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An RP-intensive Villain Group. Founded March 2009.
Global Channel: Ravenheart
In-Game Contacts: @Hoplite 1, @Sroxah

Inspired by: The Brotherhood of Mutants, Injustice League Unlimited, and the Sinister Six.


Ravenheart is a fictional, role-playing villain group for City of Villains on the Virtue server. Thematically we are similar to such classic villain groups as the first incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants or Lex Luthor's Injustice League Unlimited. A small, but powerful "army" of villains gathered by the Raven King in his plans for domination. The organization was designed to offer a casual yet still structered enviorment where villains would be able to gather. Among the ranks of the flock are RPers from the hardcore to the beginner. Remember RP is a must.

Check out our website here for more information.


Ravenheart is an organization made up of numerous villains of different power and origin. From the outside, Ravenheart may appear to be nothing more than an unruly rabble of criminals but all members report to the Raven King and his Overseers. Though the members of Ravenheart are essentially in the dark about the Raven King's master plans each is loyal to the organization.

Ravens are allowed to act very much on their own until the Raven King has appointed them a specific task or target. The greater purpose of these objectives may be unknown but almost certain to increase Ravenheart's power and dominion in some way. The organization turns a blind eye to how each member conducts themselves in the Isles as long as it does not harm the flock in any way. Results are what matter and how a Raven goes about accomplishing a task is up to the individual.


Ravenheart takes its name from a villain known as the Ebonheart Raven who died during the first Rikti Invasion. Ebonheart Raven valued strength of force above all else and used his vast technological knowledge as a means to accomplish his goals. The Ravens were founded not long after the Ebonheart Raven's death in part as a memorial by his partner Gregory Husk and Ebonheart's estranged son, Brennan Stahl a.k.a. Sumannus. Utilizing the deceased villains edict of strength and wisdom, Ravenheart has since recruited only the most cunning and brutal villains to take part in their quest for power and wealth among the Rogue Isles.

Thusfar, Ravenheart has managed to remain free of Arachnos' notice, granting the Ravens some freedom within the Isles. Due to Ravenheart's interest in both the arcane and the technological, and the organization's penchant to acquire power through force, they have made a good number of enemies. In constant conflict with both the Circle of Thorns and Crey Industries the Ravens are also fierce enemies of the Longbow (as all villains should be!). Worst of all is the rage directed towards the Rikti for the complete devastation caused during the invasions as well as the death of their namesake, the Ebonheart Raven.


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