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"We are Psion. This is Praetoria, your 'Utopia'. What is a Utopia if you can't even willingly think? What kind of Utopia has their Police randomly select you to interrogate? It isn't one. Praetoria, wake up from the dream the Seers program into you. You are not machines, you are not a chassis to be programmed, changed, or have hardware installed into; You are not Clockwork. Wake up Praetoria. We are Psion. We are the power button to the Seers. We are end of your ignorant REM Sleep."
Founder: Riley Neumann and Paeson von Stadt
Side: Resistance
Motto: Free to Breathe, Free to Think.
Leader(s): Riley Neumann
Resistance Icon Web.png
Group Colours: Black and Sky Blue
Levels: 1-20
Play style: Praetoria Based
Roleplay: No Actual RP
Timezone(s): PST
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @jjarebear
Psion is not an actual RP Group, just a group for a back story for Riley Neumann.



Psion is a relatively small group of Resistance, mostly Warden but some from the Crusaders. Psion's goal is to rid the streets of the Seers, they also rid the streets of Dirty Praetoian Police who abuse the people, rather defend them. Most people in Psion are unable to live topside because they attack the Seers, a lucky few manage to remain topside because of contacts or they are also in Powers Division. Loyalist Praetorians view Psion as a Resistance Inspired group, but not Resistance because they only oppose the Seers and Abusive Police. In fact, some Loyalists support Psion because they rid Praetoria of Dirty Cops, however, the amount of Loyalist support they do get is so low, they are still considered criminals rather then vigilantes.


Psion Membership isn't hard to gain, in fact, you can still be a Warden or a Crusader while being a member of Psion. It is a simple as finding Riley Neumann or Calvin Scott and showing interest. Ex-Seers are MORE than welcomed to join, as they obviously have an upperhand.

[OOC]Since Psion isn't a real group, as there are no SG/VG's in Praetoria, it isn't real. However, if you'd like to add your character to Psion's Roster, feel more than welcomed to. There won't be any meetings or anything, so no need to drastically alter your character. No commitment what so ever, so feel free to add your name to the list!

Roster List

  • Riley Neumann
  • Robert Clark (NPC)
  • Jason Lynch (NPC)
  • Jasmine Smith (NPC)
  • Setsuko Yamada (NPC)
  • Enrique Salazar (NPC)
  • Maria Lopez (NPC)
  • Santino Roberts (NPC)
  • Kyle van Dusen (NPC)


Psion may become an actual SG when i19 hits. MAY.

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