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" Last thing you want is me MAD!!!"
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Zohoei Michelle Vincent
Known Aliases: Zoe, Terra Ranger 1, Too Serious
Species: Human ( female )
Age: 24
Height: 2.21m ( 221 cm ) ( 7 ft 2 in )
Weight: 127.3 kg ( 280 lbs 6 oz. )
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record
Occupation: Owner/CEO of Vincent Enterprises, Terra Ranger, Geologist
Place of Birth: Stonehenge, county of Wiltshire, England
Base of Operations: Atlas Park, Paragon City,RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mahdi Vincent( father ), Patra Vincent ( Mother ), Zaphra Rachael Vincent( sister, Kyndall ), Zackery Thomas Vincent ( brother, Tundric ), Zane Eli Vincent ( brother, Airfront )
Known Powers
Natural Affinity towards earth, earth manipulation, earth control, enhanced strength, enhanced size,empathic connection to planet Earth
Known Abilities
Photographic memory, superb deductive and reasoning skills,
Terra Ranger Earth Armor, B.I.T controller ( Biolink Interface Terminal ),

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Personality and Mannerisms -

( Work in Progress )

Brief History -

Zohoei Vincent is the first child of a set of quadruplets born to Patra and Mahdi Vincent. Her mother was a low level precogitive whose dreams would sometimes give her glimpses into the most possible future. One month after marrying her college sweetheart, Mahdi Vincent, Patra had a dream that showed her that she would give birth to set of quadruplets within the next two years surrounded by a crowd but could discern the exact date. It came to pass that soon Patra was heavy with children and all was happening as her dream before had shown her. To celebrate his recent promotion, the Vincents decided to take a small holiday in the country, ending it with a tour of the famous tour atraction, Stonehenge. It was on the day of the summer soltice, while at Stonehenge, that Patra went into premature labor. The local hospital was too far away for Patra to be taken to in her condition and had to given birth there amongst the stone formations. The delivery, itself, was preformed by the tour guide and ,although three weeks earlier than expected, all four children were brought into the world amazingly healthy. Although the conditions of their birth were not common, the most unusual thing about their birth was the fact each child had been born with an oddly shaped birth mark on their bodies, in Zohoei's case, right above her left breast. The tour guide marveled at these markings, claiming them to be signs of great significance and power, as they each resembled a character in elemental Druidic lore. Zohoei's birth mark had the appearance of the Druidic elemental symbol of earth ( Work in Progress )

Powers -

( Work in Progress )

Abilities -

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Paraphernalia -

( Work in Progress )

Relationships -

Kyndall - No matter how troublesome her sister is, Zohoei constantly watches out and for Zaphra. She tries to keep Zaphra rooted in some sort normacy and structure. It does not usually work out that way. As the "older" sister, Zohoei feels it is her right and duty to try to guide her "younger " siblings, particularly Zaphra.

Airfront -

Tundric -

Killian Mitchell -

Gold Meteor -

( Work in Progress )

Weaknesses and Limitations -

As an Earth manipulator, RS10's abilities are highly dependant on the amount of Earth in her immediate vicinity. She can manipulate any natural Earth based materials up to refined metals. As such, the more refined and processed the material, the harder it is for her to manipulate. An example of such is that while RS10 has the potential to levitate a mountain range as large as the North American Rockies, she would have a far more difficult time trying to levitate a refined iron ore I-beam.

Another limitation of note is the longer that RS10 is not in physical contact with the Earth, the weaker her manipulation abilities become. ( Work in Progress )

Musical Themes-

Story Arc musical themes

( Work in Progress )

Trivia -

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