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The idea for Killian came about for my need to have some sort of grounded history for Kyndall. However, this had to work in concert with how Kyndall's personality worked, meaning i could not give her some meek , quiet little mouse as a friend. Like most " buddy films ", originally Killian would play opposite to Kyndall's core personality , meaning she would be mindful and more likely to not be crazy. I thought, " hell, give the girl the sister she's always wanted in her best friend! ". So I did. Killian and Kyndall share a good deal of the same character traits while still having enough of their own , individually, to be separated and marked as separate people and nor merely carbon copies of one another. As such, i really enjoy interacting with characters that both of them have befriended and watching how each is received by said characters.

"Best step lively, poppet!!"
Killian Mitchell
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Killian Adrianna Mitchell
Known Aliases: Killer Lill, Lill, Ox Queen, Big Type, M-80
Species: Neo-Human ( genetic fortification at conception )( female )
Age: 24
Height: 2.19m ( 219 cm ) ( 7 ft 1 in )
Weight: 257.5 kilos ( 567 lbs 7 oz. )
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown / auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, Treasure Hunter, Proprietress of " Strange Exports "
Place of Birth: Dover, county of Kent, England
Base of Operations: London, England, Mercy Island, "Strange Exports" ( shipping & storage company )
Marital Status: dating
Known Relatives: Dr. Reginald Mitchell ( father, deceased ) , Sarah Mitchell ( mother , deceased )
Known Powers
Fortified genetic structure, super human strength, limited invulnerability, limited pryokinetic ability
Known Abilities
Highly proficient Mercenary, trained pilot, trained demolitionist, fair hand -to- hand combatant, multi-lingual, excellent business management and accounting skills, multi-weapons training
"REGIS" full body armor ( MK III ), various communication devices, various vehicles, various explosive devices, "Schiff" (( motorcycle))


Personality and Habits -

Outwardly,Killian is a pretty business orinented minded person. She prides herself in her ability to calmly see herself through mosy situations without any great deal of stress and panic. This not to say that she lacks a softer, more laid back side of her personility. She simply prefers to get all business out of the way before allowing herself the oppurtunity to relax. It is only after her manditory business objective is met that she will actually " switch gears ", as it were. This sense of priority is a particularly overriding drive that has caused problems and strains more than once during the course of her romantic love life, especially with her current relationship. However, she has been making more of an effort to curb this behaviour.

When in a more social mode, Killian can be a fairly fun person to be around. Among friends and "family", she is generally not as serious minded as normal and enjoys her recreation time greatly. She will be basically friendly toward strangers, but quickly lose her temper with any significant shows of disrespect toward herself or her company. However, when and if she does lose her temper, it is very difficult to calm her down. This is a trait she shares her best friend, Kyndall, only to a far less degree than the latter.

Brief History -

( Work in progress )


GILGAMESH was an international mercenary team composed of highly trained and skilled soldiers. Consisting mainly of non-powered humans, GILGAMESH was the brain child of and lead by Brigadier James T. Teach, who felt disillusioned with a great deal of how the British Royal army was being handled by, in his own words, " incompetent pencil pushers " and upon his requested discharge, began to scout out soldiers to form a group performing on the ideals and honour of what the British Royal army once stood for.

members of GILGAMESH

Powers -

Killian's entire genetic structure has been rewritten, fortified, and strengthened through the introduction of a specially designed enzyme to her genetic building material right before her conception. The enzyme,created by her father, was intended to help keep Killian alive as she developed in her mother's womb. During development, Killian's DNA underwent a radical change as the enzyme began to catalyze, causing millions of ' wild factor ' chemical reactions. This was not the actual design intent of the enzyme as it was merely created to keep Killian's protein strands whole strong. Upon confirmation of Killian's developing body it was later found that a triple helix strand had formed, rather than the normal double helix strand due to the way the enzyme had interacted with cell information, formation and growth. The formation of a third nucleotide set the foundation in Killian's genetic coding that would not only enabled survival to birth but also would also grant her parahuman abilities.

Limited Invulnerability: Thanks to the tailor made enzyme created by her father, Killian's entire genetic and physical makeup has been amazingly strengthened. As a result, the bonds between the atoms in her body are six times stronger than average. What this translates into is an enhanced threshold to withstand a great deal of severe physical damage and a body whose epidermis cannot be broken, pierced, nor burned by conventional means. Her skin, itself, is able to withstand penetration of ballistics small arms fire up to and including .32 caliber. Likewise, it is also able to withstand certain temperature extremes without blistering nor peeling ( 4500 °C / 81032 °F to -80 °C / -112 °F )[1][2]. This makes Killian highly adaptable to adverse environmental conditions, from icy wastelands to blistering hot jungles[3] which is a valuable asset to her work as a mercenary. However, she does not possess "true invulnerability"[4], as, with sufficient enough force, Killian can be injured and even killed. Likewise, temperatures above her body's current tolerances, Killian will suffer the same bodily harm and possible tissue damage as a non-powered human under similar conditions. It is this fact that make Killian even more cautious when she is "working".

In addition to her highly durable skin, Killian's skeletal and muscular systems have also been enhanced to the point of superhuman. Killian's skeletal and muscle structures are about four times denser than an average human of equal size, height, and age. Great physical force is needed to break any bone in her body ( even with some of the most vulnerable of bones such as the phalanges ). It is because of her dense body structure , Killian weighs far more than she actually appears. Killian's additional mass also adds to her overall resistance to withstand physical damage. The density of Killian's muscles prevent the penetration of small arms ballistics, the bullets ricocheting off of her body's surface. Killian's body is able to survive a head-on collision with a fully loaded tractor trailer traveling at a speed of 144km/h ( 90mph ) with relative mild discomfort and ,provided she braced herself for the impact, little injury.

Superhuman Strength: Killian possesses great physical strength well within the range of superhuman. Her strength has continued to increase over the years since her childhood but was not always of superhuman levels. From the point when she was born to about the onset of puberty, Killian was only about twice as strong as an average human being. At her peak strength, for this period in her life, Killian was able to press ( lift ) about roughly 205 kilograms ( 450 pounds ). However, even for a child, this may be viewed as being superhuman in appearance. It would not be until puberty that Killian started to develop true superhuman strength

Up until the point her body had suffered massive physical trauma from an intentional misaligned and uncalibrated teleportational jaunt acted upon her by Lord Recluse and intense physical therapy associated with her recovery, Killian was able to press ( lift ) approximately 15 metric tons ( slightly over 33000 pounds )[5], under optional conditions. Since her recovery, Killian's strength has tripled in scale to that of her original lifting ability. Without employing her pyrokinetic abilities or without additional outside assistance, Killian is now able to press ( lift ) a load of approximately 45 metric tons ( roughly 99210 pounds )[6][7]. When Killian is employing her thermokinetic abilities to "eat"( absorb ) the ambient and direct heat from a living organism(s), thereby metabolizing it into raw physical power, she can further enhance her already superhuman strength even more. The additional elevation in her is a temporary one and has two determining factors in it's duration: the amount of heat Killian has "eaten" and the level of physical activity she is involved in. The upper most limit of this ability is unknown, likewise is the level of strength Killian can achieve using this ability. Killian cannot hold an "pyro-charge" for more than an hour, after which her body will start to naturally release the energy through her skin,harmlessly most times. After the supplemental energy has been used up, Killian's strength returns to it's base level.

Killian possess well defined and super humanly powerful muscles in her legs. The strength of her legs enable Killian to run at speeds well above normal human levels. Killian is able to attain a top land speed of about 180 kilometers ( roughly 112 miles ) per hour on a straight flat run of land. She is able to maintain this level of speed of a period of one hour before fatigue begins to build up in her muscles, hampering her performance. Killian has sufficient strength in her legs to give her a standing vertical high jump of about 35 meters ( roughly 115 feet )and a standing horizontal jump of 60 meters ( 196 feet ).

Limited Pyrokinetic Manipulation: Killian possess a natural born ability to excite the atoms within an object,causing a reaction that produces enough energy to ignite said object. This ability is limited to tactile ignition, meaning she has to be within physical contact with a surface to utilize this ability. Killian most often uses this power on herself, particularly on her hands, as she is immune to flame she can produce.

Killian has several ways in which she uses this power:

Limited Thermokinesis: Killian has the limited ability to mentally control the ambient heat energy within her immediate environment. She can reduce objects' temperatures (if they are in a normal range for existing on Earth's surface) to about 0 degrees Celsius ( 32 degrees Fahrenheit ), raise them to several hundred degrees, or extinguish open flames. Her radius of influence is about 25 yards ( 75 feet ). The heat energy she takes from the environment is absorbed directly into her own body. While the actual limit of this ability is unknown, there is a set limit to the amount of flame she can absorb into her own body before reaching an over saturation point, by where Killian's body will automatically and explosively expel all additional heat.

'Advanced Physiology': Due the fashion in which the custom made enzyme interacted and rewrote her DNA, each of Killian's major and minor bodily systems have been pushed to a level of superhuman efficiency. These changes in her physiology include ,but are not limited to:

( Work in progress )

Abilities -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Paraphernalia -

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Relationships -

Weaknesses and Limitations -

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Recent Events -

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

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Spoilers end here.

Musical Themes-

Story Arc musical themes

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Trivia -

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  1. Killian's ability and threshold to withstand temperature extremes has been steadily increasing ever since her entry into adulthood,with a upper limit not yet known as to how high it will become
  2. this tolerance to heat extremes is based purely on her body's threshold and does not take into consideration her pyrokinetic abilities
  3. Please note that while her body is generally unaffected by working in such conditions, Killian's brain is still susceptible to the fatigue and strain of extended exposure to said conditions
  4. True invulnerability being that ,no matter the force used against her or conditions,no bodily harm would be able to be inflicted
  5. over 16 tons
  6. roughly 50 tons
  7. This is a scale on based on a dead lifting test to more accurately gauge the lifting output of Killian's muscular system
  8. with the major exceptions of Impervium, Osmium, dense bodies of water, and Quantum masses
  9. this condition only applies to the explosive power of the combustion and not the amount of time Killian can delay said combustion
  10. this would normally severely reduce her target's body heat to about - 6 degrees Celsius ( about 25 degrees Fahrenheit )
  11. the effects of Killian's ability on the body varies from organism to organism, dependent on that organism's ability to withstand severe system shock from the sudden drop in bodily temperature and it's ability to recover
  12. 45 tons under optimal conditions
  13. generally Killian relies on her natural resistance to bodily harm and her training to avoid situations where she is forced to use this ability as she is often left dazed for a short time after it is utilized, making it more of a liability than an asset in a combat situation
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