proper. He was nobody's puppet, no man's servant, and for the first time in his life he was absolutely free, truly free, of anyone who could control him arbitrarily.


Terrifying Strength

His strength is so great that DuLimmar carries no weapon into battle, preferring instead to use the land itself as a weapon to demolish anything in his way.

StoneMelee StoneFist.png Stone Gauntlets: Plunging his hands deep underground, clenching them into fists beneath the earth, and pulling them out covered in rock, DuLimmar enjoys pummeling hapless thugs with this attack. He views the particularly weak as unworthy of a true display of his power and claims "they should thank me; the last thing they'll ever see could never have otherwise been more perfect."

StoneMelee HeavyMallet.png Granite Maul: Uprooting a huge piece of earth and crushing the unnecessary bits to dust, DuLimmar forms a particularly intimidating hammer from the materials under his feet. A blow from this as DuLimmar becomes increasingly pleased or enraged by the battle will reduce even the strongest skeleton to grit.

StoneMelee SeismicSmash.png Terra Ruin: A technique akin to the Stone Gauntlets and one The World Eater has only recently perfected, the arms are covered in six inches of granite from elbow to fingertip and thrust downward into the head and shoulders of the object of DuLimmar's rage. Eyewitness accounts of this technique being used are nonexistent.

StoneMelee Tremor.png Quivering Earth: A tribute to DuLimmar's incredible physical strength, he need only stamp hard with both feet to cause a seismic disturbance around him. Whether or not these events have registered on the Richter Scale is a substance of debate, but what seems rooted in fact is the incredible damage this attack can cause to friend and foe alike.

Ensconced in The Raiment of the Dreadnought, DuLimmar prepares for a bloody battle.

Unnatural Resistance

DuLimmar does not use his armor as anything more than ornamentation, preferring to use his body and slabs of stone to defend against attacks.

Hibernate.jpg Thick Skin: The constant grinding of his fur and scales over jagged rock has calloused DuLimmar's skin to a degree intolerable by humans but advantageous to himself. Conventional projectiles and bladed weapons have a tendency to simply stop at the surface of his flesh upon impact.

FastHeal.jpg Curious Regeneration: How exactly his stamina and vitality remain so high no matter how many heroes or villains he faces is a mystery even to DuLimmar himself. Conjecture states that the minerals inside the earth he is constantly surrounded by are the key, but this is only speculation.

Quills.png Bony Protrusions: Not necessarily a defense in and of themselves, DuLimmar uses the tough bone that juts from his body to attach hunks of rock as a manner of defense. This seemingly insane concept actually does wonders to increase his defense against all manner of assault. Bullets, knives, and even blasts of fire are stopped cold or only sting the beast beneath the six inches of heavy granite.

DuLimmar bursts forth from his earthen protection bearing the Juggernaut Array.

Unclassified Abilities

Powers or traits not used strictly for defending against onslaughts and waging war on others belong here. DuLimmar hardly thinks about these at all, curiously. When asked why by the cruel, metallic supervillain Iceciro, his answer was shocking: "They're boring."

Leap.jpg Great Vault: The gravity on Pontaris IV is roughly twice that of Earth's. Hailed as one of the strongest of the Pontarans it comes as no surprise that DuLimmar can perform particularly superhuman feats of strength on a planet whose gravity is half that of his homeworld's. Now that he's used to the reduced gravity DuLimmar can leap great heights effortlessly.

Illusion Decieve.png Veteran Crusader: The World Eater has survived countless interplanetary wars, never failing to dominate the enemy of The Immortal Warlord. His experiences in battle give him an edge in knowledge, prowess, and ferocity that most heroes and villains can only dream of.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Even though he's immensely strong to an almost impossible level DuLimmar is impeded by the sheer weight of his earthen weapons and armor. His speed is a serious issue at times and more nimble foes have been known to escape his wrath.

DuLimmar is addicted to violent conflict. He lives almost solely to maim and destroy, and is happiest in battle. His tendencies to rush ahead of his allies occasionally get him into serious trouble, and the hospitals that dot the Rogue Isles are starting to encourage him to be more cautious; their insurance deductibles rise sharply with every piece of equipment he destroys in a rage upon waking there.


The Raiment of the Dreadnought: Pleased with DuLimmar's vicious dedication to his cosmic warfare, The Immortal Warlord has bestowed upon him a suit of his personally ornamented armor.

Juggernaut Array: Great amounts of exposure to human culture has made the World Eater curiously vain; DuLimmar has copied and modified the Raiment of the Dreadnought to a point almost unrecognizable to the original, claiming it "looks cooler."

Stahlernes Kreuz's Trappings: DuLimmar periodically makes "visits" into Paragon City. During one such rampage through Paragon City Museum he happened coincidentally upon the new exhibit that had been moving across the world: Superpowered Individuals Through the Ages. Rather than destroying all of the items being displayed there, The World Eater instead stole a suit of armor that once belonged to Stahlernes Kreuz, a Prussian supervillain from the mid-1600s. With a hand from Iceciro the armor has been fitted to DuLimmar's body to serve as a further display of his frightening power.

Personal hologram field projector: DuLimmar has become obsessed to a degree with observing the human populace. Their day to day lives, mundane to the people living them, are extremely interesting to the World Eater, who has never done things like grocery shopping or stopping to grab the mail before work. Unsatisfied with observing them from a distance, DuLimmar has asked the crafty Iceciro to fashion him a small belt - small being relative in DuLimmar's case, of course - that will project a human image over his body. While he is still the same exact creature, for all intents and purposes he appears to be an average, if abnormally tall, human being.

Boom box: A mundane boom box torn from a Noise Tank to facilitate DuLimmar's growing passion for music.

The World Eater DuLimmar as he appears (from left to right): naturally, bearing The Raiment of the Dreadnought, wearing the Juggernaut Array, ensconced within Stahlernes Kreuz's Trappings, and under the effect of his personal hologram field projector.
DuLimmar can occasionally be seen laying about random places in the Rogue Isles, listening to his wide array of music on his boombox.

Favored Foes

To some the idea of respecting a foe is folly at best and suicide at worst, but DuLimmar feels differently. Enemies that offer a particularly hardy challenge, have threatened his life during combat, or have managed to subdue him entirely are held in extremely high regard by the World Eater, many of whose foes crumple like paper beneath his incredible fury.

Latro Phalanx

Latro Phalanx deftly side-steps a Stone Gauntlets attack in heated combat.

An alien prince and champion in his own right, the powerful Latro Phalanx and DuLimmar fought toe-to-toe savagely for half an hour, neither one unable to defeat the other, before being recalled to the designated no-hostility zone. Upon arrival, the two exchanged words. "It seems our fight on this plane shall last for eternity..." Latro said. Bowing deeply, DuLimmar replied, "The universe would sob with agony were you to desire dominance over it. To our eternal battle, then." Phalanx returned the bow and responded, "To our eternal battle," before teleporting away. DuLimmar anxiously awaits the day the two meet again, head to head on the battlefield in the wake of destruction amidst the sounds of war.

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